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Fragments of the First Battle Maps | Old and Broken Battle Maps | Twilight of the Heroic Age Battle Maps |

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Fragments of the First Battle Maps | Old and Broken Battle Maps | Twilight of the Heroic Age Battle Maps |

Players will dot here.

There are places where the boundaries between worlds grow thin. Circles of standing stones erected in times immemorial, forgotten glades of profoundly eerie beauty, and desolate windswept moors. What one might not expect however, is for one of these places to be at a lonely intersection surrounded by corn fields in southwest Kansas. From the north, west, and east, Junction 27 is perfectly normal. The southern road, which nobody can ever remember going down, leads to Crossroads, a city unlike any other. The prosperity of post-Great War America has been magnified by the countless realms that lead to Crossroads. It is here that bastard children of demigods and disgraced angels share tables at mafia-run speakeasies whose doors are guarded by pinstripe-suited minotaurs. For whatever reason, you’ve found yourselves here, at the Obelisk Lounge on a rather fateful Thursday night.

Character Creation:

Characters will begin at level 5 using a 20 point buy or the standard rolling method of six sets of 4d6, dropping the lowest number. Given the nature of the setting, I’ll allow most races and all Paizo content, along with Spheres of Power content and other 3pp on a case-by-case basis, as long as you can give me a link to the rules. Finally, players may take templates or play a monster, so long as the CR remains the same and the general power level is reasonable. Characters will have two traits, one must be a campaign trait as detailed in the next spoiler. The various campaign traits also have character creation impacts.

I’ll also be using Auto Bonus Progression, Background skills, guns everywhere, and feat tax rules. Finally, I’ll be using a scaling armor bonus system to reflect the increased prevalence of firearms.

Campaign Traits:

Wrong Turn:
You took a wrong turn while driving along a road in Kansas, and ended up in Crossroads. After convincing yourself you’re not in an elaborate hallucination and realizing there’s no way to get back, you’ve now been forced to deal with the wildly unfamiliar place you’ve found yourself in. You gain a +1 bonus on will saves, this bonus increases to +2 against obviously supernatural sources. You must be human to select this trait, and any class without magical or supernatural abilities is appropriate.

Crossroads Seeker:
Somehow, you became aware of the city of Crossroads and set yourself to finding it. After a while of searching, you’ve finally found it and have set yourself to uncovering it’s mysteries. You gain a +1 bonus on knowledge (arcana) and (planes) checks, and one of these becomes a class skill. You must be human to select this trait, and magic classes are appropriate for it.

You’re either born and raised in Crossroads, or have lived there for a while. You know many of the ins and outs of the city. You gain a +1 on knowledge (local) checks and sense motive, and they become class skills. Any race and class will work with this trait.

You aren’t from around here. You’re so not from around here, you might not even have a concept of around here. You’re from another realm entirely, here on whatever reasons you might’ve had to come to Crossroads. You gain a +2 bonus on saves vs. mind-affecting effects. Any race and class is suited, especially for stranger character concepts.

High Roller:
You’ve been born and raised in the upper crust of Crossroads, and the glitz and glamor of the city’s elite is nothing new to you. You’re well-acquainted with the rich and powerful, and know how to handle them. You gain a +1 on diplomacy and knowledge (nobility) checks, and one of these becomes a class skill. Any race and class is appropriate.

Private Investigator:
You’ve been hot on the trail of a string of disappearances in southwest Kansas. Your investigations lead you to Junction 27, and intentionally or not, you ended up in Crossroads. You gain a +1 on perception and sense motive checks, and one of these becomes a class skill. Only humans may take this trait, and non-magic classes are most appropriate.

Setting Details and Theme:

Setting details can be found in this document.

This game will take after noir mystery stories set in the 20s, full of crime, intrigue, mafiosos, corruption, and dark, rainy nights. As such, it’ll be fairly roleplay-heavy.

I’ll keep recruitment open for two weeks until the 24th, though I may extend it based on interest.

Fragments of the First Battle Maps | Old and Broken Battle Maps | Twilight of the Heroic Age Battle Maps |

Players, please report here.

Fragments of the First Battle Maps | Old and Broken Battle Maps | Twilight of the Heroic Age Battle Maps |

Test post.

”I’ve lived in High Gulch all my life. But as of late, things been real strange. Raider clans comin’ for us monthly. Mutants headin’ in from out the Blast Fields. Hell, Horn Gulley and the Crater both went dark. Can’t say I know what’s in store for us. That’s why I got in touch with y’all.”

