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I am recruiting people for the PF2E tier 3-6 Perennial Crown adventure. I plan to run Part 2 after this is finished and if you are accepted into Part 1 you will get a spot into Part 2.

Please make sure that you have a complete character profile available when applying for a spot. I plan to start on May 1st. Please provide you character information HERE

I will be looking to take a group which is solidly in one tier or the other rather than first come first served.

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Second edition has been out now for about 10 months and I have played and run a lot of it, most of it PFS. I ran a test at level 20 some time back. One of the things I regularly hear suggested is that in combat healing is far more necessary in 2e than 1e. That has been my experience playing PFS games as well although they have all been low level (1-6) so far.

A recent game shifted my opinion on that a little. I played the Iolite Squad Alpha scenario with two barbarians, two rogues and a wizard (I was the wizard). We completed it with full rewards and, while it was difficult in places, we didn’t need the in combat healing. We had several people with medicine for out of combat healing and a couple of people with battle medicine.

I decided to see if this would continue to be the case in the middle levels and so we have this test. Like the level 20 test this is mostly a test of combat capabilities although the characters are built with more than just combat in mind. I picked Part 3 of Age of Ashes as it fits the level range I wanted to test. The PCs start at level 10 in Chapter Two. Obviously this thread will contain many spoilers for Age of Ashes. If you want to avoid them please do not read on.

Our cast of PCs are as follows:

Jaxira, a half elven rogue and a terrifying charmer. A bold, brash and brazen thief, Jaxira is a master of acrobatics, diplomacy, intimidate and stealth. She can provide her own flat footed condition with dread striker (combined with battle cry and terrified retreat for good measure), precise debilitation or has easier flanking options with gang up. Mobility lets her get around more safely and she makes a strong face, especially with her greater cloak of repute.

Korella is a doughty dwarven fighter with a penchant for hitting people with her dwarven war axe. Sudden charge gives her plenty of mobility, power attack and furious focus let her inflict plenty of damage or she can go the improved knockdown route to help set up people for Jaxira. She has a very large HP pool and leads the group in survival and athletics based challenges.

Ando is a well built, unassuming champion of Sarenrae. He has rather neglected charisma in favour of other stats and as such has avoided a lot of champion attack focus spells. He has taken the traditional shield fighter route while employing the flick mace for one handed reach abilities. This helps him with opportunity attack and also retributive strike and he gets an extra reaction every round to use shield block. Ando has dipped into fighter training for sudden charge and has the clever improviser feat allowing him a good chance to aid on any task, especially combined with his co-operative nature. He has the only significant in combat healing, one use of lay on hands for 60hp.

Archibald is an unusual character, a Halfling Wizard. A devotee of Chaldira, the halfling goddess of luck, he is highly educated in the arcane and religious arts. Archibald can turn failure into success with his Halfling Luck, Guiding Luck and can share some of that with his companions. Archibald specialises in evocation magic and has a range of different elemental powers at his disposal. He has also dabbled in roguery for some extra skills, armour and the mobility feat.


Our heroes arrive in Kintargo, their only clue about the local operations of the Scarlet Triad being a warehouse owned and operated by Sunset Imports. They decide to do a little asking around, to see what can be learned about them before heading over.

Jaxira and Ando head into town to see what can be found. Jaxira has the Hobnobber feat so it only takes an hour, Ando is there to assist by standing around looking pretty. Archibald consults his records and makes some enquiries with Society while Korella gets in the coffee and bagels for breakfast, skills are really not her thing. Gathering together for breakfast they discuss what they have learned. The business is run by the Vashnartill family, they used to be close to the Thrunes but with the change in regime in Kintargo they have fallen on hard times. This provokes speculation about whether they are willing conspirators (they supported the Thrunes!) or under economic pressure to work with the Triad. Whichever it is, they won't learn the truth without visiting and so they pack up and head over.

They head to the warehouse and choose the front entrance. They are met by Sedranni and she is snooty at them. All of them realise that something isn't right, Korella notices the woman seems to be terrified. She gives Jaxira a nudge and she coerces the woman into cooperating by slyly suggesting they know about her connection with the Triad and their despicable business practices.

Sedranni collapses into tears and tells the group everything she knows about the Triad. She is clearly very frightened and thinks something horrible is happening in the back of the warehouse. She has heard screaming in there quite recently! The group offer to investigate and decide to take the hallway to get to the rear area.

Exploration Mode Activities
Korella is searching
Ando is defending
Archibald is detecting magic
Jaxira is avoiding notice and checking for traps with her trapfinder ability

Ando spots the Emerald Grasshopper but fails to identify it (Nat 1, a 24 passes the DC for a level 5 item but the nat 1 drops it to a fail. Ando has quick identify and master level arcana so it only takes him 1 round). They head on, carefully opening the end door. Unfortunately this puts them directly in sight of a pair of Triad agents busily torturing a halfling. On the plus side this means they don't fight two encounters together!

Enemies: Lurb (Triad Bruiser), Krawn (Kalavakus demon)


Pre Fight: Jaxira growls at Krawn but he is unfazed by her (fails to intimidate, rolled a 3)

Round 1

Krawn reacts first. Seeing heavily armed strangers entering its lair it casts a spell on itself. Archibald recognises it as Haste. It then growls back at Jaxira, startling her (demoralise success, Jaxira is frightened 1)

Ando spots the monstrous looking Kalavakus and decides it looks like a worthy foe. He raises his shield and ruses forward (sudden charge). His blow goes well wide and he learns about the Kalavakus ability to try and disarm those who miss it! Fortunately he keeps a hold of his weapon.

Archibald wracks his mind for what he might know about these demons. He gets a crit success and learns of their weakness to cold iron and good (not much use for this group although Ando can do a small amount of persistent good damage with retributive strike) and about their enslave soul ability. Warning the group he casts haste on Korella.

Korella takes advantage of the Haste using its bonus stride to get into melee with the demon. She tries smashing it with power attack, hitting for 35 damage. Furious focus means it only counts as one attack for MAP so she swings again but the blow goes wide.

Jaxira darts forward, she stabs the Kalavakus which is flat footed to her because of gang up. Her blow is well wide (a 4!) and she ducks back out of the way again to avoid being a target. The Kalavakus does have opportunity attack but it had already used its reaction and Mobility would have prevented it.

Lurb grabs his club and rushes forward up to Korella. His clubs cracks her for 26 damage but Andos reaction takes it down to 14. Retribution catches Lurb for 13 damage and he hisses as the power of goodness begins to eat into him. .He then kicks Korella in the stomach for another 18 damage. He manages to shake off the persistent good damage.


Ando 148/148
Archibald 116/116
Korella 138/170, hasted
Jaxira 118/118
Lurb 166/180
Krawn 165/200, hasted

Round 2

Krawn growls and brings its mind to bear upon Korella, seeking to enslave her soul! Korella fails (with a 4!) and Archibald extends his halfling luck to help her out. She rerolls into another 4 and is now enfeebled 2. At least it wasn't a critical fail .It then tears into her with its horns and claws for another 46 damage.

Ando takes a step forward to put himself directly into the fray. He has reach so didn't need to but wants to try and draw some of the attacks onto himself. He raises his shield and strikes at the demon, hitting for 16 damage.

Archibald looks to buy the group some time and forms a sphere of force around Lurb to delay him a bit. He fails the save and is trapped, for now!

Korella growls and hurls herself at the demon, seeking to knock it to the ground (with improved knockdown). She swings wide, but corrects herself just in time and smashes it in the knee, sending it tumbling. (Rolled a 3, used a hero point, got a 20). Krawn takes 34 damage from the crit, 10 damage from the knockdown but the sphere blows the axe crit special. She strikes again, missing, and he again tries to disarm her but fails. Having drawn out his reaction she battle medicines herself, critting for 26HP.

Jaxira takes the chance to move in on the Kalavakus, moving around to set up potential flanks. She stabs the prone demon for 20 damage and leaving him open to more damage from her attacks for a round. She then tries to cut him with her dagger but gets tangled up in her bandoliers (nat 1).

