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Dr. Zestelim Tes wrote:
"Also law books for my esteemed attorney here!"

Yes, we are a repository for legal scholarship. Along with cartography these are the Mayor's favorite subjects."

"Preferably on possession of lost treasures and finders keepers. Otherwise any law books will help Poke Poke."

"Huh?" The elf librarian is bewildered. "Finders keepers?" He shakes his head back and forth. "Seriously?! He stammers in a half confused state. "Well we have plenty of books on contracts. Others on sea salvage and still more books on property rights. They don't have pictures." He says sarcastically. Rather than offering to lead you to the section in the library he merely points towards it. "Over there on the second floor." He exhales.

Greetings my fine librarian! We seek out books of various legends, such as horsemen who have nothing better to do than whack off people's heads while riding.

The librarian puts a finger to the lips and puckers them as he considers the thought. "Well we do have a small section dedicated to weird rumors or tall-tale's. There are quite a few strange stories that have been gathered especially since we are so close to the dreaded Rappan Athuk Dungeon. I can guide you to the scrolls.

"Greetings. I'm looking for a book on curses. Never heard of the Creeper curse. I'm hoping one of your books will have some relevant information.
He nods at the half-orc. "Likewise, we get plenty of stories, rumors and actual facts on numerous curses. I think...I may have something regarding druid curses. That one sounds familiar to me." He gladly walks you to the basement level that has these materials.

Poke Poke, Dr. Tes, Beorn, and Aggrah work their way over to Talbard's Books and Learning. You enter an impressive looking building which would fit well in a large city, but appears out of place in this large town. A stern looking face welcomes you, "Good afternoon. Can I help you find something?" His eyes skeptically settle on the half-orc and goblin.

The half-elf bows, "Alyi'ensi Windborn at your service. Your officers faltered me by advising that I was purpose of your trip. Of course, Father Trafalgar is hard to refuse and by the sound of it he and your group have your work cut out. Alas, my path does not head into Port Shaw at this time." He listens to the chatter around him then continues, "I mentioned to the others that you have few days till the moon is full, if you hurry you may be able to deal a blow to Dajobas' plan and diminish the threat to the port, if you head to Beacon Island. Even with that side trip you should be able to get back to Port Shaw, if you make haste."

Chell the Weasel already had the ballista bolts, booze and rations on board. Even leaving those items it won't effect your plunder points (other than giving you a few less bolts)

"Yeah, I revere a traveling god and a few months with Capt Drango will spice my life up. Besides, he has a mystery to solve regarding his crew." He starts up the rope boarding ladder.

"I'll give you 8 of those potions - I need to keep one back for me....just in case - for the staff, 200 gold and say 30 ballista bolts. Looks like the ship gonna need a few supplies so the coin will come in handy. Add in a cast of grog, ale, and wine I bet that's in their hold and we'll need seven days of base provision and water. That seems fair neither fleecing the other."

I'm surprised you haven't dipped your hand and pulled out the weapon form the sea.

"You know how many charges the staff has left?" As the jolly approaches the Rabid Weasel. "yeah I'll swap you few potions, you're doing difficult work."

Chell make an diplo check.

Chell Silves wrote:

"Um...unless you care to take a prayer and pittance of their cost i cannot afford one." Of course that deal with the gnome was biting her in more ways than one. Then she perks up. "Wait, what would you give me for this? If you made those potions or the one who did then maybe you could use it." she says holding out the staff of Insect Plague. "i never felt comfortable with it."

Hope no one minds. It has only a few charges left and i can't recharge it for a while. And the spell isn't as awesome as we thought.

He looks at the staff, "What does it do?" Interesting wood but that's at least $6750 and these aren't the run of the mill remove disease. "Father Trafalgar sent you, huh?" Young, idealistic he'd owe me...big time.

Chell Silves wrote:
Alyi'ensi Windborn, NPC wrote:
The cleric rises with the others. "Are you interested in those remove disease potions?"

"Of course. We have a few and I can prepare it but no matter which path we take its going to run us right into Lycanthropy."

Decisions. Decisions.

