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Steelfiredragon wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
Peet wrote:
For the record, I think Sarenrae would make a very striking black goddess.

Oh I stumbled across artwork that might be perfect for that a couple of days ago. Will edit a link in if I can find it again.

Edit-Okay, I forgot about the borderline NSFW but artful covered toplessness, but still it's a beautiful design. Need to find the original source...

I think that's how I'm gonna have worshippers from Nantambu, Holomog, and Dehrukani view her.

I'd also love to see more Sarenrae art along the lines of Psiphyre's current avatar. :)

looks egyptian 2 me.

never viewed her as white anyway. always thought she had a bronze skin tone myself.....

While I like Sarenrae alot (she's my fav god currently) she is not either Garundi or Mwangi.

Also its getting a bit old for gaming settings to always -just- rely on female gods (or characters for that matter) who are of color. It would be nice for it to change. Especially in Pathfinder which does try to do its best as far as representation of its countries in respectful manners.

But yet we still have not seen any true black Egyptian gods (but there will be pics of black featured sphinxes around) Alot of the artwork for Garundis tend to not look anything like the original pics of the Garundis either as it seems like more and more artists are putting them in a more Moroccan looking type, while there is nothing wrong with this, it seems as if the original looks are being avoided completely and in some pics they are not even getting a Moroccan look. I expect this type of thing from WOTC but I am surprised that its happening here.

Male black heroic gods, NG, LG, CG, not evil, not corrupt, not apathetic and (sorry ladies) not female. Not wearing armor that makes him look like some Chaos Space Marine. Just a good heroic black male god that gives a damn about his people and is always drawn that way.

Not bronze skinned not questionable, not almost black, but absolutely black and not sometimes, but all the time in all the pics they are in. Iomedae always looks the same, and so does Cayden Cailean, and worth giving a damn about both of them are -always- white, not sometimes white, not every last Tuesday white not "if I really feel like it white". The artist I put in an above earlier post does excellent work on this type of subject and he knows his stuff when it comes to rl African and black gods. Let the ancient civilizations of the setting that look certain ways have at -least- a few -good- gods that look like them. Especially male gods.

I am more than willing to work with anyone who would like to do this and I can provide professional references.


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Honestly I must say that is the best post I've ever seen from a developer on an mmo forum. Hands down.


I really hope you guys are successful honestly, PFO and EQN for me are my only hopes left in the mmo game market.

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Erik Mona wrote:

To be perfectly honest there are not enough of them in the setting right now, and the ones that ought to have Garundi features ended up a goth woman with white hair, a fey-looking white dude with half a face, and a nature spirit with a pretty inhuman form.

Honestly, this has a lot to do with the pantheon and the campaign setting being designed concurrently, so the gods had largely taken form before the ethnicities of the campaign setting began to gel.

When we get around to detailing the rest of Garund we will have more of an opportunity to address this issue, but for now we don't have a lot of great options for what you are looking for.

That being said, I can easily see the folk of Thuvia imagining Abadar as a dark-skinned Garundi, and so on, so there is always that somewhat unsatisfying tactic to fall back on before we address the issue in print.

Sorry for quoting your post again but I just want to mention why I am here asking this.

Right now I am awaiting the MMO that you guys are making which is Pathfinder Online. I would really like to be a Cleric, but when I look around the only god that I half find to my liking that I will be able to choose from will be Sarenrae a god of another continent. Even the Egyptian Pantheon which is coming to prominence is not a choice in the videogame, and while I know and understand that minority players really are the minority in a pen and paper game, there are far more of us playing videogames. I've played Pathfinder before, and honestly am fine with "waiting" on things in official text. But with a videogame its different, there should be more choices and options including one good option for people of color. By having to "wait" for Garund to be fleshed out there is a minute chance that one of these "black gods" that -might- get added be added as an official choice in the game. Videogames get far more exposure than pen and paper games and to give an example its no different from how DC comics tends to add more characters of color to their tv shows and videogames even though the comic universe is a bit lacking in comparison. More people play videogames and watch tv. Especially mmos.

