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This is what I needed to hear. It's just good to hear thank you Paizo. I was so worried that it would cause real damage with this... stuff.

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So... I'm playing through Abomination Vault and we recently picked up the Magical Artifact The Whispering Reed right here.

The important thing is the destruction part.

Spoilers for Abomination Vault:
Destruction Copies of The Whispering Reeds have no special protections and can be destroyed like any regular book, but doing so exposes the one who destroyed the book to the Empty Death.

Empty Death (curse, necromancy, occult) Saving Throw DC 27 Will; Effect If you activate The Whispering Reeds and are not a worshipper of Nhimbaloth, you become stupefied 2 for 24 hours as your thoughts fill with paranoia that something is watching you from the other side of death. If you die while affected by the Empty Death, you immediately become a chaotic evil ghost. Every 7 days that pass after you become a ghost, you must succeed at a DC 2 flat check— failure indicates that you are consumed by Nhimbaloth. A creature whose ghost is consumed in this way does not travel to the River of Souls and is utterly annihilated; this creature can only be restored to life via a 10th-level spell effect or ritual like wish.

It was just a really funny idea to me... but what if a Magus used the feat Raise a Tome-

You raise up the book you're holding and flip it open to defend yourself and expedite your studies. The book remains raised until the start of your next turn. While you have a book raised, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC and a +1 circumstance bonus to Recall Knowledge to identify creatures using a skill related to the subject of the book (Arcana if you're using your spellbook). This bonus is in addition to any item bonus the book normally gives to the check.

If you have Shield Block, you can use the tome for that feat (Hardness 3, HP 12, BT 6) as though it were a shield. Whenever you use an ability that allows you to Raise a Shield, such as Emergency Targe, you can Raise a Tome instead, changing any requirements that normally require a shield to apply to your book.

As a shield and then have an enemy break the tome. It would curse them right?