"You have remove disease prepared by a someone of exceptional experience (caster level 12)?' He asked quite surprised.

Your CL are lower than 12th. To remove lycanthropy it needs to be by a 12th level caster or higher. the potions he is offering were prepared by a 12 level caster.

The cleric rises with the others. "Are you interested in those remove disease potions?"

number of potions: 1d12 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

Chell Silves wrote:
"Removing the worshipers would certainly help but we're in a bit of a time crunch. Only a few days until the full moon. I suppose they intend to use it to their advantage. Best not to give them one." Chell thinks it over for a bot before circling back to another concern. "You wouldn't happen to know anyone proficient at hunting sharks would you? The Chosen of Dajobas. We saw it. Some here might have seen it too. A shark as big as a whale. You think this place would pay good money for a shark that big, considering the name?" The last question was in an effort to find a payoff for removing its corruption from the sea. The crew would likely not want to mess with a shark that big unless their was a payoff.

"Well doubt you're gonna get a bunch of takers hunting down a giant wereshark. Just a hunch, mind you." He waves to Orn to bring another bottle of wine. "If you had those jaws to hang of dock, I guess they'd pay well." He scratches his head.

"Capt Drango and I have a good idea where two separate groups make their home. One somewhere around Beacon Island about 150 miles to the Northeast the lighthouse itself went dark recently and nobody has heard from the lighthouse keepers lately." He pauses thinking about the next piece of information. "The lighthouse on Beacon Island is haunted since old man Daynor snapped about 5 years ago, killed his family there, so replacement keepers do come and go frequently." He drinks his wine. "To make matters worse we believe this is the main grouping." He lets the information settle in.

The priest looks at Chell, "I've a few potions remove disease that are strong enough to help, but I've sold a few lately and I should hang onto one myself. Just in case." He shrugs. "Killing the source would help with the spread or if you can kill his followers that will help when the night of reckoning comes." He eyes Falken Drango, who simply shrugs.

Embrianna wrote:

To Windborn: "Do you happen to know why a shark-man would have been instructed by Dajobas to kidnap a girl, but not to harm her in any way? I'm still a bit confused by that one."

"Perhaps Dajobas want to her himself or she was being sved for a sacrifice?"

"Haaa, the folks in Port Shaw have been kissed by Dajobas and are about to face their calling. I'm not exactly sure what I'm suppose to do about it, I mean I've a few potions that I've picked up through my travels, but not enough for large scale assistance. What Port Shaw needs is a balancing of the old gods with the new." He notices the angry expression that the priestess is about to give. "The Tulita can help, if you can persuade them, but given the hell the poachers have done over the years why would they?" He pauses, "Seek out Milliauka, he is a mighty shaman of the Tulita who keeps the old rites. His age and wisdom could help."

He stops and drinks his wine. "You should also root out the source where they live. That is kill as many of the sharks followers as you can before the full moon."

With slight smile the priest responds, "Well it's a bit late for the interruption, but do sit down, we'll be happy to wet our throats with your wine. What troubles the good Father Trafalgar that he'd travelers searching for my assistance."

Sure Bri can make an intelligence roll.

Astri glances at the man trying to place where she has seen him before. Let's see how Bri does.

Both the men openly chuckle when Astri mentions needing more than one man. Then they both raise an eyebrow when the mention of a healer of renown is mentioned. "But who are you? The cloaked man asks, "and why would you travel to see me?"

He turns to Chell, "what brings the Sea King's disciple in search of Belon's knowledge?"

I'll move this game forward, if there is no objection. If anyone has anything they want to ask an NPC before departing Fentonville now is the time to do so. The main NPCs at this time are: Turrand (dwarf trader), Walter Featherton (employer), Jenar Hickory (owner/bar keep of the slywink), Nib (short sword member and part-owner of Varl's Edge), and Alyi'ensi Windborn (wizard), Tiny "the Tinker" (local good natured drunk)

Over the ten (10) days you are in town the group is able to procure the items requested. During that time you've met a the enchanter known as: Alyi'ensi Windorn, an elf who enjoys a good spiced wine and is a prone to flirt with Jenar.