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Full Name

Aurora Goodberry (Reginleif)


Human (Valkyrie)


Warpriest 5 | HP 38/38 | AC: 25, T: 15, FF: 21 | Fort: +8, Ref: +2, Will: +8 | BAB: +3, CMB: +9, CMD: 23, M.Attack +11(1d8+10)| Init: +0 | Perception: +1 | SP: 7/12 | Fervor 0/7










English, German, Icelandic, Latin, Celestial

Strength 22
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20

About Aurora Goodberry

Aurora Goodberry
Female Human(Chooser of the Slain) Warpriest (Divine Heretic) 5
LN Medium Humanoid(human, lawful)
Init +0; Senses Perception +1, Darkvision 60 ft., deathwatch

Abilities per day:

Spell Points - 9 base + 3 from tradition = 12/day
Fervor - 7/day

AC 25, touch 15, flat-footed 21 (+10 +1 mithral fullplate, +0 Dex, +4 sacred, +1 deflection)
With Hidden vest drops to 17/14/13 (+1 if can attune)
hp 8 + 5*4 + 2*5 = 38/38
Fort +8, Ref +2, Will +8
(4 base, +2 Con, +1 trait, +1 resistance), (+1 base, +1 resistance), (+4 base, +1 Wis, +1 Resistance, +2 Iron Will)
Save bonuses: +4 against death effects, energy drain, ability damage and drain, +9 against mind-affecting
Resistances: cold 20, electricity 20, Spell Resistance 19, DR 10/chaotic
Speed 30 ft.
+3 BAB, +6 Str, +1 Focus, +1 attunement
- Geidhir (+1 gilded adamantine spear) +11 (1d8+10) [x2, Piercing]
- Unarmed Strike +9 (1d6+6)
- Geidhir +5 (1d8+6) [x2, Piercing]
Str 22, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 20
Base Atk +3; CMB +9; CMD 23 (+3 BAB, +6 STR, +4 AC bonus)
Skills (4/level (+1 human, +1 FCB))
- Diplomacy +13 (5 ranks, +5 Cha, +3 class)
- Intimidate +13 (5 ranks, +5 Cha, +3 class)
- Knowledge(local) +8 (3 ranks, +0 Int, +3 class, +2 trait)
- Knowledge(religion) +4 (1 ranks, +0 Int, +3 class)
- Ride +14 (1 rank, +0 Dex, +10 racial, +3 class)
- Sense Motive +9 (5 ranks, +1 Wis, +3 class)
Background Skills
- Linguistics +6 (3 ranks, +0 Int, +3 class)
- Profession(brewer) +6 (2 ranks, +1 Wis, +3 class)
- Perform(sing) +10 (5 ranks, +5 Cha)
Armor Check Penalty: -3
- Local: +2 to Knowledge (local) checks, class skill.
- Resilient (+1 to Fort saves)
1 from human, 3 from levels, 3 combat bonus from Chooser, 1 combat + Weapon Focus from Warpriest, -2 for Proficient progression
- Iron Will (+2 to Will)
- Familiar Bond (get a raven familiar)
- Weapon Focus(spear) (+1 to attacks with a spear) [Bonus from warpriest]
- Power Attack (-1 to attack, +3 to damage)
- Extra Combat Talent
- Extra Combat Talent
- Extra Combat Talent
Favored Class Bonus +5 skill points
Languages English, Icelandic, Celestial, German, Latin
Spell-Like Abilities
- Constant deathwatch
- At will: gentle repose
SQ Lawful aura, fast healing 2, channeled energy vulnerability, domain spheres (War, Fate), fervor 2d6 7/day, sacred weapon +1 (can add brilliant energy, defending, disruption, flaming, frost, keen, shock, axiomatic or merciful), Channel Energy(expends two use of fervor)
Mundane Gear Geidihr, armor, hidden vest, holy symbol tattoo
- Everyday Gear: day pack, business clothing, casual clothing, digital camera, notebook computer, smartphone with cellular modem
- Camping gear: range pack (oversized), compass, portable stove, tent, bedroll, blanket and miscellaneous supplies
Magic Items --
Money $739
Encumbrance 92/173-346-520 (light load) [she won't carry everything everywhere]

