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Amunet-Ra wrote:

Amunet-Ra listens to the dreadseers words and then nods gravely, herding the group towards the entrance after the druid took off, untill Cae runs forward.

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[Dice=Perception]1d20+14 (+2 vs traps/+1 vs surprise round)

What are you talking about there weird poet? Amunet-Ra asks as she walks over, followed by an Oh..

[Dice=Sense Motive]1d20+14

She looks from the gory debris to Cae, mustering him deeply.
Do you recognize the remains of anyone you have known here? You seem shocked?

Is this already in the tomb or at the entrance, outside? Also, should i know something there? Or would Amunet know something about that?


The highly-attuned senses of the Serpent Singer elf detect a pit trap at the entrance of the tomb. It was avoided by the recently-felled beasts by means of their winged locomotion, but the pressure plate installed under a large stela set into the floor will assuredly be triggered by the steps of one of the present company of would-be interlopers.

The unexpected death of the elf Malkaer unleashes a roiling torrent of necromantic energies, a powerful aura which gradually becomes physically-perceptible to the naked eye. It churns in tumultuous currents of aquamarine light, laced with the inky web of a shadowed matrix. Churning within its storm-like interior is a flickering energy that pulses with a veritably organic rhythm.

Even more unexpectedly, the tumult detaches in a high-vaulting arc to graze Amunet-Ra with one of its flailing tendrils.

The spasmodic touch of the electric tentacle stirs something primal within the elven maiden... an unquenchable thirst for life, and a brooding darkness.


Upon witnessing this scene, the Dreadseer speaks again in the tribe's tongue of hands,

"Daughter of our people, you know well the strange climes of these ruins. I see your aura, and you have assuredly been blessed among our number, and been reborn by the passing of this brother elf as one of the holy half-dead. Assuredly, the Sisters of the Gloamingtide will welcome you amongst them when you return again to your people from this quest for knowledge," the Dreadseer refers to the small retinue of the half-dead Serpent Singers who occupy a place of unique prominence among their people.

The somehow at once serene and threateningly predatory visage of the elven mystic again curls in a kind of rictus,

"Well, that is a certainly a pity, but were you still planning on entering the tombs, or were you planning on milling about until the sun sets? At some soon moment, my entourage will depart for our main camp, and will return here in a day to receive your company... if you are successful."

She smirks,


The august Dreadseer again communicates in the signs of the Serpent Singer Tribe, her dexterous digits speedily tracing the complex configurations of the hand language,

These lot appear to be exceptionally thick-headed in their action. Do take care, daughter of our People, that you do not fall prey to their unfortunate predilections in melee. Take care to stay towards the back of this company, and do not court risk unnecessarily for your own person.

Jimbli Willit wrote:

Jimbli warps underneath the monstrosity still standing. He cuts into the back of the creature's leg where he assumes vital tendons lie.

[dice=sword vs flat-footed AC+surge]1d20+1d6+10

inflicting bewildered debilitating injury.. reducing AC by 2** spoiler omitted **

The imperious elf maiden sniffs contemptuously,

"Well, that was some kind of a performance, wasn't it? I suppose little brother-runner had the wrong shake of the lots, I suppose?"

She turns to regard Slavathras as he re-materializes from the shadows cast by the rocky bluff which surrounds the tomb's entrance,

"And you weren't much help, were you Silan Tilak? I suppose this lot realize they have attached themselves to a rather capricious guide by this stage?"

Kuro 'Archer' wrote:

[dice=attack 1]1d20 + 14
[dice=attack 2]1d20 + 9
[dice=mythic Rapid shot 1]1d20 + 14
[dice=mythic Rapid shot 2]1d20 + 14

[dice=damage 1] 1d10 + 7 + 2 + 1d6 + 2d6 + 6 + 2d8
[dice=damage 2] 1d10 + 7 + 2 + 1d6 + 2d6 + 6
[dice=damage 3] 1d10 + 7 + 2 + 1d6 + 2d6 + 6
[dice=damage 4] 1d10 + 7 + 2 + 1d6 + 2d6 + 6

Kuro's energy bow explodes into action. The Crimson Archer letting loose a quick volley of arrow's at the creature without moving from his spot in the back. as the crystal spear swords throw themselves at the closest enemy, Archer glances at the matriarchal elf woman who hasn't seemed to move even after the fight has started.