Lurb is trapped inside the sphere. He tries to break his way out. His first swing with his club misses! He clearly isn't sure where the boundaries of the sphere are (nat 1). His kick connects but does little damage (5). Two more club swings follow, dealing significant damage to the sphere (32) but it still holds, just!

Thinking back on this the nat 1 still hit as it was a crit, reduced down to a hit. It would not have made that much of a difference in the end.


Ando 148/148
Archibald 116/116, halfling luck used
Korella 118/170, hasted, enfeebled 2, BM (self)
Jaxira 118/118
Lurb 166/180, trapped (3HP)
Krawn 105/200, hasted, debilitate, +2d6 damage, prone

Round 3

Krawn rises to his feet, doing so he provokes from both Korella and Ando Korella misses due to enfeeblement and he again tries, and fails, to disarm her. Ando holds off, hoping to use retributive strike instead. He gets his chance as, again, Krawn goes for Korella. His horns attack misses as do both claw attacks.

Ando raises his shield and lashes out at Krawn. His first blow connects for a measly 12 damage but it triggers Jaxira’s opportune backstab but she is still tangled up in her bandoliers (another nat 1). His second strike however is a critical for 36 damage which sends him tumbling to the ground again (due to divine weapon bond)

Archibald, seeing the demon badly injured and thinking his companions are likely to kill it simply waits. He is delaying.

Korella, taking advantage of the demon being prone tries pounding on it with power attack. She still cannot connect (a 4, 10 and 11, enfeebled 2 is very annoying).

Jaxira sighs and tries to end the demon before it can do more damage. He rapier goes wide but the dagger hits something vital for 34 damage (crit, maintain bonus 2d6 damage). He is still up so she tries a final speculative dagger strike which also crits for 58 damage and that was the end of him! With the demon dead Korella is also no longer enfeebled!

Lurb smashes his way out of the sphere and then crits Korella with his club for 42 damage. Ando reduces it to 30 and hits him with retributive strike, critting for 26, knocking him prone and inflicting 1 persistent good damage. This triggers Jaxiras opportunistic backstab which crits for 54 damage, makes him flat footed until the start of her next turn and she applies the +2d6 damage debilitate effect. He uses his last action to get back on his feet, provoking from Korella who hits him for another 30 damage.

Archibald, seeing that the group has the situation handled settles for drawing upon the power of his staff to cast true strike and shooting a ray of frost at Lurb. It hits him for 17 cold damage. He is just out of range of his other offensive cantrips.


Ando 148/148
Archibald 116/116, halfling luck used, Staff (4|5)
Korella 88/170, hasted, BM (self)
Jaxira 118/118
Lurb 48/180, +2d6 debilitate, flat footed until start of Jaxiras turn, 1 per good
Krawn DEAD

Round 4

Lurb remains flat footed due to Jaxira’s crit so Ando lashes out at him twice and raises his shield. He crits for 22 damage, knocking him prone again and then misses.

Korella looks to finish things with a power attack. She cirts him for 74 damage and that is the end of that!


Ando lays hands on Korella for 60HP and then spends 10 minutes bandaging her for an extra 21. Ward Medic, Continual Recovery and Master level medicine lets him treat four people every 10 minutes out of combat with a near certainty of getting 2d8+10 per check.


Ando 148/148
Archibald 116/116, halfling luck used, Staff (4|5)
Korella 169/170, BM (self)
Jaxira 118/118

They also free Hunclay and learn his story about the Bellflower Network. They quickly agree to help him and head out of the Warehouse. Unfortunately, going through the warehouse they encounter the Stone Golem which takes exception to their presence!

If you want to see what the characters are like then you can find their details on the roll20 table I am using to run things HERE

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

Please feel free to dot and delete.

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

Hello all,

This is the discussion thread for my Burden of Envy game. Please provide your characte details HERE

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

Hello all, welcome to the 12-13 Champion Tier table for th Special.

First off a few admin issues. Please let me have your character details HERE

This scenario uses aid tokens rather differently. The rules are provided below but, in short, you can each bring along three aid characters who generate aid tokens. Those characters can also take part in aid missions during the scenario. Please providde details of your chosen aid charactefs HERE. Currently I just need to know their name, PFS number, level and chosen aid role (see below).


This game is advertised as being run at Champion level difficulty. Champion is this scenario’s “hard mode,” with increased challenge throughout. As usual for scenarios with increased difficulty, all players at the table must agree to that difficulty. Players who begin in Champion Mode who find the challenges too great can choose to switch to Soldier Mode. ou cannot switch back to Champion mode thereafter. A section of the Special is only available to Champion mode tables. If you do not wish to play on Champion level difficulty please delist yourrself and apply to a Soldier difficulty table.


There are two kinds of character you can play during the special: a Primary Character (the PC who personally faces the scenario’s encounters and earns a Chronicle sheet at the end of the scenario), and an Aid Character, who helps with tasks and generates an aid token at the start of the scenario.

A player can designate up to 3 of their PCs of 5th level or higher as Aid Characters. Aid Characters must be different PCs from the Primary Character (the character playing the special). The player does not need all of their Chronicle sheets for their Aid Characters—they only need the Aid Character’s most recently earned Chronicle sheet. The only information from this sheet that is relevant is the Aid Character’s name, number, and level. The Chronicle sheet is also a place to record whether anything bad happens to the Aid Character in the course of the scenario. Note that all risks Aid Characters take are opt-in. Aid Characters have two functions in this scenario: to generate Aid Tokens, and to provide support in Aid Missions that occur during the adventure.

When the player designates a character as an Aid Character, the player chooses one of the following roles and assigns the character to that role. Each table may assign up to 5 Aid Characters to each role. This restriction represents the expedition’s need for agent to take on a balanced variety of roles, and also helps to ensure that there are enough Aid Characters of each type to succeed at Aid Missions.

Your Aid Characters cannot participate in other Pathfinder Society adventures while in the Siege, and risks death.

A character’s class and character build does not dictate what roles he can take, though players are likely to want to pick roles that fit with their characters’ themes. If a player does not have 3 Aid Characters available, she can fill any remaining slots with generic 4th-level NPC Pathfinders of any role. These 4th-level NPCs are less likely to succeed than PC Aid Characters at all tasks, but they give all players a way to participate in this scenario’s mechanics. The descriptions below give some examples of the types of routine tasks that Aid Characters in each role perform during the mission, but these characters also perform heroic actions when they grant Aid Tokens or attempt Aid Missions.

Guard: The combat encounters detailed in this scenario are handled by the Primary Characters, but there is still plenty of danger to deal with. A character assigned to this role helps provide security for the expedition. Characters in this role drive off minor threats that crop up, protect the rear of the expedition, and generally ensure the mission can continue unhindered.

Medic: Most of the healing resources in the expedition are wielded by the Primary Characters for the benefit of further advancing the mission, but the Aid Characters are likely to need healing too. An Aid Character assigned to this role treats wounds, cares for the bodies of the fallen, and dispenses medical supplies.

Muscle: Moving what is effectively a small army into hostile terrain is a challenging task. A character assigned to this role helps move heavy objects, clears passageways, and transports equipment.

Scout: Little is known about the Gallowgarden and the areas below Gallowspire, and what information does exist is often inaccurate. A character assigned to this role roams ahead of the main expedition, learning what threats are present and giving advice on how best to navigate them.

Spellcaster: The sheer number of Pathfinders on this mission presents a heavy demand for spellcasting, particularly spells that can protect agents from harm or remove conditions that they incur. Spellcasters meet up with Pathfinder agents between battles, helping prepare them for the dangers ahead. They may have their own innate spellcasting ability, or they might carry an arsenal of magic items for this purpose.


In this scenario, Aid Tokens work a bit differently from in past scenarios. Instead of having generic Aid Tokens that PCs can improve with their skills, each Aid Token represents the efforts of a specific Aid Character.