Special Abilities: (those I'm likely to forget)
Spurn the Unworthy (Su): As a move action, a Chooser of the Slain can show an enemy the true face of Death. The target must succeed on a Will save or suffer cumulative fear effects. A creature that fails a save against one Chooser's fear is shaken for 1 hour. A creature that fails its save against a second Chooser's fear effect while still shaken by the first is frightened for 10 rounds. A creature that fails its save against a third Chooser's fear effect while still frightened by the second is panicked for 1d6 rounds. The durations of these effects overlap. A creature that succeeds on a save against any of these fear effects is immune to that Chooser’s fear for 1 hour or, if already shaken, until the duration of the shaken effect ends. A Chooser's fear is a mind-affecting fear affect. The save is Charisma-based.
She Who Walks the Battlefield (Sp): A Chooser of the Slain has a constant deathwatch effect active, and can cast gentle repose at will. Her coups-de-graces always kill the target without save.
Children of Sleipnir (Sp): At will, as a standard action, a Chooser can summon a saddled mount one size category larger than herself. This mount appears below the Chooser lifting its rider into a mounted position, and it can even carry a Chooser not normally able to ride a mount. The phantom mount remains until dismissed or dispelled, or until the Chooser dismounts or is unhorsed. It looks like a white pegasus.
The phantom mount has no real physical form and can carry only the Chooser that summoned it, although the Chooser itself might be able to carry another creature while riding. The mount has a fly speed equal to 10 feet per character level of the Chooser, with perfect maneuverability. A Chooser cannot use a phantom mount for cover (though its body could be used to provide concealment), or use the Trample feat, or bull rush a foe while mounted on a phantom mount. Attacks and creatures pass through the phantom mount, but dispel magic (caster level equals Chooser's character level) can dispel it.
Impression of Gungnir (Su): A Chooser of the Slain bonds with an adamantine gilded spear and can summon it to her hand as a free action. The spear can hold the souls of one recently departed creature. this functions as soul bind, but the dead creature must be willing to have its soul taken. If the creature is unwilling, this ability has no effect. If the spear is destroyed, she must have it repaired or bond with another,
Aesir's Armor (Ex): A Chooser of the Slain is proficient with all armor. Armor never impacts a Chooser's speed, nor does a Chooser take armor check penalties on Ride checks.

Fervent Casting (Su): At 2nd level, as a swift action, a divine heretic can expend one use of this ability to use any sphere ability with a casting time of 1 round or shorter. When used this way, the ability can target only the divine heretic or equipment he is carrying, even if it could normally affect others or multiple targets. Abilities that create an area that moves with the divine heretic (such as a totemic aura or a Fate consecration) may be cast with this ability. The spell point cost of the ability must still be paid. If the sphere ability creates an ongoing effect, it lasts an additional number of rounds equal to the divine heretic’s Charisma modifier. The divine heretic may use his fervor a number of times per day equal to 1/2 his class level + his Charisma modifier.

Spheres of Might Practitioner- Proficient:

Practitioner Modifier Charisma
Sphere DC 10+2+5=17
2 talents + 4 (tradition) + 3 (feats) = 9

Lancer Sphere: Can impale foes taking -2 to attack roll; impaled foes are battered (-2 CMD, can't AoO opponents initiating CMs) and can't move. Removing with deals bleed damage equal to weapon dice.
- Focusing Finale: Regain martial focus when removing weapon.
- Human Shield: Can reposition the impaled creature as an immediate action,

Equipment Sphere: No effect
- Crushing Thrower: considers throw as a melee attack.

Berserker Sphere: Can take -2 AC in exchange for 3+BAB temporary HP. Can use exertions on a brutal strike, making opponents battered (-2 CMD, can't AoO opponents initiating maneuvers).
- Brutal Strike (free): gets battered for 1 round, expend focus to deal additional damage equal to twice BAB

Brute Sphere: Gain Improved Unarmed Strike and additional damage.
- Shove(free): as a move action, move and make a melee touch attack, dealing damage equal to Str modifier, battering opponent. Can apply (manhandle) to bull rush, drag, overrun, or reposition maneuvers.
- Drop(manhandle): can make a free trip maneuver that does not provoke.
- Quick Force: can perform one of those four as a move action.

Wrestling Sphere: Can snag as a swift melee touch attack, making opponent battered. Slam: When succesful at mantaining a grapple, can apply one (slam) talent.