"You are calm..."

The Dreadseer sniffs.

"And why wouldn't I be?"

Here's the updated map. Everyone happy with their positions now?

Just so everyone knows, I got a PM from Pak'cha's player -- he's unfortunately had to withdraw b/c of his number of games and IRL issues. We wish him well! I may try to recruit another kreen coming up. I believe that leaves us with seven players: Kuro, Rokan, Amunet, Malkaer, Hamza, Jimbli, and Cae Leonidas .

The blazing heat of midday comes on quickly... too speedily by far. It seems as if this strange conglomeration of transients has barely closed their heavy eyelids when they are aroused by the shrill voice of the Serpent Singer's, Dreadseer, her high-pitched interjection cutting the buzzing heat that singes the desert air,

"Well, you're all sure taking long enough."

She sniffs with slight derision as she takes note of the elf called Slavathras by the servants of House Vordon preparing to manipulate the two great incisions in the rock with his chitinous armor's grisly appendages.

"I take it by all the fuss by Silan Tilak here that you found a way in to the kreen tombs?"

She looks on with some interest as the great door begins to slowly rise, accompanied by an undeniable buzzing tone, a curious aural phenomenon something between a staccato static charge and a dull wave of insectoid droning.

The enormous, highly-ornamented doorway, its surface filled covered with hieroglyphics and elaborate depictions of ancient kreen, each painted with a brilliant range of pigments, must weigh at least 100 tons. And yet, it rises inexorably, without any noise except the strange tone, certain absent any mechanical reverberations.

Its gradual recession slowly reveals an enormous, shadowed corridor, over a hundred feet in height, and perhaps miles long. Certainly, its termination is lost beyond any available horizon of vision.

At the same time, the shadows are pierced at their outermost portion by three reptilian shapes, each a bizarre sickle footed raptor without eyes (Image). Despite their eyeless profiles, they immediately strike-out at the gathered companions as if the hideous creatures had been preparing for the door's removal.

Combat begins now. For those new to the games, we're using a system of simultaneous-action, phased combat. I think it worked pretty well already to speed stuff along. Basically, everyone acts simultaneously and posts their actions, which happen in defined 'combat phases'. There is an example in gameplay above. Let me know if there are questions before we get started and I'll go over the rules again.


Rokan is seemingly convinced by Amunet and Jimbli, at least temporarily.

It seems there will be no shortcuts in our mission, and I take this to be the revealing of what must be done. The chance to further hone the power bestowed upon us by Falcuun is also favorable.

"Very well, then if I must entertain no further objections to my proposed exchange, let me furnish you with your first challenge"

The curious elven seer quickly ushers the party down from the roof of the ancient temple, descending via the steps on the aft of the twin propylons. She directs their movements to a dune beside the ancient monument, where a set of massive stone doors, densely inscribed with hieroglyphics, confronts the assembled confederates of House Vordon, as well as their new companions rescued from the mines, and the curious rhyming stranger who has just appeared in their midst.

"You will first," the Dreadseer indicates, "be impelled to devise a means of passing through these portals."

She smirks

"May your knives ne'er chip nor shatter friends,"

Then she turns, her bilious ebony cape billowing majestically in the night wind, and returns to her people.

Here is a map of the first level. The blue rectangle on the left side is labeled as the unopendable doors, and that's what they are. The characters are standing to the left side, off the map. They need to find a way through to get to the main subterranean corridor that begins the dungeon. Let me know if everyone can see this and understands where they're starting out, etc. I'll try to work the map into my profile.