Each Aid Character role is associated with a specific benefit that Aid Character in that role can provide. Table GMs should also distribute 3 Aid Tokens to each player, corresponding to their Aid Characters’ roles (see above). The player can then write in each of their Aid Characters’ names on the Aid Tokens. For the 4th-level NPC Pathfinders, players can invent names, or just write “Pathfinder.” The aid token benefits are available HERE

At this time, each player has the opportunity to commit any number of their PC Aid Characters to a more challenging, heroic task. This task provides greater benefits, but it also introduces a risk that the Aid Character may come to harm and therefore be unable to help out during later opportunities in this scenario.

Tasks are particularly difficult for lower-level Aid Characters, who are likely to be injured in the process. The 4th-level NPC Pathfinders are unwilling to attempt the heroic tasks.

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

Our heroes gather at the Grand Lodge, awaiting a momentous announcement...

This thread is for the 12-13 Champion Mode Siege of Gallowspire table running during Outpost 3. Please sign up on the Player Sign Up sheet and then post to this thread with your character alias you plan to use.


I am prepping this at the moment and have a few questions/comments:

1. The sickened effect in the kitchen lacks a value. This seems to be trying to use the old 1E sickened rules. What is the DC to get rid of this (does it use the illusion DC?) and what should the value be? I assume 1.

2. No method is given to disable the kitchen hazard or even to ID it. It isnt likely to be that relevant but still if you are going to list it as a hazard it shuld probably use the hazard rules.

3. The combat with the plotergeist(s) has potential TPK written all over it. Means of overcoming invisibility are harder to come by in 2E and you get one round of visibility before it is pelting you to death from invisibility as only the frigten ability makes them visible.

4. It is good to see the issue of large groups of low level players being addressed in the scaling but this really deserves highlighting. If I calculate my group is high tier I may not even look at the low tier encounter.

5. Quite a lot of the treasure in this scenario requires you to actually rob the trading post. This includes quite literally stealing a dead mans boots. I can imagine a number of characters having a bit of an issue with this.

Hello all, this is my recruitment thread for the seeker level scenario Tomb of the Iron Medusa. This gamme is being run for PFS credit and so you need a PFS legal character of levels 13-15. I will only be taking 4 characters and will generally give priority to people at levels 13 and 14.

High level games can take quite some time to resolve. There is quite a lot of combat in this one and high level combats can run for multiple rounds. This effect is magnified in PbP. As such I will be looking for at least one post per day if not more to keep things running.

I will be asking for full character details before I accept anyone into the game. You should have a complete profile linked to an alias here on the boards with a completed tagline.

You should be aware that I will run initiative in blocks and resolve actions in post order unless you specify that you are waiting for something (the Bard to start inspire, someone to cast haste etc). I also tend to roll reactive rolls such as saves, spellcraft checks etc to keep things moving,

If you are interested please post in the thread using your completed alias you want to be considered.


I have a few questions about this scenario:

1. There are no treasure bundles mentioned anywhere here. What counts as a bundle?

2. Why does the art section contain a barfight halfling wheen you never actually fight halflings?

3. The plan to get PCs home appears to be "maroon them on a sandbar and hope someone comes along and takes pity on them." Seriously?

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

The group of you have been summoned to the Starrise Lodge in Nerosyan, capital of Mendev. While the Worlwound has been closed something is clearly up to bring such experienced Pathfinders to town. Rumour has it that Venture Captain Jorsal of Lauterbury himself is handling things and you are waiting to see him.

Go ahead and introduce yourselves, I will kick things off this weekend

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

We will begin once we have confirmed players. Once you have a spot confirmed please make sure you provide your character infomation on the google spreadsheet. Your character profile also needs to be complete and up to date.

Hello all,

I am recruiting players for The Rasping Rebirth, one of the Season 10 Seeker Tier adventures. This is a tier 12-15 game. I will not be taking first come, first served. Instead I will look to put together a reasonably balanced party solidly in one tier.

High level games can take quite some time to resolve. There is quite a lot of combat in this one and high level combats can run for multiple rounds. This effect is magnified in PbP. As such I will be looking for at least one post per day if not more to keep things running.

I will be asking for full character details before I accept anyone into the game. You should have a complete profile linked to an alias here on the boards with a completed tagline.

Having said all of that the goal is to enjoy ourselves and this scenario does look like a doozy. It brings a resolution to the conflict with a major enemy of the Society who has appeared over multiple previous scenarios.

If you are interested in playing please fill in your details using the link below.

Click here to provide details.

I thought I would test out the new APG classes at the mid levels using one of the Playtest scenario's, the Frozen Oath. I built a level 10 character for each Playtest class and converted the module to the actual rules. DC's generally went up a little throughout, monster stats changed slightly but most monster levels remained the same.

I have only completed the first combat encounter so far. This is a white room test to see how the classs play out. They all ended up humans with the free rogue dedication as their level 9 ancestry feat as it is so handy. Otherwise I avoided multiclassing as I wanted to see how the characters did on their own merit.

First up, out characters. I only list relevant equipment, I assume they have pretty much whatever mundane stuff they want:


Ancestry: Human
Heritage: Skilled (Medicine)
Background: Detective
Class: Investigator 10

Str 16; Dex 18; Con 16; Int 18; Wis 16; Cha 10
Pereption (M) +21 (+2 for init); Speed 30

AC 28; HP 128; Fort (E) +18; Reflex (E) +19; Will (E) +18

CLASS ABILITIES: Take the Case, Clue In Method (Alchemist), Study Suspect, Studied Strike (3d6), Weapon Specialisation, Quick Tincture (6/day), Surprise Attack

Weapon Proficiencies: (E) Simple weapons, rapier, sap, shortsword, sword cane, unarmed attacks
Armour Proficiencies: (T) Light armour, unarmoured defence


Acrobatics (Dex) +16 (T); Arcana (Int) +20 (M); Athletics (Str) +15 (T) Jump +2; Crafting (Int) +20 (M); Deception (Cha) +12 (T); Diplomacy (Cha) +12 (T); Intimidate (Cha) +12 (T); Lore (Underworld) (Int) +16 (T); Medicine (Wis) +20 (M); Nature (Wis) +17 (E); Occult (Int) +16 (T); Performance (Cha) +12 (T); Religion (Wis) +19 (M); Society (Int) +21 (M); Stealth (Dex) +16 (T); Survival (Wis) +15 (T); Thievery (Dex) +19 (E)

Languages: Common, Varisian, Dwarven, Elf, Jotun, Goblin, Draconic


Ancestry: Natural Ambition (On the Scene), General Training (Trick Magic Item), Rogue Dedication

Class: Known Weakness, Trap Finder, Alchemical Discoveries, Ongoing Investigation, Thorough Research, Skill Mastery

Skill: Streetwise, Alchemical Crafting, Battle Medic, Quick Repair, Intimidating Glare, Wary Disarm, Read Lips, Continual Recovery, Robust Recovery, Ward Medic, Urban Pursuit, Forensic Acumen, Arcane Sense

General: Incredible Initiative, Toughness

Formula Book
1st: Lesser Tanglefoot, Lesser Thunderstone, Lesser Acid, Fire, Cold, Electricity
2nd: Cats Eye Elixir, Inflitrators Elixir
3rd: Moderate Bottled Lightning, Moderate Frost Vial
4th: Lesser Salamander Elixir, Lesser Winterwolf Elixir
5th: Elixir of Life, Lesser Sea Touch Elixir
6th: Moderate Antidote, Moderate Antiplague
7th: Greater Leapers Elixir Greater Comprehension Elixir
8th: Darkvision Elixir
9th: Greater Cheetahs Elixir, Elixir of Life
10th: Moderate Bravos Brew


Rapier: +19, 2d6+5 +1d6 fire, finesse, disarm, deadly 1d8, B1
Crossbow: +19, 1d8+2


Eye of the Eagle (+2 Perception), +1 Resilient Leather Armour +1 striking flaming Rapier, Boots of Bounding , Choker of Elocution (Draconic), Spellguard Shield, Bag of Holding Type 1, Wand of longstrider (2nd)


