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If you are interested in Psionics, come to the Great City of Aeon!

Gameplay is sandbox-,combat-, and espionage-oriented. I expect good roleplay!


The Great City of Aeon is in a state of strife, with forces from within threatening to tear the City apart, and a huge force of less-civilized people known to the people of Aeon as the Arcane Horde is pushing on their doorstep. Your characters have been selected by the great House Alphonse as part of a specialist force to gather information on the Arcane Horde - as well as the other Houses.

character creation:

20 point buy, starting level 4. You get extra skill points and other goodies for good backstory and roleplaying. 1 extra feat at 1st level. No traits whatsoever.
Paizo classes allowed on a case-by-case basis. Psionic classes recommended.
All Psionic races are allowed, plus Humans. Other core races, except half-orcs, exist in Aeon, but they are incredibly uncommon.

ALL Psionic classes are available and recommended (look them up on the d20pfsrd). You can use an original Paizo class, though you will need a good reason to be in a psionic city.

Alright! I'm going to need to ask you guys to help me build this city and the surrounding area before we actually start. I already have a few ideas...

-City is ruled by a Council, chosen from the noble houses of the city (really more of a city-state, now that I think about it)
-Lower-ranking Legionnaires are Soulknives and Soulbolts. The craftsmen are either Aegii, Fighters, or Metacreative Psions.
-Higher-ranking Legionnaires (Centurions) gain their ranking by showing great prowess and leadership on the battlefield.
-Support classes, such as Tacticians and Vitalists, are pretty much all lumped together in one group, which can make battlefield healing and tactics rather inefficient. One of your jobs could be to fix that.
-Psionic Warriors and Psionic Monks are trained in monasteries - generally, the lower-class people become one of these things.

Humans are the most common citizens, although all the psionic races have found a home in Aeon. There is prejudice against the Maenads, since it is a very lawfully-minded city. Blues are regarded by some as lesser beings, but they are normally left alone.

What I'm going for with this city is that there's a sort-of-not-really hidden caste system. It makes sense, considering the fast differences between Psionic races.

You guys think it'd be good if I went with a late Roman Empire inspiration? So this city would be modelled off of Constantinople, although of course wildly different at the same time.

Okay, so I have a TON of character ideas that use aspects of the game which most DMs don't allow. Like a Gremlin Witch. Also, I'm a huge fan of Psionics.

So... help me out?

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So today I started working on a Psionic city, known as Aeon. I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a psionics-focused campaign based in that city. Gameplay would be sandbox-oriented, and you will undertake missions for various people or the state. I'll post more details if people are interested.

ALL Psionic classes are available and recommended (look them up on the d20pfsrd). You can use an original Paizo class, though you will need a good reason to be in a psionic city.

So, our last GM disappeared mysteriously about a week ago, before he even started the game. We already have 5 players, so you just need to run the campaign. Info is in the first post.

thread link

Essentially, the parameters are that every character gets either an Eidolon or the Summon Monster SLAs. You can play a different class, but you must trade away certain abilities for one of these things. For example, you could play a wizard, but you would have to give up certain things for either an Eidolon or Summon Monster.
I will provide a list of swaps shortly. Any feedback on swaps will be appreciated.
Actually, scratch that. YOU provide the swaps for your character, and I will help balance it.

Note that you cannot use the Summoner Archetypes, nor any Multiclass Archetype that uses those archetypes.