Image of the Serpent Singer Temple

Image of the Unopenable Door

Mortuaries of the Mantis Priests -- Level A

Cae Leonidas wrote:

Since the plan to re-enter the mines is being endorsed, Cae speaks up:

"One finds himself on the right track
If the way forward be the way back.
Signs say two may be found
In the dark, underground.
Three groups are joined,
For treasure purloined?"

Just to be clear, there are two different dungeons under consideration here -- the first is a set of catacombs beneath this ancient temple that the Dreadseer has informed you was built by an ancient race of the kreen mantis people. The other is the complex which comprises the diamond mines, which the party left to visit this temple. They are within visual distance of each other, so it is possible they are connected somehow, but for now you are choosing to explore one or the other at a time.

"And what of the rest of your company, are they prepared to join you? If so, I may point the way to the unoppenable doorm and there you may begin.

Malkaer Illuvinar wrote:

”Sister, you have a tongue of pure water. I merely balk at the unknown. To take uncertain danger to uncover uncertain treasure for an uncertain reward. Might I ask then, for something more concrete? Tell us exactly what you want us to bring to you from the crypt in return for the information. It will make an informed decision all the easier.”


It is clear from her facial expression that Malkaer's attempt at flattery has made no impression on the elven mystic.

The Dreadseer Anubisemonekeh sniffs slightly, emitting a surprisingly powerful discharge from her nostrils that reminds one of the exhalations of a perturbed desert fox,

"It is said the ancient kreen, by means of some mysterious ritual, obtained a marvelous artifact that would greatly enhance the psionic powers of whoever should possess it, but that the self same weapon was beset by a great curse as well. The hieroglyphics only depict it as an unblinking eye, and I am unsure whether this is symbolic or literal. In any event, if and when you discover this treasure, you must assuredly return it to the Serpent Singers so that its curse may be studied and avoided."

The haughty elven mystic smirks again at Malkaer's remark,

"Brother runner, did I approach your camp, uninvited, and seek after an ancient and reserved knowledge of your people? Rest assured, if your restless spirit balks at the fulfillment of my terms, than I am most willing that you and your company should depart in peace, and seek the skill to unveil the dray from another quarter, for, having asked for a price and been offered none, I have stated my terms. They remain as they are, brother runner, and you and yours may either take them up, or cast them aside as you think best."

Amunet-Ra wrote:

Amunet-Ra begins to laugh...

Hahahahaha, i'll accompany them. Not only might this proof very amusing, but i'm keen to see this ancient complex myself. Often i recognized the door before, thinking we are not allowed to enter.

** spoiler omitted **

Anubisemonekeh smirks,

"Indeed, we are directed by the wisdom of our elders and our ancient traditions not to enter where we are not able! But here, perhaps these worthy nomads will find success where heretofore we have discovered naught."


The Dreadseer continues to weave the symbols of the hand-language rapidly,

Yes, I wish you to monitor them closely, particularly to make sure they hide nothing from me, and please refrain from placing yourself unnecessarily in the path of harm -- that's the entire rationale for their presence. Indeed, the elders of our people have warned against trespassing the domain of these ancient kreen, for the legends suggest that a great curse may accrue to those who pierce the tomb's seal. So make sure you have no part in that matter, only follow along to ensure that the eyes and ears and hands of our people are upon them at all times. There are said to be several great wonders of the Green Age buried with the ancient kreen within their tomb, and this may then benefit us greatly...


Hoping to move on from this interaction of which he knew little about, Jimbli simply asks... "Have anything in mind?"

"I know how this works.. we offer anything reasonable or just short of, she laughs it off or becomes offended. Or... not knowing the worth of what she is offering, we propose something far more than necessary and she says.. yeah.. that'll do."

The black-shrouded elf curls her lips in wry amusement,

"If mine is the asking -- then ask I shall, though your hesitancy to name your own exchange may, as you may yet see, cost you dearly in life, mind, and limb alike."