Ancestry: Human
Heritage: Skilled (Deception)
Background: Warrior
Class: Oracle
Level: 10

Str 10; Dex 18; Con 18; Int 10; Wis 16; Cha 20
Pereption (E): +17; Speed 25
AC 28; HP 138; Fort (E) +19; Reflex (E) +19; Will (M) +20

CLASS ABILITIES: (E) Spell attack rolls and DCs, Mystery (Flame), Curse, Signature Spells, Resolve

Weapon Proficiencies: (T) Simple, Unarmed
Armour Proficiencies: (T) Unarmoured Defence, Light Armour

Acrobatics +20 (M), Arcana +10, Athletics +10, Crafting +10, Deception +21 (E), Diplomacy +17 (T), Intimidate +22 (M), Warfare Lore +12 (T), Medicine +16 (T), Nature +13, Occult +10, Performance +15, Religion +15 (T), Society +10, Stealth +16 (T), Survival +15 (T), Thievery +17 (T)

Languages: Common, Varisian


Ancestry: Adapted Cantrip, Clever Improviser, Rogue Dedication

Class: Divine Element, Cantrip Expansion, Widen Spell, Advanced Revelation, Battlefield Specialist, Greater Revelation

Skill: Intimidating Glare, Cat Fall, Steady Balance, Nimble Crawl, Battle Cry, Terrified Retreat, Kip Up

General: Toughness, Canny Acumen (Perception)

SPELLS: (5|3,3,3,3,3, Attack +19, DC29)
Cantrips (8): Produce Flame, Electric Arc, Daze, Detect Magic, Divine Lance, Light, Shield, [Stabilise], Pretidigitation, Disrupt Undead
Level 1: Heal (H), Bless, Sanctuary, [Heal]
Level 2: Darkvision, See Invisibility, Dispel Magic (H), [Heal, Restoration, Restore Sense]
Level 3: Fireball (H), Heroism, Fear, [Heal, Remove Disease]
Level 4: Air Walk, Freedom of Movement, Searing Light (H)
Level 5: Command (H), Summon Celestial, Holy Cascade

Revelation Spells:
Incendiary Aura, Fire Ray, Whirling Flames, Flaming Fusilade

Minor Curse: Creatures more than 30' away are concealed
Moderate Curse: I am concealed from all creatures, all creatures are concealed from me, my fire spells do not require a flat check within 30', all my senses are imprecise beyond 30'


Staff: +10, 1d4
Produce Flame: +19, 5d4+5


Greater Ventriloquists Ring, +1 Resilient Leather Armour, Greater Staff of Healing, Wand (3rd, Water Breathing), Ring of Fire Resistance 5, Ring of the Ram, Bag of Holding, Demon Mask, 5 Holy Water

1st: Alarm, Bless (2), Magic Weapon, Purify food and drink 20gp
2nd: Comprehend Languages (2), Create Food, Remove Fear, Remove Paralysis 60gp
3rd: Neutralise Poison, Searing Light, Fireball 90gp


Ancestry: Human
Heritage: Skilled (Athletics)
Background: Gambler
Class: Swashbuckler 10

Str 16; Dex 18; Con 16; Int 10; Wis 16; Cha 18
Pereption (E):+17, Speed 35

AC 28; HP 148; Fort (E) +18; Reflex (M) +21; Will (E) +18

CLASS ABILITIES: Panache, Fencer, Precise Strike (4d6), Confident Finish, Opportunistic Retort, Weapon Expertise,Evasion, Exemplary Finisher

Weapon Proficiencies: (E) Simple, Martial, Unarmed
Armour Proficiencies: (T) Unarmoured, Light


Acrobatics +21 (M), Arcana +10, Athletics +15 (E), Crafting +10, Deception +22 (M), Diplomacy +16 (T), Intimidate +16 (T), Games Lore +12 (T), Medicine +16 (T), Nature +13, Occult +10, Performance +16 (T), Religion +13, Society +10, Stealth +16 (T), Survival +15 (T), Thievery +17 (T)

Languages: Common, Varisian


Ancestry: Natural Ambition (Tumble Behind), Clever Improvisation, Rogue Dedication

Class: Overextending Feint, Charmed Life, Flamboyant Athlete, Attack of Opportunity, Bleeding Finish, Derring Do

Skill: Cat Fall, Steady Balance, Lie to Me, Kip Up, Quick Jump, Powerful Leap, Slippery Secrets

General: Shield Block, Fleet, Toughness


+1 Shifting Rapier: +19 (2d6+5)
+1 Composite Longbow: +19 (1d8+3)


Greater Ventriloquists Ring, +1 Resilient Leather Armour of Invisibility, +1 shifting Rapier, Boots of Bounding, Spellguard Shield, Bag of Holding, Bracelet of Dashing, +1 composite longbow


Ancestry: Human
Heritage: Half Orc
Background: Urchin
Class: Witch 10

Str 10; Dex 18; Con 16; Int 20; Wis 18; Cha 10
Pereption (T) +16; Speed 25

AC 28; HP 98; Fort (E) +18; Reflex (E) +19; Will (E) +19

CLASS ABILITIES: Patron, Familiar (+4 extra abilities), Cackle, Expert Spellcaster, Lesson of Deceit, Surprise Attacks

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple, unarmed
Armour Proficiencies: Unarmoued defence, light armour


Acrobatics +16 (T), Arcana +23 (M), Athletics +10, Crafting +17 (T), Deception +10, Diplomacy +10, Intimidate +10, Absalom Lore +17 (T), Medicine +21 (M), Nature +16 (T), Occult +21 (M), Performance +10, Religion +18 (E), Society +17 (T), Stealth +16 (T), Survival +16 (T), Thievery +17 (T)

Languages: Common, Orc, Elven, Dwarven, Jotun, Draconic, Undercommon


Ancestry: Orc Sight, Clever Improviser, Rogue Dedication

Class: Enhanced Familiar, Second Lesson (Curse), Greater Lesson (Elements), Counterspell, Skill Mastery

Skill: Pickpocket, Battle Medicine, Continual Recovery, Ward Medic, Robust Recovery, Steady Balance, Quick Identification, Streetwise

General: Recognise Spell, Quick Recognition

SPELLS PREPARED: (6|4|4|4|4|4, Attack +19, DC29)
Cantrips: (Prestidigitation), (Produce Flame), Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Electric Arc, Produce Flame, Shield, Read Aura
Level 1: (Burning Hands) Grease, Command, Magic Missile (2)
Level 2: (Burning Hands, Flaming Sphere) Mirror Image (2), See Invisibility, Invisibility
Level 3: (Flaming Sphere, Fireball) Haste, Fear, Phantom Pain, Dispel Magic
Level 4: Phantasmal Killer (2), Fireball, Lightning Bolt
Level 5: Black Tentacles, Command, Fireball, Summon Dragon

Cantrips (10): (Daze), Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Electric Arc, Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation, Produce Flame, Ray of Frost, Read Aura, Shield
Level 1: (Phantom Pain), Charm, Command, Fear, Grease, Grim Tendrils, Magic Missile, Pest Form
Level 2: Dispel Magic, Invisiblity, See Invisibility, Mirror Image, (Summon Elemental)
Level 3: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Earthbind, Haste
Level 4: Dimension Door, Fly, Phantasmal Killer, Shape Stone
Level 5: Banishment, Black Tentacles, Cone of Cold, Summon Dragon

Cantrip, Familiar Focus, Lifelink, Spell Battery (2nd), Darkvision, Speech

FOCUS SPELLS (Focus Pool 3)
Evil Eye, Beguile, Elemental Betrayal


Greater Hat of the Magi, +1 Resilient Leather Armour, Greater Staff of Fire, Wand (Earthbind), Ring of the Ram, Ring of Fire Resistance, Bag of Holding, Wand of Longstrider (2nd)

1st: Grease (3), Magic Weapon, Pest Form 20gp
2nd: Comprehend Languages (2), Glitterdust, Mirror Image, Spiderclimb 60gp

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This post is designed to provide a test of how high level encounters work in PF2. It is explicitly a combat test and not really much of a test of the rest of the system although it will touch on exploration and hazards. It it not looking at downtime at all.

