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I have sat down going on for probably 3 hours of my time trying to understand this core rulebook and make a damn character. This book has poor structure, I am CONSTANTLY going back to pages to remember a rule or to find a stat. I am over 100 (over 500 total) pages in and still do not know my CMB, CMD, Touch, Flatfooted, BAB, Spell Resistance, Melee, and Ranged. I understand the movement as it reads differently in different parts of the book. I've yet to get to combat. I do not understand what feats I can or cannot have or remember what the hell they do. I do not know my hitpoints, or what my animal companions hitpoints are.

Paizo listen. Your book may read well to veterans of 3.5, but my friends and I never played the thing! What you should do, if you haven't, is MAKE A GUIDE (that isn't this horrid core rulebook) that shows step by step how to make a character and what stats to fill and when. It is nonsense telling me how a skill works at level 3 on my druid when I don't even know what to do at level 1! Then placing a table in the middle of the text and having to read what s*+! means AFTER you've passed the table. Come on! I still don't have a full character sheet made, and I still don't know how to play your game. I'm totally turned off at this point and 4e sounds more appealing.

My fear with all of this gibberish text is that my friends and I are constantly going to have to revert back to this book to do things like open a door.