"Beneath this ancient temple lies a series of catacombs, long undisturbed, where in ancient times, before the city of Kalidnay rose to greatness, a half forgotten tribe of kreen prepared themselves for the afterlife. The door is currently shut, and all we know of the complex derives from this ruin's inscriptions and archives."

"If you were to find a means to open the gate and explore the catacombs for me, returning anything of interest or value upon your successful egress, I would share my knowledge with you."

Her eyes then assume a predatory glare,

"But beware of any desire to cross me, for I am well able to ferret out any deception on your part, for is this not the knowledge you yourselves seek from our tribe. Go, then, and only return if you have something of interest."

"Indeed, the moniker does not immediately recollect a species of which I am aware. This is a matter which merits investigation, for the fate of our people may depend upon its resolution."

"It is true, daughter of the people, that we are designated the "singers of serpents," famed from ancient times for our cohabitation with the scaly ones, and demonstrations of our tamed sibilant companions in the ancient markers of Kalidnay."


The Dreadseer proceeds to speak again in the hand-language of the Serpent Singers, signing the complex idiom in a veritable flurry of sinuous motions whose rapidity is utterly at odds with her calm, unhurried voice and facial expression,

And though the ancient Elven Market of Kalidnay is long reclaimed by the ruins, including the Garden of Glass, yet our serpentine brothers and sisters continue to live and work amongst us. Several are concealed by powerful arcane means on the perimeter of this encampment, and will strike should these strangers prove hostile.

"Be that as it may, my request remains -- these new companions of yours seek an ancient art from our tribe, but we are not a people that offers a thing and asks nothing, and so a price must still be named and proffered before I will consider sharing this knowledge with any outsiders."

The mysterious elf smiles as Rokan returns the conversation to their negotiations,

"Very well -- yours is the asking, and to me is the giving. What do you offer in exchange for this great knowledge?"

"The fiends of the Elemental Chaos are said to hunt souls to corrupt, devour, and exchange in some sort of brutal infernal currency, in which the spirits of mortals are offered up as offerings to the great powers of the deepest reaches of the churning void."

"As to your other question, it is difficult to say if his arrival was concurrent with the awakening of the sorcerer-queen, but I think not. Your recounting of the devourer's petition suggests that the arrival of the serpent-spiders was, instead, the concurrent occasion. We in the Serpent Singer tribe have observed the opening of the gate, and this coincided with the new presence manifesting in the deeps of the mines -- apparently the serpent-spiders of which the devourers spoke. We have noted the influence of this 'Master of the Aerie' before the gate of the sorcerer-queen reopened, as it is made manifest in the draconic servants and abilities that have recently been adumbrated to those of the devourers."

Rokan the Ascetic wrote:
Well, truth be told, we don't know much more than we've said. He hails from the City of Brass.

The mysterious elf appears slightly shaken by this revelation. Her elegant lips and their cruel smile suddenly contort in an apparently unplanned for expression of discombobulation. In the space of an extended, torturous pause, the Dreadseer manages to return herself to a state of recollection,

"That is... extremely troubling. The City of Brass is a home of fire beings that sits at the juncture of the Elemental Strongholds of Earth, Air, and Fire, in the Plane of Molten Skies. This great city is home to the efreet and kaltori, powerful entities of fire. It is also said that the Elemental Holds are also rent by a massive void known as the Elemental Chaos, from which sinister creatures known as fiends arise -- these are held to be soulhunters, and that they have established a presence in the City of Brass. This may give a clue as to the identity of this mysterious creature. Tread very carefully in your dealings with that one."

"As amusing as this all undoubtedly is, my questions regarding this new mysterious master of the mines have yet to be answered"

"Did the devourers mention where the 'Master of the Aerie' came from before he took up resident in the ruins of the mines? This might give us some clue as to the nature of his employment -- there are certainly powerful individuals who trade in the spirits of other mortals, in a quite literal fashion."