One of the selling points of 2E was that the game would be easier to play and run at higher levels, that you gained extra breadth of options without adding as much extra complexity and that speed of play would not be reduced by as much as happens with 1E. This looks to see how true that likely is.

I have chosen level 20 as that should be the pinnacle of 2E complexity. I have put together a party of six heroes and constructed a set of challenges for them to face. I built a simple roll20 table for them to speed things up and automate my rolling. I decided to avoid trivial and low encounters as they tend to play into an attrition model of adventuring I don’t have much interest in. Instead we see if our heroes can face a mix of moderate, severe and extreme encounters. I plan to make liberal use of the various terrain rules as well as the elite adjustment as there simply are not enough high level enemies to do this without it becoming very samey.

To give a bit of background and context I set up a typical scenario for a high level game. The PC’s homeland has come under assault, blood raining from the sky, the dead rising from graveyards, the sun failing to rise, that sort of thing. The sort of portents which suggest that something big is in the offing. Our heroes answer the call to action to find out what is going on and put a stop to it. They are:

Seelah: A Human Champion (Paladin) of Sarenrae, a paladin of the old school, shield and stupid flickmace. Heavily invested into fighter for mobility (sudden charge) and threat (attack of opportunity and combat reflexes). She flies all the time and protects her allies. She has a fair amount of personal healing and is legendary with athletics, intimidate and medicine.

Kyra: A Human Cloistered Cleric of Erastil. Mistress of three different schools of magic with full casting abilities from sorcerer and druid as well as cleric. She has all of the spells and is handy with the longbow. She is legendary in nature, stealth and survival. She has spent time with the elves and gained the elf step ancestral ability.

Amiri: A Human Barbarian of the Black Dragon instinct. She is multiclassed into Rogue to improve her skills and get easier access to more skill feats. She can turn into a dragon when she gets angry, you don’t want to make her angry. Legendary in athletics, intimidate and stealth.

Lem: A Human Bard. A master diplomat, spy and changeling. Lem has also invested in the rogue multiclass, it certainly seems if you want to be good at skills it helps an enormous amount. He is the groups main knowledge provider with Unified Theory and is Legendary in arcana, performance and society. He has trained with the goblins to pick up very very sneaky and he whistles a jaunty tune at all times, maintaining inspire defence with eternal composition.

Seoni: A Human Sorceress of the Imperial Bloodline. Seoni is a mystery, she changes her appearance as others change their clothes and can go unnoticed by almost anyone. She seems to command both arcane and healing magic but her multiclass is again heavily into Rogue for extra skills. She is Legendary in arcana, deception and intimidate, While only a master of stealth she has also trained with the goblins to gain their very very sneaky talent. She has her own Unified Theory. I imagine she and Lem argue about whose theory is more true.

Merisiel: A Human Rogue of the thief persuasion. A master of the thieving arts but also in command of powerful wizardry having taken the full Wizard multiclass. Her magic supplements her extensive mundane skills, many of which certainly approach or exceed mundane limits. She has also trained with the elves to pick up elf step and is legendary in acrobatics, deception, intimidate, stealth and thievery.


Our group gather together and teleport to the northernmost settlement of their homeland. They buy extensive supplies which they store in various bags of holding and set off into the trackless wastes of the northern mountains. They have learned that somewhere up there are the ruins of an ancient empire, the source of the terrible events plaguing their homes is somewhere beneath the ancient capital city. They must make their way through the mountains in the dead of winter, find the entrance to the caverns below and stop whatever menace is seeking to bring down civilisation. Their research suggests that they have but three days before whoever is doing this will unleash The Annihilation Orb on their capital (a variant of the Armageddon Orb which does negative damage and raises those killed as free willed undead monstrosities). The journey into the mountains will take two of these, leaving them little to no time to rest or recover. What they bring with them is all they have.

THE MOUNTAINS (Exploration)

Heading into the mountains most of the group can take on several tasks given their various class and skill feats. However, they are in a hurry and so cannot afford to move at half speed. The mountains are difficult to cross and exceptionally cold. They are subject to rock slides, avalanches and blizzards and are full of wandering monsters. Our group has various ways to deal with these issues. Most of the group have picked up a Wand of Endure Elements (5th), this gives you immunity to extreme heat and cold for 24 hours. It is a great high level pick and not that expensive. Lem knows Magnificent Mansion so their nightly rest is not disturbed. I set the travel through the mountains as a very hard survival check requiring Master level proficiency (DC40). Three checks are needed to get to the city, each fail means some sort of extreme environmental hazard. I don’t bother with wandering monsters.

Seelah is the most limited on skills, she has no tactic she can use and so is just travelling normally, what my group has dubbed “Tourist Mode”.

Kyra is a Legendary Survivalist and Sneak. She takes point using the Avoid Notice tactic. She will lead the group in any survival rolls. She could use a second tactic but it would force the group to move at half speed.

Amiri is also a Legendary Sneak but also comes with Master Survival. She will be Avoiding Notice whilst also assisting Kyra with any survival checks. With +30 survival the worst result she can get on an assist is a success (31 is a crit versus DC20, a 1 takes that down to a success). Amiri also has the Expeditious Search feat so she will also be Searching as they go.

Lem would normally use the Investigate tactic while travelling to make use of his Unified Theory feat but it forces you to move at half speed and there doesn’t seem to be a way to reduce that currently. Lem hums a jaunty tune as he travels in Tourist Mode, giving his allies +1AC and Saves in case they do get ambushed.

Seoni also has Swift Sneak but not Legendary stealth. She is Avoiding Notice moving at full speed. Like Lem she might also prefer to Investigate but doesn’t want to take the speed penalty.

Merisiel is the Master of Skills. With Legendary Stealth, Legendary Perception, Swift Sneak, Trapfinder and Expeditious Search she is able to Avoid Notice and Search while moving at full speed. She would use another tactic but again getting slowed down is something to avoid.

With Amiri’s help Kyra easily leads the group through the mountains, getting two critical success (her base survival is 37, +3 from aid from a master). Her lowest roll was a 45 so even if I had set the DC to a hard legendary task she would have passed but that seemed a bit much for navigating the mountains in the middle of winter.

THE CLIFFS (Exploration)

The group reach the sprawling ruins of the ancient capital of a lost empire. They rise high into the mountains and they will need to climb much further up, in howling winds, to get there. This is a test of athletics or it may force some of the group to employ magic. I set the difficulty as a hard task at master level difficulty (DC35). Failure will mean some sort of mishap or condition, probbaly fatigued. I have yet to find a way to remove fatigued other than rest. While the last exploration was a group activity (don’t get lost) this one is individual. I set the climb as likely to take several hours meaning if people want to bypass it with magic low level flight won’t cut it. The distance is over 1000’ so level 4 dimension door won’t do it either.

Seelah can fly permanently (thank you level 18 class feat), has Legendary athletics and a climb speed. She takes the lead for the group, others may well Follow her Lead gaining a +4 bonus and adding their level if they are untrained. She chooses the Search tactic while climbing so she can spot potential dangers.

Kyra is trained in Athletics and will be Following the Leader. She continues to Avoid Notice while doing so as she can do it for free.

Amiri also has Legendary athletics and a climb speed. She makes her way easily upwards. She can continue to Avoid Notice and Search for free. She also begins to Scout ahead.

Lem is not a fan of the great outdoors and while he is also trained in athletics he has no wish to risk his physical safety or fine clothing by doing anything as mundane as climbing. He casts a level 7 fly spell (it is one of his heightened spell choices) and just flies up. He continues to hum a jaunty tune but as they are travelling at half speed anyway he also starts to Investigate.

Seoni is also trained in athletics but is more protective of her spells than Lem. She could fly up but instead chooses to Follow the Leader and climb. This prevents her from also avoiding notice.

