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Fantastic Introduction to our Game


This is my go to module for introducing new players to our wonderfully geeky world.

It is a coming of age adventure with enough variety in the encounters to allow everyone to have a chance to shine. take time to roleplay at the beginning as there are only a couple of instances outside of the party later in the module, but they are there.

I have run this several times at various cons and for a couple of home games too and every playthrough has been different and rewarding to me as a Gm and a fun time for my players.

I cannot recommend this mod enough, especially for first time GM's and for GM's looking for a way to ease new players into our system.

4 players best if you have an experiences group or up to 6 if you have newbies.

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Great Co-operative fun for the whole family!


What a fantastic game!

I got this based on Wil Wheaton's review and have to say that I am so glad that I did!

Very quick and easy to set up and learning on the go is fun and very easy. This game has gone down a treat with my wife and my 6 year old son, both now master tacticians!