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Rumors of a lost shrine in the Segang Jungle draw the Pathfinder Society’s attention, but the prohibitive cost of sending a team into the wilds of Jalmeray threatens to shut down the expedition before it even begins. Fortunately, a wealthy patron has offered to fund the PCs travel expenses in return for their help in his decades-old quest. Can the Pathfinders balance this new obligation with their exploration of the archaeological site?

The Segang Expedition is a tier 1-5 scenario for Pathfinder 1e.

This is part of the Gameday VI play by post convention. I'll select a team of adventurers by the end of Feb 15th, or sooner if there are a lot of applicants.

To apply please post your character name, class, level, and significant build/role information you want me to know. Feel free to post a character in the high and the low subtier if you would like.

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I already have reporting information and other info from the last game.

Please update your perception and/or initiative on the first slide if it has changed from a level up or whatever.

Make your day job rolls here too.

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The action picks up after our last adventure. With the Braid of a Hundred Masters and important herbs and incense in your possession, you are making your way across Shokoro to look for one who can reactivate the braid.

Tedium has become a constant companion in the countryside of Shokuro. The roads have dwindled in size and maintenance as the days have passed; what was a wide, stone-paved highway near the river towns has become a narrow, winding track of dust, sometimes fading entirely into the surrounding terrain. Travelers along it have likewise grown scarce as the days drone on. Still, the journey’s end lies no more than half a day’s travel away, in the village of Nesting Swallow, a hamlet so small it could easily vanish into a crease on a map. No more than a few more miles through these sparsely wooded hills and valleys rests the last known home of Master Li Yao, and here, with luck, his descendant still lives. In this speck of farmland may be found one who can, by right of blood, bring forth the forgotten power of the Braid of a Hundred Masters.

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Here begins part two of the Quest for Percecttion, feel free to dot'n'delete

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This is part 2 of Quest for Perfection PF1 series, as part of a rotating GM group.

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Discussion for this game as part of the multi-table special for Outpost III

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Part of Outpost III

Dot and Delete if you are playing this game!

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Dispatched by the Wayfinders' faction leader to a Near Space world, the PCs have orders to assist a local Starfinder research outpost. The outpost's head researcher sends the PCs on a mission to explore a strange calcified region, which soon reveals that there's more happening on this world than first appears.

Levels 1-4

Scenario Tags: Faction (Wayfinders), Vehicle

I'm going to try and wrap this game by early October.

That's not a huge rush, and my games I've run have always wrapped up in that time frame, but I just wanted to be up front about the pacing. It won't be rushed, but I will keep things moving.

I'm also going to want to start promptly, so if I don't get a check-in from a player a day or two after the game starts I'll get an alternate.

Once I have enough candidates in one subtier or the other I'll pick a party. I do want everyone in the same subtier, but I don't care too much which way it ends up going. If you want to apply, feel free to post a character in each subtier.

If you'd like to play this awesome scenario (it was one of my favorites when I played it), post your character's class and level. I'll pick soon after I have a full group in either subtier.

Happy gaming!

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Game to commence at start of Gameday VII on Aug 26, 2019

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Discussion thread, post your details here

Player Name:
Character Name:
SFS ID Number:
Day Job Roll:

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Outpost II starts March 11, for now dot-n-delete!

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Please post your details:

Player's Name:
Character's Name:
PFS #:
Starting XP:
Starting Prestige:
Starting Fame:
Starting Gold:
Day Job roll (if any):

The city of Magnimar is no stranger to crime—even to crimes as violent as murder. Brutal Sczarni turf wars occasionally spill blood across the typically peaceful streets, nearly forgotten hungry things skitter amid the foundations of ancient monuments, even the infamous Skinsaw Cult has been intermittently active in the coastal Varisian city. But the latest set of murders to strike Magnimar bears a different calling card than that of the murder cult—a new killer stalks the city streets in the early dawn hours!

Recruiting for Dawn of the Scarlet Sun.

This is a 1 XP adventure module for society play, for levels 4 - 6.

I'll make selections Friday morning US time, so if you are interested get your submissions in by Thursday night. Then we can get squared away over the weekend and try to start by Monday at the latest. I'm looking for at least a post a day during the week.

Give me the two sentence gist of your character's personality and build (especially anything unusual they may use), and please post a link to your character sheet (or have it in your profile).

If you have multiple characters in tier you would be interested in, go ahead and submit them but point it out to me please.

Any other questions - feel free to ask.

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Dawn of the Scarlet Sun

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Hey all, please check in here so I know we still have everyone.

Are there any preferences for starting eary/late? I'd like to start Oct 1st if that works, but can delay it if people have that preference.

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So the Cleric Dedication feat includes the following:
"You can use wands, scrolls, and staves, but only for spells of a spell level that you can cast."

My question is about what "spell level that you can cast" means for this context.

Clearly if you take the 4th level Basic Cleric Spellcasting feat, you can cast 1st and 2nd level wands, and eventually 3rd.