Custom Martial Tradition: Valkyrie
- Lancer Sphere
- Lancer - Focusing Finale
- Berserker Sphere
- Berserker - Heavy Swing

Spherecasting Mid-Caster:

Caster Level 3 (5 on War and Fate)
Casting Ability
Save DC
3+2 talents +1 Life(Drawback) +War Sphere +Totemic Aura = 8

Fate Sphere:
- Serendipity (consecration): +1 luck bonus to attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws.
- Truth (word): target can't lie, Will negates, caster knows when target saves.
- Hallow (word): choose alignment end: for 1min/level +1 sacred bonus to attack rolls, AC, and saving throws made against opposed alignment

Life Sphere: Can use several effects
- Restore: Spend a spell point, restore 1d4 ability damage/fatigued/sickened/shaken/staggered/dazzled.
- Greater Restore (free): Restore removes, instead of lessening, exhausted/nauseated/frightened/panicked/stunned. Also heals all ability damage.
- Limited Restoration(drawback): You can't use cure/invigorate, nor take talents that only augment those listed abilities.

War Sphere (free): Can place a totem on myself, acting upon a 50 ft. + 5ft/2 CL area. Totems require concentration, or one may spend one spell point to have them last 1 rnd/CL.
- Totem of War (free): +2 +1/5 CL bonus to damage rolls
- Totem of Insanity: enemies have a 50% chance of attacking allies.
- Totemic Aura (free): Attaches totems to creatures, radius is only 30 ft.
- Personal Conflict(drawback): Can only place totems using Totemic Aura.

Weather Sphere: Can use several effects

Casting Traditions: total +1 SP per odd level in a casting class.
Galvanized This would basically cheating: first of all, my spear is not a martial weapon, although I'm proficient in martial weapons. Furthermore, since I can summon it to my hand with a free action, this drawback would only prevent me from using abilities socially. Therefore, I'm not counting it, and I'm taking Focus Casting instead, but I'll usually cast wielding Geidhir.
Magical Signs: Whenever Aurora casts, freezing winds howl around her.
Verbal Casting: Spellcasting requires yelling battlecries, howling in triumph or shouting Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries.
Focus Casting: Odin's Valknut. Aurora carries several symbols: a pendant, a tattoo on her forearm, a hair accessory and even a smartphone cover.


Walking around the streets of Fever, roaming the streets around the city centre, you may find yourself in a pub called "The Blind Seer". It does not look much different from any other watering hole of a smallish American town, except perhaps for its rich ashwood decorations. Should you walk inside, you would be met by Iris Goodberry, the owner of the place. A tall, Scandinavian, strong woman with long gold hair and a rich laughter, she would serve you excellent artisanal beer, walking around the place with a slight limp. If you are really lucky, she might look you in the face with an inquisitive eye and have you taste a sip, never more than a sip, of the special mead she brews herself.

On the weekends, there's a barmaid helping the bartender, a young girl as tall and blonde as Iris, and her spitting image. She's her daughter, her name is Aurora. Iris raised her alone, and she grew up well, good-natured and fun-loving. She just looks like any girl in her late teens, but if you are a very sensitive person, when you look in her eyes and hear her speaking, you may pick up the faint echo of a distant storm, or perhaps sounds of an old battle. And finally, should you be one of those awakened beings who know the Other, and you knew about the ancient tales of the Old Gods, you may understand what her nature really is. Like her mother, Aurora is a Valkyrie, a Chooser of the Slain. Fabled creatures from the ancient Norse religion, these fighting maidens served Odin, collecting the souls of the fallen warriors and carrying them to Valhalla to become the einherjar, those who would fight in Ragnarok, the last battle at the end of times.

The end of times came for the Old Gods, but not as a glorious fight, the prophecy of the seer never came to fruition. Their shrines were slowly replaced by others, a wooden cross replacing the gallows sacred to Odin, monks burning down the ancient ash trees, worshippers forsaking the Old Ways and cheering for the dead god. Religion became myth, myth became tale. But those who had been strong and powerful in the Old World kept some of their powers through those tales. And when people started moving to the new continent of America, they brought their tales with them, and with those tales came the Old Gods, hiding in the New World, but never forgetting their roots.