Merisiel is also Legendary in athletics and has a climb speed. She easily makes her way up the cliffs whilst also Avoiding Notice and Searching. A Amiri is Scouting ahead and there is limited benefit for having two Scouts Merisiel begins to check for magical energies, Detecting Magic as she climbs.

Both Kyra and Seoni manage to make it to the top of the cliffs, although not without help in Kyra’s case (she got a 36 including the +4 assist). Continuous inspire competence from Lem would be really useful in exploration but he doesn’t have the Cantrip. His class feats were in high demand.

THE CITY (Exploration)

Having reached the ancient ruins the group now need to find the entrance to the catacombs below. There is no doubt that they will find them, if they don’t then the adventure is over and we are all very bored. I have set our first encounter here so this is more about whether the group has a chance to detect and disarm the Hazard element of that encounter or if they have to deal with it whilst the fight is ongoing. This is a Severe encounter and the Hazard is Level 19 so removing it will be a significant benefit.

Seelah switches to the defend tactic, they have entered a hazardous area and are likely to be in danger, she wants to be ready.

Kyra slips into the shadows, Avoiding Notice. Her perception is decent so she could be searching but she prefers to strike from surprise should things kick off.

Amiri also returns to the shadows Avoiding Notice but she is also Searching due to Expeditious Search. Unfortunately the Hazard they are facing requires Legendary perception to spot and she only has Master.

Lem is intrigued by the architecture on display in the ancient ruins. He is Investigating as they travel, commenting on the choices of style, materials, craftmanship and cultural relevance of various choices.

Seoni could also be Investigating but Lem has that covered. Given this is a dangerous place and she is arguably a squishy arcane type she sticks to the shadows Avoiding Notice.

Merisiel takes point, Avoiding Notice is second nature to her as is Searching for traps. As the group has slowed down she also starts to Scout. Only she has a chance of detecting the Hazard before it activates.

As the group make their way carefully through the ruins the weather grows worse. The wind picks up and it begins to snow heavily. The ground, already broken and slick with ice becomes more treacherous. The entire area becomes difficult terrain, sections of it are greater difficult terrain as well as uneven ground, the snow will make all creatures concealed and the strong winds force DC30 maneuver in air checks as well as making all flight difficult terrain.

The Hazard is an Elite Banshee Trap with a DC42 Perception to spot it. I increase the DC by 5 to account for the weather conditions. Merisiel still spots it with a 51 (her perception is +33, +3 for visual perception). Holding her hand up she points out the mummified form of a long dead inhabitant encased in ice in a city square filled with rubble. The group huddle together to decide what to do. They could try and go round although that will cost them even more time. They could try and disable it but it looks rather fiendish. Merisiel has Legendary thievery. Amongst the rest of the group Kyra, Amiri and Lem are trained, Seelah could help if needed due to Clever Improviser and Seoni is a Master. They decide that Merisiel will try and disable it and Seoni will try to aid. I have set the proficiency level to disable before it activates to Master, only Legendary thievery will work if it activates.

The Hazard DC is 44 and it requires three passes to disable. Seoni fails her first assist but passes the next two. Merisiel starts off trying to disable the trap but her fingers are stiff from all the climbing and she fumbles about with her tools (first fail). Blowing on her hands to warm them she hunkers down and quickly inserts a pair of thin needles into the throat of the mummified corpse, neatly slicing its vocal cords and preventing it from screaming (two crit successes). Merisiel has +35 thievery with +1 for her picks. Even with a +3 aid from Seoni she can still critically fail, although only on a 1. Even if I had added a circumstance penalty for the conditions I would have to make it Incredibly hard to push a critial fail to anything other than a 1 if Seoni managed to aid.

As she stretches her arms to relieve the tension above the group comes a hideous shrieking. Something is attacking them from out of the storm! I decide that as Merisiel and Seoni have been working on the trap they cannot use stealth for initiative, both are out in the open and will have to use perception. Seelah and Lem will also use perception while Kyra and Amiri remain potentially hidden. Merisiels scout activity will still give them all +1.

Encounter 1 round up in the next post.


I thought I had seen somewhere a suggestion that the Oragnised Play team were more involved in the development process and that therefore sanctioning of material would happen at around the same time of release. I had thought that would also apply to adventures and modules. I was looking for chronicle information for the new AP and the Fall of Plaguestone but there is nothing there.

Is there a plan for AP's and Modules for 2E to be sanctioned? If so is that a priority or do they sit behind the outstanding sanctioning for 1E AP's?

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

For more than a decade, the infamous information broker, former Pathfinder, and thoroughly controversial mastermind Grandmaster Torch has pursued vengeance against the Decemvirate and the Society as a whole. Yet for all the Society's countermeasures, Torch has consistently procured seemingly unattainable intelligence that makes his schemes ever more dangerous. At last, the Society has identified his chief accomplice and informant who has evaded Society scouts by hiding out where Pathfinders are forbidden on pain of death: Mediogalti Island, home of the notorious Red Mantis Assassins. Yet Grandmaster Torch's imminent endgame threatens the whole Society, if not Absalom itself, and if the PCs are to uncover the plot and avert disaster, they must infiltrate one of the Inner Sea's most deadly cities and neutralize a powerful threat.

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

Discussion is now open. Feel free to discuss character resources and options and to coordinate tactics. High level play is often defined by buffs, teamwork and preparation.

Hello all,

I am using the recruitment thread to sort out recruitment for my Gameday VIII game. Why am I not using the reglar FCFS sheet you may well ask? Well, for several reasons:

1. This is a tier 12-18 game. We literally cannot have level 12 characters playing alongside level 17 ones as you must all be within one subtier of each other.

2. High level games are complex, I would like to have a chance of seeing what I am dealing with before taking people on.

So, if you are interested in playing then please post here in the Recrutment thread. Please make sure that your character profile is up to date. I will confirm who has a space as soon as I have enough people that looks like a reasonable table. My general preference is to try and keep it to people solidly in one tier. Plese also provide me with your chrinicle information HERE.

Two other things to note. Firstly, for various reasons I plan to use Roll20 for the maps for this game. it will in all other respects work like a regular PbP game but the roll20 table will host handouts, pictures and maps. The reason why will become fairly obvious during the game.

Secondly, I do plan to run Part 2. If you are selected for Part 1 then I am happy to guarantee you a spot in Part 2.

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

Once selected please make sure your complete profile is up to date and you fill out all of your character information on the spreadhseet so I can do your chronicle.

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

For more than a decade, the infamous information broker, former Pathfinder, and thoroughly controversial mastermind Grandmaster Torch has pursued vengeance against the Decemvirate and the Society as a whole. Yet for all the Society's countermeasures, Torch has consistently procured seemingly unattainable intelligence that makes his schemes ever more dangerous. At last, the Society has identified his chief accomplice and informant who has evaded Society scouts by hiding out where Pathfinders are forbidden on pain of death: Mediogalti Island, home of the notorious Red Mantis Assassins. Yet Grandmaster Torch's imminent endgame threatens the whole Society, if not Absalom itself, and if the PCs are to uncover the plot and avert disaster, they must infiltrate one of the Inner Sea's most deadly cities and neutralize a powerful threat.

Hello all,

I am looking to guage interest in playing the recently released Passing the Torch, Part 1. This is the start of the Season 10 seeker arc which may resolve the Grandmaster Torch storyline. I will be running this as part of the next gameday but as I have it all prepped I thought I would see if there was interest now. Some things to bear in mind:

1. This is a tier 12-18 game. Level 12/13 characters cannot play with level 16+ characters. I will not be taking first come, first served. Instead I will look to put together a reasonably balanced party solidly in one tier.

2. High level games can take quite some time to resolve. There is quite a lot of combat in this one and high level combats can run for multiple rounds. This effect is magnified in PbP. As such I will be looking for at least one post per day if not more to keep things running.

3. I will be using Roll20 for maps for this game for various reasons. A Roll20 account is free to set up but if you dont have one you will not be able to play.

