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James Jacobs wrote:
The baseline assumption is 15 point buy. Anything more will make the player characters increasingly powerful—combine that with experienced players and you can turn the AP into a cakewalk. If you DON'T have experienced players, doing a 20 point buy is a good plan. If your players are very experienced, consider having them play on "hard mode" and do 10 point buy.

Thanks for the response! I'll keep that in mind. I'm thinking about asking my players if they're up for demons and devil on "hard mode" lol.

I'll be running this adventure path pretty soon. Out of curiosity, how are some you approaching character creation, specifically, generating ability scores? I've considered going with purchasing at 20 points for a high fantasy style. Any opinions/comments would be appreciated.

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Pick up Seven Swords of Sin, an early Paizo Game Mastery Module, which also happens to be set in Kaer Maga.
Brandon Hodge wrote:

I think that if you shift the Sihedron shards' locate-the-other-shards ability to sense the next piece from the shards themselves to the black blade, and make it the sword's purpose to recover and reunite the Sihedron, then you've got a winner.

What fantastic ideas! Thanks so much for responding.

Hey everyone. This is a question for those of you who have been running Shattered Star. Currently, I have a group consisting of a Fighter, Inquisitor, Bladebound Magus, and an undecided fourth. I was hoping to utilize the Magus's Black Blade as a role playing device in the adventure. Do any of you have any recommendations as to how I can go about developing the Black Blades increasing sentience to work with the Shattered Star's overarching story line? I'd like for his blade to have a purpose that would prove useful or a hindrance in late game. Thanks a lot! I'm looking forward to hearing some fun ideas.