The Dreadseer smirks slightly in response to Rokan's clarification,

"See, city-dweller, that wasn't so difficult, now was it? Hmmm... fascinating. So this, 'Master of the Aerie' must be the entity that has bestowed upon the devourers their recently discovered draconic servants and abilities. Did they say anything else about this figure? From where did he arrive? Presumably, he is a visitor from distant climes, as the long history of my people contains no record of such a entity"

"The 'Aerie' is perhaps the most enigmatic portion of the mine complex. We have long known that the mines, before they were plumbed by the human subjects of Kalid-Ma, were home to dwarves, and perhaps halflings before them. This 'Aerie' is a tomb of these previous occupants, who lived at the beginning of the Green Age, and perhaps even the Blue Age. When our ancestors lived in the Elven Market of Kalidnay, they knew that the humans who worked the mines used to leave small offerings at the entrance of these catacombs, but were unable to enter their premises on account of some ancient enchantment. I see now that they have become the possession of a new master."

"You say he is a 'soul-trader', who told you that? And from where did he arrive?"

"We have been aware for several months that some new terror stirs in the depths beneath the city, and I would venture to guess that these 'serpent-spiders' are this recently-arrived threat. Though I know nothing of them, I would surmise that they are responsible for reawakening the mind of the sleeping sorcerer-queen and her templars, and, through them, the Great Orrery."

"What did the devourerers say concerning this new threat?"

Malkaer Illuvinar wrote:
”I must take responsibility for the negotiations. I know not whom we spoke with, exactly. But all that was divulged was that we came here on a mercantile mission, which to be fair, is true. I believe that our truce comes from us sharing a common enemy, and any hostilities between us being a losing proposition. So long as we oppose their enemies, fighting us only weakens these dancers while strengthening their foes. I do not trust them, should they find the opportunity to safely remove us as a threat.”

Her interest piqued, the Dreadseer turns her attention to Malkaer,

"You concluded an agreement with an unknown party? This I do not understand -- were they invisible or somehow otherwise beyond identification. How did you fight them if you were unable to determine what sort of beings they were? You must explain this more. Clearly, you had some sort of communication with some party from among the pale skinned remnants of ancient Kalidnay's population. I must know more of this matter."

"You speak of a 'common enemy' -- who is their enemy? If you indeed made a compact of some sort with the pale-skinned creatures and the flesh-wearing entities that command them, I wish to know who is their foe. We have become aware of titanic struggles occurring beneath the earth, but have no direct knowledge of their details."

"Further, you have not answered my question regarding the new master or ally of the flesh-wearers. We have witnessed several novelties, including the presence of fire drakes, that lead us to believe they are joined to some kind of draconic force. If your interlocutors were the white fleshed ones and their body-stealing handlers, who is it that they now make common cause with, or serve?"

Cae Leonidas wrote:
Amunet-Ra wrote:

The sun must have fried his head...he didn't come with us either!

Amunet-Ra takes a step to stand between Anubisemonekeh the Dreadseer and the newcomer.
You there! Are you mocking our traditional songs? Do you always enter others camps uninvited and unannounced?

The young man pauses in his movements as the elven woman intercepts him, and leans on his staff, looking at her curiously.

"No mockingbird in a sunbeam,
My song is the song of the Dream.
Invitation given and heard,
Do you deny the Lady's word?"

After she turns away, he finishes his approach and bows to the Dreadseer.

For the moment, the Dreadseer appears to have lost interest in th new arrival as she launches into her interrogation of the human monk and psionic named Rokan. Only a slight gesture of her alluring gaze as she refocuses her attention hints that their business is far from concluded.

Rokan the Ascetic wrote:

Yes, Taalik has spoken of the hazard which directed his course to slavery under the bloodless, and how we came to find him him along with you Amunet, but we have no yet spoken of why we were there and encountered this situation to begin with.

Rokan begins, turning to the dreadseer.

