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Honestly, I've never thoug i could find a more useless archetype since the first worlder summoner archetype, but Drakes archetypes ares terribly lame and useless. To be honest, at that point, to build a rider on a dragon, you should simply go with a rough rider fighter archetype and tame a wyvern or a drakes or whatever dragon you can found and then ride it. It will be way more efficient.

I was working for abouth two years on a science-fantasy guide to fit the Pathfinder setting 6 new classes (Commando, cyber-warrior, engineer, hacker, mecha pilot and scientist and maybe the inventor that is far from finished... XD) and tons and tons of new gear because i just LOVE the science fantasy setting and i wanned to play games with this and then... Starfinder annouce arrived. I'm just soooooo happy and i can't wait one year to see this! Gosh! May this year pass fast!!! Will it have play test of starfinder to at least have something to put on our teeth to wait?

Geekgasme! Dream come true guys! :D

CAN'T wait to get my PDF on wensday!!! This adventure path is one of my favourite! I never though i would like sci-fi be mixed with hight fantasy, but now i'm just addicted to the idea!!!

I'm writing this post a little too late but i need to say that the beam canon is one of the most awsome technological weapon you have created up to date!!! I LOVE IT!!!

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The future with an invasion of the dominion could be soooooo épic!!!

I've been waiting for this book since i know the numerian setting!!! I defenitly NEED that book! But i have only one extreme fear about it... Please just tell me that technological armors will give some kind AC against firearms bullets and laser attacks. Or else, they will have no big diffrences between them and medieval armors... I'm waiting for bullet proof armors since firearms have been integreted in the setting. I really love firearms, but they are kind of little bit abusive vs heavy armored characters. (exept guntank). Sooo.... Yep! I'm waiting to build my space troopers with big heavy techno armor and laser or plasma rifle with a techno blade as a secondary weapon! ^^
Oh By the way; The cover made by The Artist Kerembeyit is just more than EPIC! That guy and War ares some of my favorite artists! ^^