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Everyone Loves Pizza


"As our intrepid heroes enter the tavern, they note a savory smell; a message scrawled on a chalkboard reveals that tonight's special is PIZZA with [dice roll]..."

These dice add fun and immersion to your game session by expediting random pizza creation. Sure, they are fun for visiting a tavern. But monsters are typically slobs, and even if you don't break in while they're eating pizza, they might have leftover pizza lying around which you can randomly generate with these dice. With these dice, you can put pizza almost everywhere.

"A rat scurries underfoot, dragging something in it's mouth; it's a slice of PIZZA with [dice roll]..."

In fact, recall the classic (tiny) adventure "The Orc and the Pie;" there's no reason it can't be a PIZZA pie!

I had to ding this product 1 star because the topping names are painted on the surface of the dice, instead of impressed into the plastic, and this paint will eventually get scuffed and wear away as they grind against your other dice. For dice longevity, I recommend keeping them in their original resealable plastic bag (as in the photo). On the other hand, I added a star because these dice are so inexpensive that they make a lovable gift for any gamer's budget.

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And not a single female orc was shown that day


Paizo gave us a female half-orc iconic, but this book provides no images of orc females, children, nor daily life (outside of combat & raiding). Disappointing! Did we really need to see all of those war banners? More artistic and/or literary direction would be helpful regarding orc anthropology, especially as the Bestiary is silent on these matters. Still, the book does illuminate orcish philosophy, religion, and attitudes.