Iris Goodberry had another name, one only known to her, her mother and her daughter. Skalmold, "Time of Swords". Neither her nor Aurora knew their fathers: Valkyrie are not good at bonding, their relationships are usually brief and intense as thunderstorms in the North Sea. Iris used to work as a security guard for certain occult-savvy individuals, but when a fight with a dragon left her crippled in a leg, she thought that time had come to settle down. She therefore opened her pub, and when Aurora was born, she waited before revealing her nature to her. Unfortunately, she waited a bit too long. Aurora, or perhaps Reginleif, "Daughter of the Gods", her Valkyrie name, was an early bloomer, and puberty brought forth her powers. Some girls may feel upset at their first menstrual cycle, some may feel pain, other can feel mood swings and discomfort.
Aurora's menarche brought snowfall and thunderstorm. In July. You can imagine that Iris hurried to tell her the truth, and Aurora didn't like it one bit. For years, sparks flew between the two women, sometimes literally.

Her high school life as a Valkyrie could have been the subject of a zany television series, had there been any supernatural menaces. Luckily for her, even in Fever, life was relatively easy, and Iris had made it extremely clear that she was not to use her powers against the mundane, except in self-defense. Her mother had a tendency towards overprotectiveness, often watching over her from a distance to make sure she didn't get into trouble, and causing no small amount of strife, but she grew into a pleasant, likeable, somewhat geeky girl, fond of music, TV shows and games; she wasn't exactly popular but she had good friends, and she was the singer in a small-time rock band with her friends.
After graduating high school, she decided to take a year off to work with her mother, trying to work on their relationship and to choose what to do with her life. A part of her wanted to go to college, study the history and traditions of the Old World, but there is a call resonating somewhere in her soul, a call for battle and blood, a memory of a grizzled man with an eye patch and two ravens on his shoulders, and now a strange friend of the family, one who somehow deduced Iris' and Aurora's true nature, named Valda, seems to have taken an interest in her...
10-minute background
Five facts:
1. Aurora Goodberry was born in 1998 in Fever, daughter of Iris Goodberry and an unidentified John Doe.
2. As her mother, she is a Valkyrie, a Chooser of the Slain, ancient beings who carried the souls of those who had dies in battle to Odin. Her mother taught her how to harness her powers, and never to use them on ordinary people, except in self-defense.
3. Other than some tension with a local hatemongering pastor named Edward Wilson, her life was quite like that of an ordinary girl. She likes books, shows and games, and has made several good friends.
4. As a result of her mother hiding their nature until she unleashed her powers, their relationship is somewhat strained. They love each other very much, but Aurora harbors some resentment towards her mother, and Iris is somewhat overprotective, which is hypocritical since she used to exploit her skills for profit as a bodyguard.
5. Having just graduated high school, she's wondering what to do with her life. She has many interests that are usual for a girl her age, but somewhere in her soul is a call to battle, and a family acquaintance named Valda has dropped hints that she might have an employment offer for her.

Two goals:
0. In the immediate, she'll have to choose whether to follow the call in her soul. Since it's a role-playing game, we can all assume what she'll choose.
1. She would like to be independent of her mother, she feels a bit smothered by her.
2. On the long term, she'd like to uncover secrets about Fever. Why is it such a hub for the supernatural? Did her mother settle there knowing it was?

Two Secrets:
1. Only two pwople know of her nature as a Chooser of the Slain, her mother and Valda, who somehow figured it out. And she's not telling anyone, not her mother nor her closest friends, of the lust for battle that's growing in her heart.
2. Unknown to her, her father is actually the Allfather, Odin himself, who is also her grandfather, great-grandfather, and so on. All of the Valkyries are children of a Valkyrie and Odin, under some human guise. The ancient god is nowhere as powerful as he once was, but his blood is still strong enough to generate Choosers. None of the Valkyries know this, or that they are unable to bear children to a mundane father.

Three People:
1. Iris Goodberry, her somewhat overprotective mother. She taught her to fight with spears, ancient spells and guns, so that she could protect herself, but has always been scared of her going into actual trouble. The two women love each other, but Iris is scared that Aurora will go and get herself into trouble
2. Jessica Hu, her best friend. Jessica is a shy Chinese teen, with a sharp wit, a head for numbers and a deep love of fantasy literature. Openly complying with stereotypes, she's enrolled in Aerospace Engineering in Portland's University.
3. Evangelical pastor James Wilson. Former army chaplain in Vietnam, the old codger leads a small hatemongering, mysoginistic, homophobic posse of fanatics, and he dislikes the Goodberry women for living without a man, having Aurora out of wedlock, not being baptized, and generally antagonizing him at every occasion.
3.5 Reason, her familiar raven. She bonded with him over high school, and she taught him to talk. Reason is very bright by animal standards, not so much by human standards, and she is conscious that he adds to her "witchy" image, but she loves him dearly.