Those were the words that Old Pete, the mayor of High Gulch, said to you when he called you to his house to ask for your help. High Gulch, the town that you all live in and the only pass through the Devil’s Fingers for miles, is under far more duress than the usual problems a town faces in the Barrens. Attacks from raiders and mutants are increasing, other settlements are falling, and the meager crops that High Gulch can scrape together are failing.

As some of the town’s most notable citizens, you’ve been contacted by Old Pete to head to Exchange, one of the larger settlements known to exist in your region of the Barrens. If you’re notable for your virtue, infamy, sheer brawn, or just about anything else, is yet to see.

General Concept:

I’m looking to run a post-apocalyptic Pathfinder game, inspired by things like Mad Max, Fallout, and Borderlands.

The overall technology level is a bit ahead of Pathfinder, with decently common guns and rare access to advanced technology.


The game will take place a region called the Barrens, a relatively fertile (by wasteland standards) region north of the Serpent’s Spine. Most inhabitants are either a part of the many raider clans, nomadic wanderers, or inhabitants of the towns scattered throughout the wasteland. Common threats include mutants, brutal weather, and corrupted hypertech.

Notable Locations in the Barrens:
High Gulch: The town that you all live in. It is built into the walls of a narrow pass through the Serpent’s Spine, a high and nearly impassable mountain range. High Gulch sustains itself off of trade passing through, scavenging tech from nearby ruins, and farming.

The Blast Fields: Located to the south of the High Gulch, the Blast Fields are a vast tract of desert inhabited mostly by mutant tribes. Though some skirt around them to trade with the sun fanatics of Sull Arfurm or the reclusive Techno-claves, its significant risk often outweighs the rewards.

Exchange: One of the largest settlements in this area of the Barrens, Exchange is perhaps the closest thing to civilization that many have seen. With reliable fresh water, a large population, and a decently stable food supply, it is the center of trade in the region.

The Shattered Spires: Legends say that when the gods still ruled the sky, the spires were their earthly home. Now, the towers are the domain of the winged Cirriikiiskrii, fanatically xenophobic birdmen who protect the towers. However, the incredibly valuable tech salvage that originates from the broken towers of metal and crystal continue to draw scavengers and aspirant Rust Saints.

The greatest raider stronghold in the Barrens, the scrap metal fortress of Dru’Kannil is always an imposing sight to see. Many of the raiders in the Barrens either work directly for, or at least pay tribute, to the master of the fortress, a masked warrior heavily enhanced by ancient cybernetics.

Faiths of the Wasteland:
The Fallen Gods
Alignment: N
Domains: Community, Destruction, Luck, Ruins, Travel
Subdomains: Family, Home, Catastrophe, Fate, Trade
Long ago, the gods ruled the sky. But the end came, and the gods fell from the heavens. Nonetheless, there are still those who cling to the ancient ways. Commonly worshipped by the settlers and townsfolk of the barrens, this faith stresses adherence to the old and half-remembered beliefs of the past while encouraging its followers to do what they must to survive in the harsh world they find themselves in.

The Rust Saints
Alignment: LN
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Knowledge, Nobility, Strength
Subdomains: Toil, Metal, Memory, Leadership, Self-Realization
Nearly all see power in the ruins and technology of the old. However, there are the devoted who see divinity in them. Among those devoted, there are those who have made themselves masters of technology, and through that, elevated themselves to divinity. Saint Ilaska the Lofty was the first, who reactivated an ancient flying device she found within the Shattered Spires. There are still others, Saint Morias the Indomitable, Saint Vair the Waterbringer, Saint Elian the Generous and several dozen. All those who follow the beliefs in the Saints know that if they master that ancient technology, they too can take their place among the venerated.

Raider Mysticism
Alignment: CN
Domains: Air, Chaos, Fire, Madness, Trickery
Subdomains: Lightning, Riot, Arson, Insanity, Thievery
Among the many raider clans of the Barrens, there is a shared set of beliefs in a fragmented pantheon of wild and violent gods. Three among them are the most widely worshipped. Least is Xokar, patron of the energy weapons most favored by raiders. Middling is Mad Logas, patron of the mad rages that many raiders can fly into at a moment’s notice. Greatest is the Bandit King, patron of anarchy, deception, and most importantly robbery in all its forms.

