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Full Name

Ash Sanguinust


Ancient-Born Dhampir(Gebbite)


Crusader 1






27(Why did Paizo give Dhampir the Human aging categories?)

Special Abilities



True Neutral




Cathedral of Epiphenomena in Mechitar, Geb


Common, Osiriani


Warrior Priest

Strength 17
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 15
Charisma 10

About Ash Sanguinust

This tall albino Garundi man in white and red hooded robes, holding a blood-stained scythe and a copy of the Pallid Cravings appears human at first, but his blood-red eyes, pointed ears, and fangs show his vampiric heritage once he introduces himself.

Character Build:

This character will be a lot of fun. Going into Unchained Monk with Crusader's Flurry for the scythe. I'll be able to throw the scythe with Hand of the Acolyte , use Urgathoa's Divine Fighting Technique for Temp HP, and channel negative energy to heal myself/harm enemies.

Traits: Faith(Fate's Favored), Social(Adopted-Enlighted Warrior)
Archetypes: Crusader, Invested Regeant
1--Aura(Evil), Channel Energy 1d6, Domain(Magic), Orisons, Bonus Feat(Weapon Focus-Scythe) - Divine Fighting Technique(Urgathoa's Hunger)
--Unchained Monk--
2--Investiture, Flurry of Blows(Bonus Attack), Stunning Fist, Unarmed Strike
3--Vested Power(Divine Favor), Evasion - Crusader's Flurry
4--Fast Movement, Ki Pool, Ki Strike(Magic)
5--Ki Power(), Still Mind - Power Attack
6--Purity of Body, Style Strike(1/Round)
7--Bonus Feat(Improved Trip), Ki Power() - Furious Focus
8--Ki Strike(Cold Iron/Silver)
9--Ki Power() - Extra Vested Power
10-Improved Evasion, Style Strike
11-Vested Power(Divine Power), Ki Power(), Ki Strike(Lawful) - Extra Vested Power
12-Flurry of Blows(Bonus Attack)

Domain: Magic
Domain Power - Hand of the Acolyte

Meditation crystal - 100gp

- Shrine of the Sacred Tempest -
Outside of a remote village in the tengu nation of Kwanlai, a generations-old group of shrinekeepers has dutifully watched over a holy site that commemorates celestial forces that fell in battle against a qlippoth invasion in the distant past. By tradition, the guardians report to celestial forces every 10 years, but these guardians have fallen silent. A messenger from Heaven has called upon Ash to investigate the historic site and uncover the truth behind the shrinekeepers' fate.