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Hi everyone,

I wanted to confirm if I understood correctly;

For example Yoon from the Mummy's Mask Set has a power on her character card:

You may recharge ([] or shuffle into your deck) a blessing to add your Fortitude skill and the Fire trait to your combat check.

So my question is;

Using this power on my combat check, does it make my check a Fortitude check as well ?

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Lately I have been playing with only 1 friend so we play 2 character each, sometimes 3 each.

2 of my favorite combo is;

Zetha (from the Summoner Class Deck) and Varian (from the Pathfinder Tales Character deck).

I use to find Zetha weak, but I have grown to like her non-combat utility, since she can use her stealth skill for any non-combat check.

We're playing Skull & Shackles right now, just started the 3rd scenario, can't wait for the end of this scenario so that we can finally get our role card.

Varian is a pretty powerful mage, and the fact that he gets to increase his melee if using finesse is just so cool to me. I also like any mechanic that help automatically recharge spell, and the fact that he can actually put back one of his spell in his hand, makes him one of my top 3 favorite character in the entire game.

Combo wise- Zetha has a Power that allows her to draw 1, 2 or 3 (role card) monster from the box at the start of your turn, I then proceed to give 1 monster to my other character varian, which he will use to recycle his spell at the end of his turn; With Varian I get to bury 1 card from my hand to draw a spell and shuffle any number of spell from discard into my deck.

2nd Combo is

Lazzero (from the Hell's Vengeance character deck 1), Talitha (from the Magus class deck), Angban (From the Gunslinger Class deck)

Reason for combo, Lazzero can heal someone at his location, but the cost is that must forfeit his first exploration and someone at his location must bury a card from his hand. And the coolest thing is; the character who buries the card does not be the one getting heal, so I get to heal anyone at my location, by; either using Talitha and bury a blessing, or Angban and Bury a Weapon with firearm trait or a Shield (*usually the latter). And then I get to recharge that buried blessing to reroll or succeed at recharging a spell, or in the case of Angban recharge the weapon/shield at the end of his turn.

Lazzero is a decent Divine caster, with a decent strength rating, on his role card, he gets to recycle his spell automatically by recharging them and even shuffling them, and can even extend that power to other character at his location.

Talita, ability to recharge buried blessing is so cool, and with lazzero, this power is even more useful. She also get to recharge her spell, actually on her role card she gets to put the spell back on top of her deck, if she reveals a card that as the staff trait on it. she also has a decent strength rating.

Finally Angban, ability to recharge buried firearm weapon is extremely cool, and he gets to recharge buried shields as well. and get an additional utility while teaming with Lazzero. on the role card he gets to examine 2 or 3 cards once every turn.

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Hi everyone, so a few months ago, my friends came to me and ask if I would be interested in playing Pathfinder, said yes, we all sat at the table and roll our attributes and all, but we never got to fully finish our character. We had to delay the game for months now, but I think we may be able to start in the next month or so.

Anyways, long story short. I am hoping to create this character (the game will be set in a Japanese-style setting. My character is a Dhampir, the GM already agreed to it, no problem. I roll for the background and everything. Background I roll is that my Parent is nobility, and my mother is Dead. I ask if it the same if my character is convince she is but maybe she isn't, could be a plot twist for my character later on... The GM was ok with it. Anyways, my initial story was that my character was a samurai at the service of a Daimyō (his father), I should say was as he's no longer at his service, he is a Ronin now, and he joined a temple whose underground serve as a base of operation for witchhunters - Particularly Vampire Hunter, which my character joinsed.

Now what I was going for is a Batman meets jack the ripper, sort of hunter, I don't just hunt the the bloodsucking fiend but I prey upon them, leave behind a message, a calling card of sort like a serial killer, fill the Vampire Nobility, and those who serves them with dread. Anyways. I was having a bit of difficulty joining my concept of samurai, with his alter ego, I initially thought that since it was set in Japanese like setting and I wanted my character to be a master of the Katana, that it would make sense that my character b or have been a samurai.

Anyhow, reading about the all classes this afternoon, I came upon the Vigilante Class, I had seen one such character in some images and read a little about him (the Red Raven) thought he was really cool, but I was unaware that vigilante was an actual class. So I got to reading about it, and its Class Skills and Features, and then I saw the archetypes, and I got a little loss, so that is why I am here, to ask if some of you Gentlemen, or ladies would be so kind as to share some of your wisdom and knowledge about how to best get to creating the charcter I have in mind.

So my character (apparence wise) started with the Batman villain; Talon, he is an Assassin of the Court of Owl - A Secret Society that is the architect of almost anythign that happens everywhere. Anyways, so an assassin, and the theme of the Owl, I wanted to keep that. As a symbol of Natural predator of bats - I know its cliche and cheesy, but I like it. Anyways, His vigilante name would be the Grey Owl, he would look something like a cross between an assassin from Assassin's creed and a Samurai, or now I guess a Japanese style armor. At his side his trusted and fearless companion a Eurasian eagle-owl. For weapon, I was thinking since a common theme of samurai, and superstition was that a Sword can be made corrupted or evil or if made by or with evil intent be curse, I thought my character katana is a Demon sword, (was also inspired by the Anime - Owari no seraph). My GM agreed but for obvious reason, my character cannot start with such a powerful weapon, I am ok with that. He wears a mask to protect his Identity and also inspired by the demon mask the samurai are often depicted wearing. He wears a wooden mask that cover all his face like Vega from Street Fighter, the mask would look very much the same as the Court of OWl mask, except made from wood, texture I imagine it would look like the Mask from the Movie the Mask. He would also wear a cloak with a hood, and light or medium armor, not sure in what category samurai armor falls into.

In term of skills, I see him as a master stalker, following his prey unotice in the shadow, like batman would. who has absolutely no regards for the safety of other vampire, they will all die, but he understand that there are priority, and ins't delusional or blind thinking he can take all of them head on. So he preys upon the predator and the hunter becomes the hunted, when he sees a vampire approaching a human, he strike with deadly intent, *not sure if vampire disintegrate in Pathfinder upon death* hoping they don't so he can leave their bloody corpses for the authority and other vampire to find.

So by day, he is a rich brat, son of a Vampire Count, a little prince so to speak, socializing with human and vampire nobility, and by night he preys upon the latter, but also on those who would serve them.

So I was reading the archetype and I saw the Magical Child (I think it was called), it was written that Vigilante of that archetype begins play with an animal companion like a druid. I thought he might need to be that archetype, but then I read about the faceless and I think it also fits my character, and the Serial Killer archetype, I think would fit the glove nicely too, but it was also written that you cannot take archetype that overlap on what they alter and I think some of the alteration of these archetype overlap.

Also I though I would take the Stalker side of the Vigilante from level 1 specialization.

Sorry for the long wall of text. So what would you guys suggest I do ? Also if you guys a better Idea or different class in mind which may be closer to what I wam going for by all means... thank you in advance for helping :)