And honestly I find my complete lack of choice in the upcoming online game disappointing.

Now on another note to be a good sport if the Pathfinder Society ever runs a Starstone challenge event for official ascension into canon. I'd like to be first called on the list. I want to take this challenge and I will win and I have no problem in doing it in your game universe officially.

Thanks for listening once more. I will leave this alone now.

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Heroic Good LG, NG and CG black male gods, both Mwangi and Garundi and by black I don't mean dark arabic. I mean black looking with wiry hair and brown skin - undeniably black and not just some "who cares" Mwangi nature god. Gods who matter to the setting.

And the return of at least one Sky city from Garund

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Mikaze wrote:

Not to put words in Erik's mouth, but I want to say that what you're seeing there is actually the range that has always existed for the Grundi rather than an actual shift. Even back in the earliest days of the setting as it is now, the Garundi seemed to cover a wide range all the way from dark-skinned Seelah to the lighter folks you might find in Osirion(and Osirion itself seems to have a pretty wide range in skin tones in its Garundi populace alone, looking at Mummy's Mask).

That said, there have been pieces of art that were a tad pale and Caucasian in features for characters that were probably intended to be Garundi or Mwangi in the past(Serpent's Skull ran into this problem in a couple of spots, I believe) and there were some issues getting the right artwork for the right ethnicities to match the regions where they were the majority(Heart of the Jungle, some of the Alkenstar artwork). I believe things have improved though, particularly looking at Mummy's Mask, which has been wonderful for representing the ethnicity native to the region.

Mummy's Mask also introduced the first appropriate artwork for Ekujae elves.(well, half-elf, but still!) :)

Amaziah Hadithi wrote:
On a side note I would not mind seeing some strong gods from the places in the south, the kingdom who is arming up again to fight Geb who had the women turned to stone, along with the other kingdom that muse based Aasimar are from.
YES. Dehrukani(Mwangi/azata nation!) and Holomog(Amazon dino-riders!) have been on my NEED MORE NOW PLZ list ever since they were first mentioned. :D

This is for Erik as well. I highly recommend using Mshindo Kuumba for your Garundi and Mwangi artwork, He would do a great job creating some black gods and has done everything from videogame artwork to covers and work for DC comics. If you need some one to do black gods right Mshindo is your man.

Here is his Deviant Art gallery

Some art he has that would fit for Mwangis

An example of a Mwangi type god

An Osirion Garundi typed character

More Mwangi type art

An Osirion styled character

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James Jacobs wrote:

As the inventor of Sarenrae (who's been the main goddess of good in my homebrew campaign for decades now), my issue is that she's supposed to be the kindest, most friendly, most forgiving, and most open-minded of ALL the deities. That's in large part why she's the goddess of redemption, after all.

So, when you have a nation that outlaws that... a nation that outlaws the goddess of healing, honesty, and redemption... that more or less by definition turns that nation into a bad-guy nation. And that's not what I want for Taldor, any more than I want there to be a perception that Sarenrae is a warmongering goddess of warfare. She is not.

There was, alas, a fair amount of misunderstanding regarding her actual personality and role, I feel, in how things worked out with Qadira and Taldor, and the idea that there's a warmongering sect of Sarenites in Qadira is one of the reasons that Taldor outlawed the faith many years ago... all of which stem from the same freelancer misunderstanding that, alas, got into print (in large part because that was before my time as creative director, and before I had as direct control over the contents of things other than the Adventure Paths).

The more Taldor bans Sarenrae worship, in other words, the more Taldor shifts from being Neutral into being Evil, or the more we support the idea that there's a REASON a non-evil nation would want to outlaw the kindest religion.

It'll be a while, but you can expect us to continue easing the world canon in this arena back toward the initial intent in future publications. I hope some day in the future it'll be back on course. It might take an Adventure Path to resolve and explain away the thing, though.