4. I will be asking for full character details before I accept anyone into the game. You should have a complete profile linked to an alias here on the boards with a completed tagline.

Having said all of that the goal is to enjoy ourselves and this scenario does look like a doozy. It's a great starting event for dealing with Torch and I am also happy to guarantee a place in Part 2 for anyone who plays in Part 1.

If you are interested in playing please fill in your details using the link below. I dont need everything at this point but class, level and a link to your profile would be helpful. Depending on response and my ability to check over character details I hope to start by Friday July 5th.

Click here to provide details


I am nearly finished prepping this and I have to say it does look like a suitably epic introduction to the final PFS1 arc. There are quite a lot of editing errors (unsurprising for a very high level scenario with 3 different tiers). I will post them in due course but one major omission does need to be dealt with.

There does not appear to be any listed way to qualify for either the Eylysia's Insight or Mantis Bane boons. I can guess at what they might need but we really need to know.

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

Please make sure that all of your character information is up to date on the Chronicle Info Sheet

Dot and delete in the gameplay thread using the alias of the character you plan to play.

This scenario has an optional hard mode. Hard mode brings no additional rewards over playing the scenario on normal but it offers a greater level of challlenge for those interested in a more difficult version of the scenario. Please indicate if you do or do not want to play on hard mode. It is only available if evrryone agrees.

I will be kicking things off on Sunday to give us a bit of time to find a 6th. Otherwise we will go with 5. It definately looks like a low tier group.

Please note I am based in the UK so my posting time will reflect that. I try to post on a daily basis where possible.

I will run block initiative to help speed up play. I tend to resolve combat in post order but if you want your action to wait for something (someone to cast haste, a bard to inspire etc) just mention that and I will order things accordingly.

Let me know if you have played any of the following adventures on the character you are playing: Hall of the Flesh Eaters, Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts, Hrenthars Throne.

Please go to the slides and add in your initiative, will and perception modifiers and put a tokenn onto the PC token slide.

Any questions please just ask.

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

Feel free to dot and delete.

I am offering a run of the recent 7-11 PFS scenario On Sevenfinger's Sails.

Sign up by providing your character information HERE

Please make sure to have your character details in your character profile.

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

Venture Captain Shevnar Besnik has summoned you to a conference with Ollysta Zadrian in the Dryad's Blessing Inn in the sleepy town of Three Pines Ford in Lastwall. What dire circumstances could bring these two together and require the skills of some of the Society's most skilled agents.

Burden of Envy Rasping Rebirth (Low Tier) Siege of Gallowspire

Hello and welcome to Reavers Roar. Please take your seats and await the arrival of your allocated Venture Captain. Coffee and biscuits have been provided.

This game will be running as part of Outpost II in March. You will sign up using the spreadhseet when player sign ups go live. Feel free to express interest here and discuss characters you might want to bring.

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At last, a chance for Gnomeageddon!

I am prepping The Frozen Oath at the moment and have a few questions.

1. The Roc Wing Rebuff reaction doesn't seem to work. It only interrupts movement if it pushes. the Roc only has the regular push ability, not improved and as such it can only use it on its turn with an action. It can therefore never disrupt movement.

2. No DC is given to resist the Awakening Curse, is it intended to be automatic?

3. In C2 is it intended that each PC can ony attempt the ritual once or that omly one PC can. Can other PCs aid someone attempting the ritual.

4. There is no scaling entry for C3 although this doesnt seem like much of a combat encounter.

5. Rain of blows takes 3 actions which seems to make the MAP entry irrelevant.

This scenario was supposed to be released this month. However, it seems to have been added to the unavailable list rather than the available one.


OK, so Ultimate Wilderness has now been added to additional resources and various issues are dealt with there. However, a few issues have not been covered so this thread should hopefully condense them into one easy to find section.

1. Thundercaller Bard
The original Thundercaller gained the ability to use a scaling sound burst, call lightning and call lightning storm as bardic performances. These have been thought by many to benefit from the activation time reduction bards get at level 7 and 13. The new version makes these all standard actions. Can thundercallers retrain and if so can they also sell equipment or change feats taken to support this build?

2. The Protector Archetype
This archetype can no longer be used by Tumour Familiars in UW. Is this change retroactive for existing characters?


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Following on from this post from John I thought I would start up the thread to seek some clarification on Magus archetype stacking as requested.

While the question there was bladebound/kensai the issue is probably broader than that. It certainly also covers the bladebound/hexcrafter combination as well. Both are I believe popular options and are recommended by one of the primary Magus guides.

The issue arises due to This FAQ on archetype stacking.

In general, if a class feature grants multiple subfeatures, it’s OK to take two archetypes that only change two separate subfeatures. This includes two bard archetypes that alter or replace different bardic performances (even though bardic performance is technically a single class feature) or two fighter archetypes that replace the weapon training gained at different levels (sometimes referred to as “weapon training I, II, III, or IV”) even though those all fall under the class feature weapon training. However, if something alters the way the parent class feature works, such as a mime archetype that makes all bardic performances completely silent, with only visual components instead of auditory, you can’t take that archetype with an archetype that alters or replaces any of the sub-features. This even applies for something as small as adding 1 extra round of bardic performance each day, adding an additional bonus feat to the list of bonus feats you can select, or adding an additional class skill to the class. As always, individual GMs should feel free to houserule to allow small overlaps on a case by case basis, but the underlying rule exists due to the unpredictability of combining these changes.

Bladebound makes the following change

Black Blade (Ex): At 3rd level, the bladebound magus' gains a powerful sentient weapon called a black blade, whose weapon type is chosen by the magus. A magus with this class feature cannot take the familiar magus arcana, and cannot have a familiar of any kind, even from another class.

In effect your level 3 arcana is chosen for you and you are forever locked out of taking familiar. As this is an older source it does not specifically call out that it is making a change to Arcana.

Hexcrafter gains the following:

Hex Arcana: A hexcrafter gains access to the following magus arcana, or may select any witch hex in place of a magus arcana. At 12th level, the hexcrafter may select a hex or major hex in place of a magus arcana. At 18th level, a hexcrafter can select a hex, major hex, or grand hex in place of a magus arcana. He cannot select any hex or arcana more than once.

They effectively have additional options to choose using their Arcana class feature. Again no explicit reference is made to changing the feature.

Kensai gains the following ability at level 9.

Critical Perfection (Ex): At 9th level, a kensai adds his Intelligence bonus (minimum 0) on critical hit confirmation rolls with his favored weapon. In addition, the kensai may use his magus levels in place of his base attack bonuses to qualify for Critical Focus and any feat for which it is a prerequisite; these feats apply only with a kensai's favored weapon. This ability replaces the magus arcana normally gained at 9th level

They give up their level 9 arcana in favour of critical perfection.

So, the first question is, is Magus Arcana a class feature like armour training where you gradually get better versions of it? If so, archetypes which touch on different levels of arcana can be taken together.

The second question is, does forcing you to take certain arcana or locking you out of others count as a significant enough change to the parent feature to lock you out of any archetype which also touches on that feature.

The last question is, does a lack of a specific reference to a feature being changed matter? This question I feel confident enough to suggest the answer is unequivocally no. Archetype stacking has existed since before the change to making these things more explicit.

The other two questions remain up for debate. I know my own views on them but there has definitely been disagreement over the issue for quite some time about whether or not they stack.


The Pathfinder Society has secured the tools and uncovered the secret to shattering the Untouchable Opal and liberating the demigod within. All the Pathfinders lack is an impossibly hot flame—one that can match the searing hatred of Ymeri herself. The Society’s best bet is Kandirion’s Pyre, a supernatural forge situated where the elemental planes of earth and fire relentlessly batter each other. Freeing a demigod could send ripples through the multiverse and attract the attention of powerful creatures. Only the greatest agents stand a chance of breaking the Opal and surviving.

I am running this scenario three times over September, two regular runs and one core.

Regular, September 10th, 2pm GMT+1: Sign up here

Core, September 17th, 6pm GMT+1: Sign up here

Regular, September 24th, 2pm GMT+1: Sign up here

Please make sure all of your character material is up to date as I will be asking for a complete character sheet and ITS.


