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Great Book To Learn From


I own the epub/mobi version and this book gets 5* for the articles that are in it, but it gains -4* because it's missing 2 essays that are in the print edition.

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Overall it's good, but some major downfalls


I have the limited edition print version of this, and honestly I regret buying the print copy. The stats are great, just as deadly as they're supposed to be, but the real problem I have with it is white space.

There is a lot of white space in this book. They used the original artwork and the Bestiary's formatting of one creature per page or spread and while overall its fine it would have been nice to have some new artwork to fill the gaps or even extended ecology entries.

So 5 stars for stat blocks, -2 stars for white space.

The PDF at $29.99 is a very good deal, but $100+ for the hard cover is not.