Character Creation:

PF1 ruleset.
Level 3 with 5000 GP to start, though no item can be more than half of the PC’s gold.
20 point buy or standard stat rolling of 4d6 and dropping the lowest, whichever you prefer is fine.
Any class is fine, along with any non-monstrous race.
I may allow 3pp on a limited basis, so long as you provide a link to the rules and I deem it to be reasonably balanced.
Background Skills and Auto Bonus Progression are in play, along with Feat Tax Rules and commonplace guns rules.
2 traits, one of which must be a campaign trait.
I’ll be selecting for background and character over mechanics. I need enough of a character sheet to have a solid idea of who your character is,
I’ll be using Google Slides for maps.
Recruitment will be open for a week or so, though I may extend the deadline based on interest level.
If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them.

Campaign Traits:

It’s not easy having faith in a place as harsh as the wasteland, and yet you do. You gain a +1 to knowledge (religion) and the ability to cast a single orison once per day. If you are able to cast divine spells, you can instead add an extra orison to your list.

Reformed Raider:
You were once the scourge of the common man, a raider. For whatever reason, you aren’t any more. However, you still know how to take advantage of those who aren’t ready for you attacks. You gain a +1 on attack rolls versus flat-footed opponents or during surprise rounds and a +1 bonus on intimidate checks.

Though not one of the wild and dangerous mutants from the Blast Fields, your physiology is different from a normal specimen of your race. Your aberrant nature manifests as one of the following: gain low-light vision, +1 trait bonus on fortitude saves, or ignoring the first 5 feet of difficult terrain.

You’ve lived in High Gulch or one of the outlying towns all your life, and as such know the area well. You gain a +1 on knowledge (local) and Survival. Additionally, you gain a +1 on charisma checks when dealing with settlers.

You’re from far away. Whether that’s from Exchange, the Technoclaves, or an even further region, it matters little. You’ve arrived in High Gulch, and your worldliness is valuable. You gain a +1 on knowledge (geography) and it becomes a class skill for you. Additionally, you gain a +5 enhancement to base speed as a result of your travels. If you select this trait, PM me with an idea in mind and we can work out the details of where you’re from.

You make your livelihood off of plundering the old. Whether it’s sifting for scrap or plundering ancient ruins, you’re more knowledgeable when it comes to tech than the average wastelander. You gain a +1 to knowledge (engineering) and it becomes a class skill. Furthermore, tech items require one less charge for you to use.

Fragments of the First Battle Maps | Old and Broken Battle Maps | Twilight of the Heroic Age Battle Maps |

Players dot here.

Fragments of the First Battle Maps | Old and Broken Battle Maps | Twilight of the Heroic Age Battle Maps |

Players will dot here.

The holographic image of Guidance, the AI who runs most day-to-day operation of the society, appears on your commlink, her smooth and calming voice saying, ”Attention Starfinders, a spacecraft of unknown design has been discovered in the Diaspora, likely of pre-Gap origin. Interested agents must report to Historia-7 at the archives of the Lorespire Complex.”

The Mission:

Investigate the spacecraft for the Starfinder Society, bring back any data you can recover, and if possible, ascertain the origin of said spacecraft. Each agent will be paid 600 credits and any ownership of any artifacts deemed non-essential by the Society.

Character Creation:

The game is, as the opening blurb suggests, is Starfinder. Characters will start at level one with the standard point buy and 1000 credits. I’ll allow any Paizo official material, and 3rd party material on a case-by-case basis, with the caveat that a source for it must be provided so I can review it. Any race is allowed, though the less common the race, the better the explanation for why they’re in the game I’ll expect. That said, I am much more interested in a character’s story than their numbers, so I will pick a well-made and flavorful character over a statistical beast any day. Another note, players will get the most out of the experience if they have played, run, or at least are familiar with the Iron Gods adventure path, though it isn’t a requirement.

The Setting:

The setting, as mentioned before, is Starfinder, with all the variety that comes with. Characters are new members of the Starfinder society, and the game begins on Absalom Station.

If anyone has questions, I am more than happy to answer them. Recruitment will be open until at least the 10th and I’m looking for between four and six players.

Fragments of the First Battle Maps | Old and Broken Battle Maps | Twilight of the Heroic Age Battle Maps |

Players please dot in here.

Fragments of the First Battle Maps | Old and Broken Battle Maps | Twilight of the Heroic Age Battle Maps |

Test post.