I have a question, for being the kindest god her followers seem to be quite willing to invade other places (the northern Garundi territories, etc) they also don't seem to be as proactive against slavery as I would figure they would be for a NG religion. Why is this? I mean wouldn't she come and lay the smackdown on her followers who do things like this? I would have figured that they would be more into doing quiet missionary based invasions, meaning former hellholes would be turned to her by quiet invasions overnight of her missionaries entering the country instead of outright war like in the Kingdom of Man in Garund.

Its almost like she is NG but her followers in these cases are not good at all. I can see a CG group doing this because they feel they should liberate a place but NG resorting to outright war first? Not sure about that unless it was a place like Cheliax which they seem to turn a blind eye to, and that also does not make sense because I would think that an NG god's forces would be hitting certain places -first- and Cheliax, the
Hold in Belzen (sp?) would certainly be on my to do list if I was an NG god with thousands of followers. We'd be on those places like white on rice.
I would figure that there would be one NG god that non good people absolutely hate because he/she gets all guerilla strikeforce on your candy ass if you are doing horrible things to the people.

I've read one of the tenets of being NG on the Golarion wiki, and it says that they would not shy away from evil acts. Slavery is an evil act, but only some of them crusade against it? Is that really being NG at all? Or any good for that matter?

Are there any more proactive NG gods that don't tolerate things like that? Because if there aren't there certainly needs to be.

You aren't getting the beauty of the sun to shine in the faces of all if you simply just walk by or ignore those being used as human chattel on the street.

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Bluddwolf wrote:
Nihimon wrote:
Gpunk wrote:
I do think there is a perception that people who want to play evil mostly want to be murder hobos.
I think the vast majority of that perception is generated by folks who consistently mischaracterize others' positions. For example, I have been a very vocal and long-time supporter of Evil. I've also been a very vocal and long-time supporter of non-consensual PvP, but there are folks on these forums who will go out of their way to try to tell you otherwise.

Perhaps your messaging is at fault. Yes, you often say that you support evil, banditry and PvP, but at the same time you support any suggested mechanic that limits them or punishes them through the reputation / alignment mechanics.

Mixed Messaging or Mischaracterization, which is truly to blame?

I support both and once again when full blooded Orcs are in Im going to pick one, but that's because I'm that awesome and know that I can play CE quite easily without being an ass (and trust me the character will be pretty nasty and absolutely will be going for the role of playing other peoples content). I don't see why one can't be a supporter of both. My personal thoughts are if you are that awesome then the system should not get in your way at all. And for me it won't.

Again nobody here is worried about anyone here. But would I be just as concerned about those who will never touch these forums and wouldn't know the difference of CE from CES and will try to come in as if they are playing an ArcheAge dock camper because they hear open world pvp?, yeah I would because those idiots when I'm playing a CE character (full blooded orcs - remember it!) will affect my experience too.

Lets not act like those people don't exist, by saying "Oh but I won't do that" just shows limited scope and a denial of who crawls out the woodwork when the dinner bell of "open world pvp" is rung. I salute the efforts of all those that are going a darker path and I wish total success. But to deny or ignore or simply not acknowledge that there will be scores more "murder hobos" than great CE players is lying to ourselves. Especially in that first six months.

Yeah "I won't do that stuff either" and those rules don't scare me or annoy me because I can play CE and play by the rules and trust me you best believe I will figure out a way to not be gimped much. Personally I welcome the challenge.

Mmmm let me try being limited minded

Instead of me saying "Oh why can't I do this because I won't do that"

I'll say "I"m that damn awesome and that rule won't affect me at all, so I don't see why anyone who is that awesome would care about it either"

And I have faith that everyone going CE on these forums will be that awesome that the rules in place will only affect those non awesome CE players.

Don't let me be more awesome than you *winks* lol Becase I am simply too awesome to be crying over something like this. I am going to fully enjoy showing how big my grapefruits are by getting around this system. And I hope those who are playing CE will too, evil is supposed to be badass not whiny you know.