Three Memories:
1. Her mother intimidating Pastor Wilson. He had been harassing Aurora, then ten years old, and tried punching Iris, who grabbed him by the collar and gazed into his eyes until he cowered in fear away from her.
2. Her menarche, and how it awakened her powers, causing a snowstorm over Fever in July. The emotional shock of the revelation did not fade for months.
3. The first time she summoned her mount, a spectral steed named Caerser, and flew through the clouds during a thunderstorm. The feeling and the sense of freedom were unlike any other.


Iris as a bodyguard
Aurora at school
Aurora before the Stew Incident
Aurora in full battle dress

Six feet tall and muscular, Aurora is definitely an imposing girl. She has long, slightly wavy golden hair which frame a friendly, attractive, markedly Scandinavian face, blue eyes and fairly large breasts. She usually favors light, loose, long-sleeved clothing to make her muscles seem less bulky.
Being perfectly comfortable even in snowstorms, she has no need for coats or parkas, but she sometimes wears them anyway, to avoid those weird looks one gets by walking in an Oregon blizzard wearing a t-shirt.

Personality and quirks:

At a first glance, Aurora is good-natured, usually smiling, positive and energetic girl. This is, however, mostly a mask she puts on. Being a Chooser of the Slain is not pleasant, just as much as the Vikings were not pleasant people. A lust for violence rages inside her, an aggressive, raging, vengeful nature that she has to keep in check all of the time. Being nice and cheerful, for her, is a conscious choice, necessary to have a good life, but source of internal conflict.
She's good at keeping her mask up, however. She can be genuinely passionate about music, books and art, and she absolutely loves singing. Not many people can say that they truly dislike her.
Aurora's Primary Motivator is Self-Realization: Each woman who was invested with the power of the Valkyries had to choose how to deal with their powers. Some accepted it, giving in to battle-lust and darkness, becoming avatar of battle. Some rejected it, living a mundane life despite the call. Aurora wants to find her own way to deal with that.

Emotional Disposition - Joyful. As written above, she strives to be cheerful, and she's gotten so used to it that it comes natural to her.
Moodiness - Labile. Having to keep oneself in constant check to avoid breaking every bone in the body of an annoying person is hard. She can explode in outbursts of rage.
Outlook - Optimistic. Life hasn't been bad with Aurora, and her powers haven't yet put her in any serious trouble, she has no reason to have a bleak worldview.
Impulsiveness - Spontaneous. The blood of the Old Viking Gods is the blood of the berserkers, and they weren't known for caution.
Boldness - Intrepid. Although that could also be because she hasn't yet faced a proper challenge.
Agreeableness - Agreeable. Again, as a personal choice, she intentionally is. The storm raging in her soul is as cold and rigid as the icy plains of the Arctic.
Interactivity - Engaging. And how. Shyness just isn't her thing.
Conformity - Heterodox. Worshipper of Pagan Gods, art lover, and a teenage girl to boot. Hard to believe it could be any other way. However, she is a firm believer in "natural laws", like Sophocles' "Gods' Laws", like honor, ethics and morals.
Aurora likes:
- Metal, electronic and rock music
- Literature, History, Art classes
- Gravity Falls, Harry Potter and Star Wars
- Rainy days

Aurora dislikes:
- Steamed vegetables
- Maths
- Sentimental drama
- Hatemongering Evangelical pastor James Wilson
Quirks and oddities:
- She is an utter disaster at cooking. A cooking contest at her high school had to be suspended because of the cloud of foul smoke that came when she burned a stew, this accident made her infamous throughout Fever.
- Although she doesn't like Maths and the sciences as subjects, she likes them from an amateur point of view, especially space exploration. She follows NASA, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Chris Hadfield and a handful of other divulgators.
- She's been learning Icelandic to read the ancient texts' original versions. So far, she's grasped the modern language but she's still struggling with the ancient version.
- She currently isn't in a relationship. She has had a number of short time flings and hookups, but as with most Valkyries, she's not good at bonding, and her strong, headstrong personality is a source of conflicts.
- She doesn't like guns. She's not good with them and she'd rather throw her spear, showy as it may be, and she believes that the widespread diffusion of guns in the US is the main reason for the abnormally high number of murders, school shootings and domestic accidents in the US.