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OK, the Season 9 Guide is now out but it doesn't come with any sort of change log. In an effort to help people get to grips with new things I thought it would be useful to have a thread dedicated to looking at what the new changes are.

I have two which jumped out at me, both around the Pregen condition tax which is still in there:

1. Pregens and resolving conditions (page 7). The linked character may now spend a mix of prestige and gold to pay for raise dead. You may pay up to half the cost at a rate of 1pp per 375gp. It looks like this is specific to when you are using pregens and not available if your actual character dies but I expect it to cause some confusion given I have come across plenty of people who already think you can do this.

2. Pregens and resolving conditions (page 7). Pregens gear value is now fixed based on level. Level 1 75gp, level 4 3000gp, level 7 11500gp. It is not clear whether this value is before or after halving but I think it is supposed to be the latter.


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I was flicking through the new Season 9 Guide and I came across this:

Chronicle Sheets: Items listed on Chronicle sheets earned in the Core Campaign are valid options for Core characters. Promotional boons and other Chronicle sheets that open up new race options otherwise can’t be used in the Core Campaign.

This would suggest that the scenario boon allowing you to transform an existing character into an Oread or to create a new Oread character does not work in the Core campaign.

This runs directly counter to what was said about that Boon around the time it came out.

Is the intention that this Boon does not work in Core mode? If so, what do existing Core Oread characters do about that? I have one which I understood to be legal at the time and I know of a number of others.

Johns post at the time made it clear that it was supposed to work. Has this now changed?

Relevant scenario, do not read if you wish to avoid spoilers:
The boon is on the chronicle for Captives in Crystal. It reads:

Elemental Saturation (Earth): The Lucent Archive is suffused with powerful elemental energy, and long-term exposure can transform a humanoid’s body. Before you begin an adventure, you can expend 20 Prestige Points and check the box that precedes this boon to permanently transform yourself into an oread. In doing so, you must retrain any race-related options associated with your original race (e.g. alternate favored class bonuses, race-specific archetypes, and race-specific spells) at no cost. Any of your equipment resizes to Medium size at no additional cost, and if you lost proficiency with a weapon (such as by losing the dwarven weapon training racial trait), you may sell back the weapon at full price. When creating a new 1st-level PC, you may instead spend 10 Prestige Points and check the box that precedes this boon to create an oread PC.

It was there earlier today and now has either vanished or I am going senile.


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I am flicking through my copy of Horror Adventures and had a question about one of the alternate racial traits. Additional Resources says that all of them are legal except Rationalise.

Is it intended that the Halfling racial trait Deep Jungle is legal? Such halflings lose Common as a starting language and I had understood that things which removed common as a language were normally not allowed for rather obvious reasons.


I am running All for Immortality 2 twice on 12th and 13th August, details below.

August 12th, 6pm BST (GMT+1) Low Tier, level 12 and 13 characters only
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August 13th, 3pm BST (GMT+1), High Tier
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If you play in Part 2 you will be given a spot at the table for Part 3 which I am currently prepping. I expect to run Part 3 before the end of August.


Recent revelations suggest the Thuvian crisis is part of a more devious scheme—one that extends far beyond the sun orchid trade. On the trail of the villainous mastermind at the heart of it all, the PCs set out for shadow-cursed Nidal to infiltrate a clandestine facility established to study the utterly otherworldly.

“All the Gods Beyond” is the second scenario in the three-part All for Immortality campaign arc. It is preceded by Pathfinder Society Scenario #7–20: “First Taste of Eternity” and followed by Pathfinder Society Scenario #7–29: “Serpents Fall.” All three chapters are intended to be played in order.


I have had one space open up in this game tonight.. Please sign up HERE


I have a question for the masses, do GM's get a downtime period when applying credit for a session which they ran? If so can they make a day job check or do things in lieu of it such as ticking off a treasure map?

I used to think the answer was clearly no but reading through the Guide I am now less than certain. This is what the Season 7 Guide says about downtime:

Not every Pathfinder works for the Society full time. Some are trained artisans, professionals, or performers and earn extra gold on the side, between missions. After each adventure that grants XP, you gain a period of Downtime before your next mission. During Downtime, you can attempt a trained Craft, Perform, or Profession check to see how much extra money you earn—this is called a Day Job check. At the end of each adventure in the Pathfinder Society campaign, you have the opportunity to make one Day Job check.

So, am I missing something obvious (entirely possible) or not?

On 29th May I ran All for Immortality in normal mode on event number 49351, session 118. I reported the game but reported one of the characters wrongly.

I initially report character 185165-1. It should have been 185165-2. I have corrected the report but character -1 should be a core character and this report has moved him out of the Core campaign.

Can 185165-1 please be returned to Core character status.


Every year the Acadamae—Korvosa’s prestigious school of the arcane arts—opens its gates to the city to host the Breaching Festival, where the most skilled infiltrators are invited to enter the magically guarded Hall of Wards or die trying. Testing their luck against the university’s strongest defenses, the competitors pull out all the stops as they vie for a chance at a fortune in gold and magical treasure. This year, the school’s headmaster has invited the heroes to participate, against the contest’s longstanding traditions. While the Breaching Festival has not seen a champion in over a century and a half, this year’s festival promises to be the deadliest trial the school has ever known. Should the heroes reign victorious, the secrets they may uncover promise more than gold and glory—they may rock the very foundation of the Acadamae, and even the entire city!

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Please note I will only be taking 4 players. I have left sign ups at 12 to encourage people to sign. If there is sufficient interest I will consider running this several times.


An enemy of the Pathfinder Society recently found a hidden dungeon in a centuries-old siege fortress, but despite his best efforts to convert it into his base of operations, he failed. When a pair of Pathfinders encounter disaster while scouting out the entrance, the party must explore the first level of the dungeon to determine not just what attacked their comrades but also what dark power their nemesis nearly acquired.

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Please note this is a CORE game.


Years of political maneuvering, espionage, smuggling, and diplomacy have set the stage for the Aspis Consortium’s most ambitious attack on their Inner Sea rivals: the Pathfinder Society. All that remains are several key preparations that only an elite team of Aspis agents can arrange, and once the fireworks begin, these same agents must strike quickly and mercilessly to secure objectives—some shared and some connected to deeper plots—and escape without the Society being any the wiser.

In this adventure the players portray agents of the Aspis Consortium using 7th-level pregenerated characters. The events in this story also connect to and expand upon those in "Siege of Serpents".

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Please note, this is a CORE game.


I had this issue come up following a game I ran today and thought I would canvass the communities views. It is specific to PFS as it relates to purchasing spell casting services with prestige.

You can use those services to purchase spells such as remove curse, remove disease and remove blindness. When buying these services with prestige they are at the minimum caster level. Some require a caster level check, others do not.

What happens with spells which require a caster level check to work such as remove disease and remove curse? Do you assume that the check is automatically successful or do you roll it out. My practice has been to require a roll. The guide says nothing about these services working automatically and you could have bought a higher caster level spell with gold to improve your chances.

As a player I have encountered some GM's who do require a roll and some who do not. As a player I have on occasion bought a higher level spell to guarantee success (in one case Heal for a particularly nasty disease).

I am interested to know what other people do in their games.


I have been wondering recently about how arcane bond works specifically in relation to PFS. I am familiar with the FAQ but I was thinking about how this related to the retraining rules.

Lets say that I start out as a wizard with Arcane Bond with an ordinary non magical ring. I get to level 7 and decide to enchant it, lets say we make it a +2 ring of protection. This costs me 4000gp.

I then decide to retrain to a familiar. This costs me 250gp and 5 prestige. What happens to the ring? I have lost the class feature but the physical object remains. It no longer works as a bonded object but it is still an enchanted magical item. Does it:

1. Cease to exist full stop
2. Cease to work as a magical item
3. Continue to function but I have to pay the cost difference
4. Continue to function normally
5. Some other option I haven't considered

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