It is 4847 AR. The skies are oft clouded with smoke, the bustle of the city accentuated by the rhythm of factories. Golarion has entered into an industrial age, with the power of steam and coal reaching the far corners of Avistan and beyond. This change has altered much of the world, notably the life of a wandering adventurer. While long ago a rampaging dragon could’ve once been best stopped by a small group of adventurers, a regiment of skilled soldiers armed with enchanted muskets is now able to achieve that goal with equal effectiveness and far more efficiency. The heroic age is fading, and yet the world still holds great mystery. A new generation of adventurers must rise, to combat great threats an army could not, and uncover the secrets, both past and present, of this changing world.

The Mission:

A merchant has put out a job. The job is simple, escort a shipment from Absalom to Katapesh to Alkenstar. For doing so, you will be paid surprisingly handsomely. Applicants are to meet the merchant at the Drowsy Bugbear Tavern in the Merchant’s Quarter.

Character Creation:

Characters are to be created at 2nd level with a 20 point buy or the standard rolling method of rolling seven sets of 3d6 and dropping the lowest result. All decisions for ability score are final. Any race will be accepted, though the more unusual the race the better the backstory and reason for taking the job must be. Characters will have 1000 gold for purchases. No item can be over half of the starting gold. We will be using the commonplace guns rules, so guns are martial weapons and cost a quarter of the price. Characters will begin with two traits, or three traits and a flaw. I’ll likely close recruitment on the 20th, depending on the level of interest people have expressed and the amount of submissions. I am more than happy to answer questions that people may have.

The Setting:

The game will be set on Golarion, but in an industrial future. The details of the setting can be found here.

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I enjoy coming up with world for PCs to visit in Starfinder, so I figured I'd put a few ideas up here, along with seeing what others have come up with.

Ymir Prime:
Orbiting a small, dim star, Ymir Prime is a fairly large frozen world. Areas of strong geothermal activity scatter the planets surface, giving rise to two sentient races. Living within the lush geothermal valleys are the primitive Yumantil, barely advancing their society beyond the Bronze Age due to their plentiful homes, In the icy lands beyond are the Chaashee, avian philosophers that soar the frigid winds on vast white wings.

Named for it's near-constant volcanic activity, the only habitable parts of Caldera are the near-boiling seas where the silicon-based U'r'km'n make their homes. Most words in their language are unpronounceable to the common races, including the name of the planet itself. Their utterly alien physiology and mental functions have made them valuable scientists and researchers, as they can subsist off of most volcanic rocks and perform dazzlingly complex calculations in their heads.

Fragments of the First Battle Maps | Old and Broken Battle Maps | Twilight of the Heroic Age Battle Maps |

New Orleans, 1849

The sun hangs high over the waterfront of New Orleans. The cacophony of the port is ever-present. Faces and voices come from all around the continent. Mexica dressed in bright clothes and face paint rub shoulders with former French aristocrats. Ships bearing guns, rum, and cotton sail up and down the Mississippi to markets in the North or out of the Gulf of Mexica to lands beyond. The heat of the bayou clings to the skin, unwilling to relent. A letter has brought each of you here, addressed by the United States government. The letters indicate that you must report to the Cabildo, the center of government in New Orleans. Fortunately, in the distance, it looms over old Spanish villas and cheap saloons. Finding your way there should not be hard.

Fragments of the First Battle Maps | Old and Broken Battle Maps | Twilight of the Heroic Age Battle Maps |

And so this tale begins. Players please check in here.

"Gather round children, and I'll tell you a tale as old as it is true. That said, I never knew how old it was, but it's fine story nonetheless." The year is 1849, the Mexica-American War has just ended, the the American government has sent out a missive, looking for five brave citizens to explore the new territory ceded by the Mexica Federation. You have chosen to answer the call, starting in New Orleans, taking a route of your choosing out west to find fame and fortune, and hopefully not falling victim to the treacherous crossing. The west may hold countless opportunities, but only those who are brave, lucky, or stupid enough can take advantage of them.

The World and its Prominent Countries:

The United States of America: The development of the United States is rather different from our timeline, with the native peoples able to resist many European diseases and incursions with the help of much more powerful magic. The colonists were forced to integrate the natives or buy land, although the colonists were able to buy the Louisiana territory from France and significantly expanded their borders. Slavery was abolished shortly after independence, due to intervention by the freedom-loving azatas. Tales of the west tell of ancient cities built into cliff walls, vast open praries inhabited by fearsome drakes, an elven empire along the sea, and even more outlandish stories.