If you are a wizard/druid/sorcerer etc, you can cast spells, so I assume even if you don't take the basic spellcasting feat, the "spell level you can cast" would also include the level of spells you can cast from your real class.

So if you are a fighter or other non-spellcaster and you take only the dedication feat, are you unable to cast wands at all using the feat's abilities? Or do you get to use 1st level wands when you take it, then 2nd level wands at level 3 , 3rd level wands at level 5, etc?
It seems most likely not, but there is the argument that most times you get a cantrip, it is heightened to half your level rounded up. But even this language is also missing from the dedication feat.

Hoping I'm missing something since I'd like to use wands without having to take the spellcasting feats as well.

In a game called Pathfinder, featuring the accolades of a group of adventurers called the Pathfinder Society, and an organized play campaign called Pathfinder Society, I would recommend against having a skill called Society.

I just imagine trying to google potential uses of the Society skill in Pathfinder, and getting absolutely buried in hits about the lore of the organization Pathfinder Society, or the rules set forth for the organized play Pathfinder Society campaign.

So Culture? Civilization? Community?

What other names for the skill do people like, or is Society the right one after all?

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Hi all, thanks for considering applying for my run of #7-05 School of Spirits as part of PbP Gameday VII, session II. This will be my second GM run for organized play. I do GM an ongoing PbP that I run for some friends in real life on another board, and I've played about 10 SFS or PFS games here on Paizo boards or live.

If you would like to apply, please post here with your desired character(s) and level(s), and links to the character profiles on this board. I'll announce a deadline once I have enough applicants, with at least 48 hours notice. I have 1 reserved spot and the other 5 will be random, but possibly tinkered for tier.

In the second session we'll have to run swiftly, so please be able to post at least twice a day during the week, slower weekends are expected though. I might be more agressive than normal with botting to keep things going, so some botting directions would be appreciated somewhere on your character profile.

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This is GM Lupulus's PFS #7-05 School of Spirits
It's part of PbP Gameday VII
This is a session 2 game, so it has a soft start date of October 1st.

Hi all, thanks for considering applying for my run of Live Exploration Extreme! as part of PbP Gameday VII, session I. This is my first GM run for organized play. I do GM an ongoing PbP that I run for some friends in real life on another board, and I've played about 10 SFS or PFS games here on Paizo boards or live. I have played this scenario before.

If you would like to apply, please post here with your desired character(s) and level(s), and links to the character profiles on this board. I'll announce a deadline at a later date (probably a little over a week so you don't have to wait too long), with at least 48 hours notice. The first 3 or 4 players will be selected at random. After that I'll be more subjective about picking people I know or setting up a balanced or better-leveled party. I'm aiming for the lower subtier, but not set in stone.

I like games on the quick side, so please be able to post at least once a day during the week, slower weekends are expected though.

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This is GM Lupulus's SFS 1-09 Live Exploration Extreme!
It's part of PbP Gameday VII - Extreme!

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So I want to make a Bombard soldier, wielding 2 handed "unwieldy" weapons and tossing an occasional grenade. Action economy makes this tricky but I want to see if I understand the worst case scenario for RAW. I think Quick Draw is helpful to make this work well (lots of people seem to say it’s a useless trap, but…) So I have a bunch of scenarios here with what I think I can do in a turn, can someone help me out and let me know if they are allowed RAW or if there is a faster way to do it?

1) Start of combat, I’m unarmed. I can throw a grenade, then move and draw a 2 handed weapon and now be wielding it. I even have a swift action to spare. (quickdraw lets me freely draw a grenade as part of attack, and I can draw 2h weapon as part of move if I have BAB +1) But I can't move before the attack and make this work.

2) I’m wielding 2 handed weapon and want to throw a grenade. Swift to free up a hand, standard to draw and throw the grenade, move action convert to swift to put hand back on 2 handed weapon to be wielding it. (RAW here, I don’t think I can move at all this turn, the swift action to put my hand back on cannot be combined with a move, and even quick draw does not help. Lameness.)

3) I’m wielding my 2 handed melee weapon and want to switch to my 2 handed heavy weapon. I sheathe the melee weapon as a move action (and that’s as efficient as it ever can be). Then I can draw as a swift action, only if I have Quick Draw. Then I can make one attack, and that’s not too much of a problem if I’m using unwieldy weapons. Just I would miss out on the Bombard’s Heavy Fire bonus in this turn.

4) Regarding extra limbs, I think a third (cybernetic) arm would allow me to move in #2, and also as a separate full action allow a full attack with one attack from the grenade and a one from a (non-unwieldy) 2 handed weapon.

5) And a fourth arm from Kasatha or cybernetic pair would allow wielding both the 2 handed melee and 2 handed heavy weapon. They could be combined in a full attack if they were not unwieldy. If I am wielding Two 2-handed weapons, the action economy of #2 is the same as when I had 2 arms.

So If I’m using unwieldy 2 handed weapons, the extra hands help some, but not a whole lot. And I do think Quick Draw is very helpful. Thoughts?