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I recently saw a game that was considering using E6 rules. (E6 is a variation where the game caps out at 6th level. You gain feats as you progress further, but no more levels) And I had an idea for a variation that would feel a little different. I call it G6

You advance normally until 6th level. At 7th level you get a bonus feat, but no level. At 8th, you gestalt your 1st level class.

7th - feat
8th - gestalt 1st level
9th - feat
10th - gestalt 2nd level
11th - feat
12th - gestalt 3rd level
13th - feat
14th - gestalt 4th level
15th - feat
16th - gestalt 5th level
17th - feat
18th - gestalt 6th level
19th - feat
20th - triple gestalt 1st level

You still don't get anything that a 6th level character couldn't get, so it fits the general E6 idea. But there is still mechanical progression - your character just starts becoming broader instead of deeper. Your 20th level capstone is the triple gestalting.

Welcome everybody,

We can talk here. I'll be putting up the first in game post either later today or tomorrow.

So, let me get the boring stuff out of the way. Yes, most of it is common sense, but I like to get it written down.

I'll be putting everybody into HeroLab to help crunch the numbers. It also helps me to have a consistent format for sheets. I'll let you know if there's any issues and we can figure out which side it's on.

Character conflict should always be accompanied by an OOC check to make sure it's working for everybody. People should be having fun and if it's causing problems, then let's get it out and deal with it.

Likewise, let me know when I screw up and we'll figure it out.

Please let us know if you're not going to be able to connect and I'll bot you as needed.

I'll be using Google docs for maps, but I might do simple combats narratively. For example, if there's one big baddie.

I'll roll initiative. In general, I'll group all the PC's that go together to make it easier to post.

In your combat posts, describe your actions. Excellent posts may get rewarded with action points or narrative goodies. Then put all your dice and mechanical stuff at the bottom.

Any questions?


All major newspapers on Khorvaire wrote:

Explorers Wanted
I am seeking a group of Brave Souls to enter the Grey Mists of the Mournland. This will be an expedition to my Family Estate to Recover Bodies and Items of Sentimental Value. Payment of 10,000 Galifars to each Soul upon safe return. Provisions will be Provided, Must bring your own Weapons. Safety not Guaranteed.

Apply Therendor 25, Inn of the Hare Prepared, New Cyre, Breland
--Alvar ir'Cliess, former Count Evaille

This pretty much explains what the characters know when they arrive. It's a trip into a very dangerous area and back. This will be somewhat sandboxy - The Mournland is dangerous and you may encounter things more powerful than you are. While this is not primarily a social campaign, some of the groups in the Mournland are people that you can interact with if you so choose.

Character Creation

Ability scores
Base 10 in each stat, then 18 points on 1:1 scale. Stats must be between 8 and 18 before racial and level modifiers.

Level 8, half gestalt. Fractional Bonuses from Unchained are in effect.


This is simple, you have four regular levels and four gestalt levels. You can take the gestalt levels at any point, as needed for prerequisites. Indicate what levels are gestalt levels.

Hit points
Maximum at each level

Core Races: In order to avoid playing an all-crazy group, Core races get a bonus feat from the following list. They must meet all prerequisites for this feat.

Core race bonus feats:

Additional Traits
Agile Maneuvers
Child of Winter (ECS)
Deft Hands
Extra Cantrips or Orisons
Field Repair
Gatekeeper Initiate (ECS)
Greensinger Initiate(ECS)
Least Dragonmark (ECS)(see feats below)
Nimble Moves
Research (ECS)
Right of Counsel (ECS)
Skill Focus
Voice of the Sibyl
Warden Initiate (ECS)
Note: yes, these are weak feats. I just wanted to give a little bonus for core races

Eberron Races:
Changelings get +2 to any one stat. Once per day they can spend an hour transforming to switch which stat gets the bonus. The rest is per the ECS.

Kalashtar get +2 to any one stat. This would be based on their Quori lineage, so if we have multiple characters of the same lineage we'll need to work this out. The rest is per ECS.

Shifters are per ECS.

Warforged and warforged scouts may choose composite, ironwood, mithral, adamantine or unarmored plating for free. The rest is per ECS.

Dalkyr half-bloods are available as per MoE. They will need to explain who they are in the background (and why they haven't been lynched). I will go over symbiotes for balance at a later date.

Basic races
Races from 1-10 race points will be accepted as-is, except androids and aliens. This includes the psionic races from Dreamscarred press. A good backstory will be needed for unusual races. If you aren't sure where they fit into Eberron, ask and we'll figure it out.

More Powerful Races
This is Eberron and we can fit it just about anything. However, there will be a cost to balance the power of these races. I will work with you to figure out a cost that works to balance what you want. Some options to give up are stat points, traits, feats and levels.

Creatures with hit dice will usually cost levels equal to their hit dice. Simple creatures like bugbears would take up one side of a gestalt, but others would take up both sides. Particularly powerful ones, will have additional costs. For example, a pixie would take up both sides of all four gestalt levels and 15 of your 18 stat points.

Templates will usually take up one side of your gestalt levels, but some will take both. The advanced template is not available.

All Core, Base, Hybrid and Unchained classes except the Gunslinger are available.
Occult Adventures playtest material is available, but you will need to modify your character to fit the final release. Limited retraining will be available to take advantage of archetypes and feats. Dreamscarred Press Psionics are available.

The Artificer class is available. Craft reserve is treated as gold and multiplied times ten. You get to use the craft reserve from your second highest level of artificer for crafting items and you will have your current level's crafting reserve available at the start of the game.

Action points
Characters start with 9 Action Points. They may use three action points to duplicate the effect of a Pathfinder Hero Point.

Background skills from unchained are in effect. Many characters will have some ranks in Profession: soldier from fighting in the great war.

Dragonmark feats that duplicate cantrips can be used at-will. Dragonmarks that duplicate 1st level spells can be used 3/day.

2 trait, plus an additional one if you take a drawback.
Regional traits may be taken if appropriate to your background.
Campaign traits from AP's may not be taken.

Starting Wealth
33,000 gp
Characters can spend no more than 16,500 on crafting items
Artificers get craft reserve on top of this, as listed above.

Characters should have a reasonable history. I expect at least two paragraphs. If it's over a page, you should have a summary for easy reference.

The Interview
You will be interviewed for this by Alvar Ir'Cliess and his associates. It will be short, but he wants an idea of who he's hiring. Give these answers in-character as you'd tell him. If you are lying or concealing anything, please list the truth in OOC afterwards.

1) What are you best at? Your strongest talent?
2) What else can you offer to the group?
3) What areas are you weakest in?
4) What experiences do you have with the Mournland?
5) Have you visited Cyre before the Mourning?
6) Did you serve in the war? For whom, and what were your duties?
7) Do you hold any oaths or duties to others that may conflict with this mission? If so, please explain.
8) Tell me a little about yourself. Your background, your training.


  • I expect players to be familiar with Eberron. You don't have to be obsessive, but you should have a decent grasp of the world.
  • Players should play nice to one another. If your characters squabble, check in ooc just to make sure it's fun on both sides.
  • Don't try and break the game. Make a good, effective character, but don't torture the system. If you're in doubt, ask.

Deadline June 19th.

Any questions?

So, how many people are jonesing for Eberron? I'm thinking of running a game with an expedition into the Mournland. Is that something people are interested in?

While I'm new on the Paizo forums, I'm been GM'ing for far too many years. More than a score, less than two.