Mexica Federation: The story of the Mexica, or Aztec to the colonists, is very similar to those of the North American tribes. Spanish settlers arrived and intermingled with the Mexica, forming a unique mixed culture and language, eventually creating the Mexica Federation. Later, Spanish immigrants chose to go north of the Federation to New Mexica, Texas, and beyond, although they were still ultimately governed by the Federation.

The Northern Reaches: What we know as Canada was never fully colonized, with the inhabitants and environment proving too inhospitable. While the southern reigons are controlled by the British, the north is a different story. In the west, Inuits and tundra giants wage a consant war against frost giant invaders from the Siberia. In the northeastern reigons lies the domain of the orcs, maritime barbarians who raid coastal cities and inscribe powerful magics onto whale bone.

The World Beyond: Europe is caught up in a series of revolutions, all sparked by the success of the Americans. China is caught up in a series of battles with pirates, and the jade elves of Nihon continue their isolation.


Humans: The most populous race in the United States and Mexica, their ambition is unmatched by most other races.
Halflings: The second-most populous race in the United States, halflings hail from the green and gentle hills of Ireland, and came with them to the colonies. They have since taken to the lush rolling terrain of the Appalachian Mountains.
Half-Orcs: Generally found in the northernmost reigons, half-orcs are cast out from orcish society for being too human, and cast out of human society for being too orcish. Some take to the scrimshaw magic of their orcish parents, while others adopt human customs.
Elves: A rarity to the extreme in the the United States, elves are generally seen as myths by the common citizen. Elves are divided into two subsets, the jade elves of Nihon, and the gold elves found in scattered enclaves throughout the west.
Half-Elves: Slightly more common than their elven parents, half-elves are generally found in the frontier regions where gold elves and humans meet, or port cities where the occasional jade elves will leave the arcane splendour of Nihon.
Dwarves: Hailing from the mountain ranges of Europe and North Africa, dwarves are immigrants to the United States. They are valued in the newly developing industries for their ingenuity and talent for mining and metalworking.
Gnomes: Legends often tell of the little people, capricious tricksters who live where the boundaries between worlds grow thin. More times than not, gnomes are these tricksters, using their natural magic to vex unsuspecting humans. Most gnomes come to the cities for a change of pace and new experiences.
Other Races:
Orcs: Common in the far north, orcs are a persistent threat to settlers in the Northern Reaches. They are primarily known as savage raiders, but those who have spent time with them tell of other achievements. They are skilled shipbuilders and have created a unique arcane art known as scrimshaw magic, channeling magic into runes carved on whale bone.
Skinwalkers: Skinwalkers are common in Northern America. Many of them are descendants of werewolves, but the children of werecrocodiles can be found in the former Spanish colony of Florida and weretiger-kin are a minority among the Mexica.
Less-known races: Genie-kin are common in the Ottoman Empire, where genies are most often found. Some come to America to find new opportunities, as countless others have done. Dhampirs often hail from eastern Europe, the ancestral homeland of the nosoi vampires, although stranger heritages are said to exist. Fetchlings and catfolk sometimes migrate from southern Mexica, and goblinoids occasionally swarm out of the vast Mammoth Cave system.


Faith of the Cross: The most common religion in the United States and Europe: LN: Domains: Community, Healing, Law, Nobility, Protection: Subdomains: Family, Restoration, Loyalty, Martyr, Purity: Favored Weapon: Longsword

Faith of the Crescent: The most common religion in the Ottoman Empire and parts of Asia and Africa: LN: Domains: Community, Glory, Law, War, Protection: Subdomains: Education, Honor, Judgment, Defense, Tactics: Favored Weapon: Scimitar

Great Mystery: A common god to find among native tribes of the northwest and the Great Plains: N: Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Plant, Water: Subdomains: Wind, Fur, Feather, Growth, Flowing: Favored Weapon: Longbow

Coyote: A wide-spread trickster god, who may have taught mankind the secret of fire: CN: Domains: Chaos, Fire, Luck, Travel, Trickery: Subdomains: Entropy, Smoke, Imagination, Exploration, Deception: Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Quetzalcoatl: Commonly found throughout the Mexica Federation, this god is worshipped throughout the southern native world: N: Domains: Air, Knowledge, Magic, Scalykind, Weather: Subdomains: Wind, Arcane, Divine, Dragon, Storms: Favored Weapon: Macuahuitl (use stats for a terbutje)

Huitzilopochtli: Patron god of Tenochtitlan, the leader of the Mexica Federation: CN: Domains: Destruction, Fire, Glory, Sun, War: Subdomains: Rage, Arson, Heroism, Light, Blood: Favored Weapon: Great Macuahuitl (use stats for great terbutje)

Casters who use domains may also pick domains that are not diametrically opposed (i.e. evil/good, fire/water) if there is no deity that represents them or they follow a less prominent god.

