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Full Name

Aluric Aurelian




Commoner 2










Aurum & Jeremiah


Golden Fields Farm. An idillyc farm north of the town of Lowerborough


Common (Imperial Basic), Slivic


Patriarch, head of the Golden Fields Farm

Strength 9
Dexterity 8
Constitution 11
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 16
Charisma 10

About Aluric Aurelian

Head of the Golden Fields Farm and Patriarch of the house, Aluric is a farmer wizened by the seasons. He has spent his whole life on this farm and knows every nook and cranny of each building and field. Beginning his career as an avid strong man for his fathers farm Aluric quickly rose to prominence with an eye for farming and leadership able to not only tell what was right to grow when but who would be the best man or women for the tasks at hand. Now he runs the farm with a stern gaze and a loving heart and a deep pride for the hard work ethic he has managed to instill in his workers and children.

Aluric credits a lot of his success to his devotion to the faiths of Aurum and Jeremiah. Through The Golden Prophent Aurum he attributes his knowledge of the seasons and his farms bountiful, keeping to the old ways and and granting his home and family the precious rain they need. Through Jeremiah he has found the strong working ethic of his folk, working diligently and learning the tools of his craft and when that isn't possible knowing how to find those who might be able to create what he needs. Through both of these religions he always keeps their rights sacred and holy, offering his workers their holidays off and inviting those he truly respects to his feasts in their honor. He also has an admiration for the prophet Urelia, whom though he does not avidly worship he does respect deeply and sees in the hard work of the Imperial Legion and those who help to defend the common folk from the hazards of the wild frontier. He doesn't follow The Imperial Creed or its teachings seeing them as the faiths of the Empire but does respect the legionaries right to their faith and the protection its faithful provide his family and his time serving as a conscript when he was younger. He has no love for The Water Spirit and his enigmatic faith, seeing them as either suspicious scholars looking into mysteries they have no right to intrude on, odd artists with little work ethic, or water barons withholding the sacred water of his faith.

He currently lives on his farm with his wife and many children along with his brother Jarlith Aurelian, their blacksmith.

Hp: 7

Fort: +2 Ref: -1 Will: +3


Knowledge (nature): +3
Perception: +7
Profession (Farmer): +8
Survival: +10

Feats: Great Fortitude, Nature Soul

BAB: +1 Melee: +0 Ranged: +0

Heavy Crossbow Proficient