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Die2Win wrote:

I don't have too much inclination of playing an evil character myself but I'd like there to be a real sense of fear when encountering an evil character. I hope the best for those trying to make successful CE characters because they will help keep the game interesting.

If reputation penalties crush evil for us what meaning is there to being good?

Rep doesn't crush any evil it just makes being certain types of evil harder (Namely CE). Don't forget about Neutral Evil and Lawful Evil, LE players got some good stuff set aside for them.

Don't worry there will be more than enough evil to go around. Think about all the idiots who will come into the game after launch to play the game like its your typical pvp murder simulator.

Trust me, there will be more than enough evil for everyone.

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Bluddwolf wrote:

The Exalted Bastards division of the UnNamed Company is not only the first, declared Chaotic Evil group but it is growing.

There are those that will argue that it is a daunting task to play CE without also being low reputation, and this might be true if the player actions are chaotic evil. That means, if the player kills without regard to whether or not his targets are "sanctioned" by feud, faction, war or some other flag. This I believe is a short sighted view.

Chaotic Evil motives within sanctioned PVP is the key to playing a Chaotic Evil character and still maintaining a moderate to possibly a high reputation.

How does this work:

A Chaotic Evil Mercenary / Assassin works for dirt cheap or even for free. He is not in it for the money, but for the "free kills". He does not care who or what the target is, he has no affiliation as long as the target is made sanctioned by some means.

These killers never show mercy, will always finish off the fallen, and never fight a fair or gentlemen's fight. They will descend upon their prey with near ridiculous numerical advantage. They do not care about efficiency or opportunities lost, it is all about the overwhelming brutality of it. It is about the victim feeling completely helpless and hopeless.

This is the epitome of the Gank Squad mentality, with one exception. They function within sanctioned means.

Just curious, how can Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Good be under the same roof without killing each other?

I also am curious as to how a Chaotic good group would just be cool with a group that is about razing people to the ground or "killing just for the fun of it"

Like wouldn't they be for a second concerned with how other "good" groups see them? My own NG character would look at anyone claiming to be good who lives with a nest of murderers as a bunch of outright hypocrites and liars. I'm not saying this to be a jerk seriously. I'm saying this as a roleplayer to any other roleplayers of your CG group who might be friends with the CE group.

"Oh but we are all promoting positive gameplay, why can't my character be good and run with a den of murderers who do such a thing for fun?"

"That is good, pardon me as I call down the positive power of the sun to burn down the homes of your murderous bretheren"

I'm honestly just curious about the arrangement

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It bothers me immensely that it seems like many are reaching for straws on this. I'm also not a fan of Nethys looking more like some anime Elf than a Garundi.

With a race that plays such a prominent part in the world one should not have to dig deep into obscurity to find examples of gods that look like them directly, and not be able to find any good ones at all, and especially no males.

Thanks for your help though everyone

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Just curious, its seems to be really hard to find "black looking" Garundi and Mwangi gods and pantheons. For me this seems to make little sense with societies like Osirion, but then on the other hand you have elven gods and gods like Iomedae. I would just like a black god or any information on them being that I prefer to play Garundi Paladins and Clerics.

I'm a bit lost on how some of these societies are some of the oldest in the world but yet they have no gods that look like them at all on the level of an Iomedae for instance. What I'm really looking for especially is a good black god that is LG, CG or NG.

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Aet Kard Warstein wrote:


I was referring to a fine pint of Warstein Ale! While your outside is gettin' all girly, your insides should be filled with fury! Let the fire of Warstein Ale make something that would normally be viewed as 'elfish' into a roaring good time!

Order a keg today!

(Okay I can totally see these two being hilarious in their encounters)

"It serves me right for thinking that you could have been talking about anything else but beer. Perhaps I shall have a keg"

*Gives a playful laugh and soft nod*