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I've been trying to find a way to do it myself, but...

Could you change the name of the gameplay thread, which is currently "PROLOGUE: The King is Dead" to "The Last King of Ireland"?



A fast rider crosses the river into Largay, and announces that High King Murtach Maclochlain of Ulster is dead, killed at Leitr-Luin. The rider continues South into Cavan, and King Coffey McGovern calls upon the tribe to convene.

It will take a few days before the tribesmen can answer the king’s call and make their way to Tuaim. In the meantime, the king invites the nobles and councillors of the township to assemble. The parish priest and a dozen freemen join the king and his household to discuss plans.

But the king has already decided what must be done. “The warriors will herd the cattle into the hills, along with the women and children,” he dictates. Everyone agrees. It is a safe a wise course of action.

He turns to his son, Fintan. “You will ride to Belcoo, and demand tribute,” he commands.

The king’s youngest son Braeden is surprised, and asks: “alone?”

“Of course not,” the King reassures Braeden. “Father Ó’Maille, have your man Padraic accompany my son. To be clear: I will hold him responsible if my son does not return.”

Father Ó Máille has no choice but to accept the king’s demand. “Padraic is at the church. He is a good man. He will keep your son safe. And I will pray for them both.”

Braedon protests: “you’re sending Fintan to demand tribute? That’s ridiculous! I should go.”

The King shakes his head. “I’ll want you here when the nobles convene,” he explains, and then he commands Fintan to find Padraic at the church, and cross the river promptly.

Dim-witted Fintan nods, bows awkwardly, and exits the room. He very much wants to please his father, and he is convinced that this mission will mend their difficult relationship.

But Braeden knows that this is at best a fool’s errand, and at worst a suicidal mission. The Lord of Belcoo is a greedy and clever old man, and he will not pay tribute unless forced to do so. His son is dangerous and able, and has proven himself on the battlefield. Braeden fears the worst.

He invents some pretext, and leaves the hall with haste. He finds Aoife. The slave girl may not much like him, but she cares deeply for Fintan, whom she considers like a brother. Braeden knows that she will want to come.

He finds her in the kitchen, and whispers: “Fintan needs your help.”

Without any hesitation, Aoife sets aside her chores, finds her gear in a chest and her sword hidden in the pantry, and follows Braeden.

They find Fintan at the church. Brother Ó Máille, the son of the parish priest, is keeping Fintan company while they wait for Padraic to gather his things.

“What are you doing here, Braeden?” Fintan asks.

Aoife smiles. “We’re coming with you,” she says just as Padraic arrives.

Brother Ó Máille hesitates only for a moment before stating: “so am I.” Everyone but Padraic is surprised. But it is obvious that the priest will not be denied, and so this most unlikely adventurer is accepted into this odd fellowship.


(LN small town)
Corruption 0; Crime -2; Economy +1; Law +2; Lore 0; Society -2
Qualities: holy site (Killesher church), strategic location (ringfort)
Points of interest: stone cairn, 2 stone cashels, burial cist
Danger: 0

Government: Overlord
Population: 300 (10 households)
Ploughlands: 12
Warriors: 10

Notable NPCs
King Coffey McGovern
Father Ó Máille

Base value: 1100gp; Purchase limit: 5000gp; Spell casting: 6th
Minor items: 3d4; Medium items: 1d6

Tuam is the principle settlement in the petty kingdom of Largay (population: 6000; warriors: 200).
King Coffey McGovern answers to King Eogan O’Reilly of Cavan, who in turn answers to King Tiernan O’Rourke of Breifne.

Ireland, 1166

A crier arrives in Largay from Belcoo, and announces that High King Murtach Maclochlain of Ulster is dead, killed at Leitr-Luin. The rider continues South into Cavan, and King Coffey McGovern calls upon the clans to convene immediately.

It is decided that the cattle will be driven into the hills, along with thirty warriors.

As the King of Cavan will inevitably call the tuath to arms, one hundred warriors will travel South to join his forces, likely to join the army of King Tiernan O’Rourke of Breifne and his ally, King Rory O’Connor of Connaught, against King Dermot MacMurrough of Leinster.

Thirty warriors will remain in Largay, to defend the women, children, and elders against raids and brigands.

In order to take advantage of Maclochlain’s defeat and defend against raids from Ulster, the remaining thirty warriors of Largay will be sent East across the river to Fermanagh, to conquer Belcoo, Holywell, and Ballintempo.

LEVEL 1 ADVENTURE: travel to Belcoo to reconnoiter, and engage the enemy if the opportunity arises.

RACES: human
CLASSES: fighter, ranger, cleric, bard, barbarian, rogue
WEAPONS AND ARMOR: limited (historically accurate)
MAGIC: while magic will play a part in driving the story forward, this remains a low magic campaign and choice of spells will need be approved

NOTE: this is to be a roleplaying campaign, and not a roll playing game. Also, bear in mind that while I know the historical setting extremely well, I have not GMed a game for a while, and I am new to pbp. So players may need to be forgiving at first, insofar as rules and game dynamics are concerned.