I will try to begin with the most crucial of elements and let you decide what details draw your concern. A company of us traveled on a chariot belonging to the House Vordon of Tyr, to re-establish the trading post of Kelmarane. The passengers of the chariot witnessed a great awakening event at Kalidnay as we passed it. Soon after we were run across by the vessel of Falcuun, whom requested audience with us. He explained what we had seen as the opening of a trans-world gate by the recently awakened mind of Kalid-Ma. He blessed us with additional power and tasked us with traveling into the ruins to close the gate. When given the choice of paths, we chose to traverse the mines. Soon after this we witnessed a great ceremony in which Taalik was momentarily going to be sacrificed to a fire drake. We ambushed the proceedings and successfully debilitated their company to the point that we could bargain with them and free both Taalik and Amunet-Ra. After hearing Taalik's story, we became concerned with finding a way to not fall victim to the ruses of the dray as we proceeded into the mines.

"I was well aware, city-dweller, of the Great Orrery and its operations. Long ago, my people lived a storied tenure in the city which is now a ruin, and our Elven Market was renowned far and wide as a font of mysteries, boon, and blessings, from which all licit and illicit desires alike might be obtained. Have no doubt, we have marked the stirring of the gate, and remember well its terrible powers whose operations are recorded in the voluminous histories of our people. We were likewise not unaware of the Dread Lord Dregoth and his ancient betrayal by the other Champions of Rajaat. However, there is a point upon which my curiosity remains thoroughly dissatisfied, and that is concerning the nature of your agreement with the ones you refer to as 're bloodless', and who now exercise rule in the mines. They are the twisted descendants of the humans who once lived beneath the yoke of the sorcerer-queen Kalid-Ma, and in the wake of her defeat they retreated into the depths of the mines and came under the rule of strange abominations that live in the depths and who wear skin as if it were a garment when it serves their pleasure. This we have known for any years, but these flesh dancers have themselves given way to some new power, for in the recent seasons, our passage through these dark corridors have been contested by some new force, who has brought with it the fire drakes you mentioned, as well as endowed several of the skin wearing horrors with bizarre new pyrotechnic sorceries. With whom exactly did you commune in your negotiations that freed Amunet-Ram our people's daughter and these others, and did your interlocutors divulge any information which would explain these new draconian manifestations, as well as their willingness to parlay with your company?"

Amunet-Ra wrote:

The sun must have fried his head...he didn't come with us either!

Amunet-Ra takes a step to stand between Anubisemonekeh the Dreadseer and the newcomer.
You there! Are you mocking our traditional songs? Do you always enter others camps uninvited and unannounced?

The Dreadseer only maintains her smirk as she calmly awaits the approach of the new visitor, her hands and fingers feverishly animated in some enigmatic expression of imperious boredom,

The Dreadseer Anubisemonekeh continues to converse with her kinswoman Amunet-Ra through the deft gestures of the Serpent Singer hand language, a complex variety of signing that has been employed by the tribe for uncounted generations. The elegant sweep of the mystic's fingers and palms in a veritable cavalcade of exposition belies her seemingly calm regard for the events unfolding before her and her fellows.

Peace child, for, rest assured, should these this company of strangers present to our tribe a new danger, you and I both know well that I shall be your shield, and not the inverse. I remain entirely dissatisfied with the intelligence I have so far gathered from these newcomers. How were you and the halfling druid who calls himself Taalik freed from your captivity? Did this company penetrate the deepest recesses of the diamond mines on the assumption they would locate some number of unwilling captives, or did they make some arrangement with the devourers, and, if so, what was it? I will understand their motivations,and whether their desires align in any respect with those of our people.

Cae Leonidas wrote:

Accustomed to figures of authority, Cae remains relaxed as he comes forward and replies in a friendly manner.

"Accepting your gracious hospitality,
Strangers might find some commonality.
Stranger still, now among the snakes,
Once from smoking mountains and twin lakes."

The Dreadseer sniffs vigorously, expelling the chill night air from her nostrils in an unmistakable expression simultaneously of wry amusement and barely constrained contempt or frustration.

"Precious beyond description! What new enormities will our hospitality struggle beneath this strange night, I cannot even imagine!"