Character Creation:

The rules for creation are fairly standard, 20 point buy, max health at 1st level and half health after that. Background skills will be used. If there's a Golarion-specific feat or archetype, ask me about it and we can work something out. Players can pick two traits, but one must be from the list below. A backstory will vastly increase chances of getting in. It doesn't need to be some epic tale but more than just a few sentences. All races referenced in the "Races" section are allowed, although the rarer the race the better the explanation should be. All classes are allowed, although classes such as the ninja or samurai would need a good reason to explore for the American government.
Hardened Veteran:
Your service in the Mexica-American war has hardened you and made you better at getting back up after you've been knocked down. You get a bonus to stabilise equal to half your class level and can stand up from being prone as a swift action.
Debutante: You use your natural skills with people to judge their intentions, using your charisma modifier in place of your wisdom for sense motive and gaining a +1 to diplomacy, bluff, or intimidate.
Whether a hunter, a prospector, or simply a restless soul, you have spent much of your time in the great outdoors. You gain a +1 to survival and knowledge (nature) and one of those is considered a class skill.
You are intensely faithful in the religion you follow. You gain a +1 on knowledge (religion). Additionally, whenever you channel energy or cast a cure/inflict spell, you add an extra point of damaged healed or dealt based on the type of energy.
You have studied at prestigious academies or have much acquired knowledge on a few topics. Choose one knowledge skill, in which you gain a +1 and they become class skills. Your spellcasting stat is also considered one higher for the purposes of calculating extra spells.

I'm designing a magic item for my home game and some advice on pricing and balancing would be appreciated.

Mask of the Maggot King

Aura moderate conjuration CL 9

Slot Head Price TBD

This pale leather cowl sprouts teeth when worn and makes it look as if the wearer's head is being devoured by a maggot. It allows the wearer to cast creeping doom once per day and speak with vermin three times per day. In addition, the wearer can summon 1d3+1 giant maggots three times per day.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, creeping doom, speak with vermin, summon monster I Cost TBD

I had an idea for a subrace of elf. Feedback is welcome.

Blind Elf
+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution
While Blind elves are physically similar to elves, they are more geared towards survival as opposed to intellectualism.

Defense Traits:
Blindness: Blind Elves have lived deep underground in total darkness, and have become blind due to simply not needing sight, they are immune to gaze attacks but take a -2 penalty to sight-based perception checks.

Feats and Skill Traits:
Survival Instinct: Blind Elves gain a +2 racial bonus on survival checks.

Magical Racial Traits:
Deep Magic: Any Blind Elf sorcerer with the Deep Earth bloodline treats their Charisma as +2 higher for all spells and sorcerer abilities. Blind Elf druids or clerics with the earth domain treat their caster level as +1 higher for domain spells.

Senses Racial Traits:
Deep Sense: Deep Sense functions as tremorsense but with no concealment if a creature with it cannot see.

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Well, my Iron Gods character just made a creature do a DC 143 Fort Save. You can probably guess the result.

This is my first try at creating a magic item, as well as my first post. I am 12 and have started creating things for Pathfinder so feedback would be appreciated. In particular I was unsure which spells should be required as well as the spells for it. Thanks!

Helm of the Bodak

Aura moderate necromancy CL 7th

Slot head Price 10,800 (so far)

This menacing helmet is crafted from the head of a bodak. Its eyes continue to smoke, allowing the wearer to use the death gaze ability of the bodak 1/day. It also bestows some of the defensive abilities of the bodak, giving the wearer DR 5/cold iron. This ability can be used However, the helmet makes the wearer suffer some of the bodak’s vulnerability to bright light, giving the wearer light blindness. As the skin of the bodak is quite repulsive, anytime a creature puts on the helmet, they must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or be sickened for 1d4 rounds.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, enervation, head of a bodak cost TBD