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Full Name

Anton Wine-Maul




Fighter - 2








Lawful Good


Lwellen- Halfling God of Tea Time and Elevensies


Common, Halfling, Elven


Adventurer, personal cook, dog sitter, lute player, and aspiring magician

Strength 15
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Anton Wine-Maul

A self proclaimed knight, Anton left his family the Wine-Feet behind for a life of adventure and glory. He changed his name to Wine-Maul and left home when he was barely 20 years old with only a mallet and a makeshift wooden shield he made for himself. Since leaving he has earned enough coin from small jobs to buy a proper chainmail shirt, mace, and iron studded shield but he yearns for the image of a knight in shining full plate with a glorious morning star in his hand atop a powerful armored war pony.

He is 3'1 but is a good bit more muscular than his father or brothers ever were. Although he tries to remain humble he at times is lost in his charm which draws the attention of Halfling women and even men at times. He enjoys his food, booze, and warm fires like any Halfling but he loves them most after a hard day of riding and adventuring.

Accomplishments: Defeated the Hobgoblin bandit leader Garagnok in single combat, rescued Lord Maximillian Shimmer's son from Kobold pirates, and has beaten famous Dwarven Chef Valkor Sear-Steel in a pancake flipping competition.