Cae Leonidas wrote:

Using his staff to stand, a tall young man steps out of the shadows. His hair and beard are blonde and he is adorned with several tattoos. His manner is relaxed and in a deep musical voice, he replies.

"I am one that seeks two that they may be three again.
Some call me boy, some servant, even Cae now and then."

The Dreadseer cocks her lithe neck slightly, and purses her rich lips in an attitude of apparent amusement,

"Ah, a reply as well formed as it is empty, nothing surrounded by splendid adornments of well-crafted verbiage. Consider your surprised hostess for the moment impressed. We shall see, however, if your hostess I shall remain, my eloquent stranger. But come, do join us, for we are even now convening some exotic admixture of diplomatic convention and an unexpected reunion. Surely your presence cannot render our current proceedings any stranger than they have already become. But do tell me, from where might your own person and this strange trinity to which you have so poetically alluded have arrived? We of the Serpent Singers have long dwelt in these climes, and your manner and mien I do not recognize."

The tone of the august eleven lady's voice conveys the distinct impression that her invitation should be understood as a command, and that she will attempt to compel Cae's compliance should it not be quickly forthcoming.

Cae Leonidas wrote:

Cae scans the small crowd, green cat-eyes glinting in the dual moonlight. Seeing no sign of his quarry, he is about to slip away into the shadows when the woman mentions the mines. Thinking that he might learn something before entering himself, he settles back into his crouch to listen.


If reasonable:
[dice=Kn: Religion(ceremony)]1d20+10
[dice=Kn: Local(Serpent Singers)]1d20+7

Knowledge checks both fail. You're going to have to get this knowledge the old fashioned way.

At the urgent behest of her kinswoman Amunet-Ra, the Dreadseer listens attentively to the explanations offered by Rokan the psionic monk, Taalik the halfling druid, and the mysterious elven bard known as Slavathras, whose name appears to also be Silan Tilak of the Thought Maker tribe, at least as he is addressed among the Serpent Singer elves.

The Dreadseer appears intrigued, even slightly amused, by the cavalcade of details proffered for her consideration.

As Slavathras completes his interjection, she turns to regard the darkness which extends, shroud-like from the massive foundations of the ancient temple upon which are gathered her tribal confederates.

"And who might you be, brave traveler, venturing near our camp in this manner? It seems as if we shall have no end of unexpected guests this night!"

Amunet-Ra wrote:

Silan Tilak, the Shadewalker. You are back to visit us again? What brings you here this time? Have you just returned from the ruins of Kalidnay?

Amunet-Ra tries to hide her surprise to see the unexpected visitor again.
To Malkaer and Taalik:
I know nothing about these Dray you mention, but i heard the tales of Dregoth and Guistenal and it's end as well. Who would colonize that land anyway? If there is anything to this story, it sounds like dark magic. It would surprise me if something good came out of it.


Amunet-Ra slightly bows her head to Anubisemonekeh and waits in silence as Slavathras speaks, motioning the others to wait as well. Only when he is finished, she speaks up herself:
Greetings Anubisemonekeh. Forgive the belated return, not everything went as imagined. Instead of riches from the elven market i bring you these visitors to our tribe, who seek to obtain ancient and secret knowledge from us. Thanks to them, we could return from the fangs of the degenerated ones. The Shadewalker joined us only recently on the slopes of the hills.

** spoiler omitted **


The Dreadseer smirks with an expression something like amusement, before replying in the hand-language of the Serpent Singers while simultaneously speaking to the new arrivals,


"I can readily see, child, that your venture terminated in several unexpected ends -- but really, I would have preferred you return with the blossoms of the Glass Garden, instead of these... strangers... and," her pupils subtly fix on Silan Tilak of the Thought Makers, "those who have long been both strange and estranged from his people...

"Greetings travelers -- I suppose I may have you to thank for the rescue of this daughter of the Serpent Singers from the devourers who now rule in the mines."

"Pray tell, what price do you hope to extract for her safe return?"