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Full Name

Alurad Sorizan


0-lvl: Acid Splash l Detect Magic l Read Magic ; Disrupt Undead 1-lvl: Summon Monster 1 l Mage Armor l Grease l Enlarge Person


Concentration 3, Decipher Scripty 5, Arcana 8, Dungeoneering 8, History 5, Local 5, Nature 8, Religion 8, Planes 8, Spellcraft 8


Male l Human l Conjurer Specialist 1 l HP 5/5 l AC:12 Touch:12 Flat:10 l Fort 1 Ref 2 Will 2 l Init 6 l






Merchant’s Tongue (Common), Draconic, Lathlana (Low Elven), Giant, Goblin

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Alurad Sorizan

Human Conjurer Specialist Wizard Level 1

Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 18, Wiz 10, Cha 10
Fort 1/ Ref 2 / Will 2

Specialist: Conjuration
Banned: Evocation, Abjuration, & Enchantment

Rapid Summoning (Ex):

Any time a conjurer using this variant casts a summon monster spell, its casting time is 1 standard action rather than 1 full round. (Creatures so summoned can only take a standard action in the round they are summoned.) Conjurers using this variant gain the normal benefits from enhancing a summon monster spell with the Quicken Spell feat.
A conjurer using this variant permanently gives up the ability to obtain a familiar.

Enhanced Summoning (Ex):

At 1st level, a conjurer using this variant gains the Augmented Summoning feat for free instead of the Scribe Scroll feat.
At 5th level, the conjurer's summoned creatures become particularly tough to dispel. Add 2 to the DC of any caster level check made to dispel the conjurer's summoned creatures. At 15th level, this addition to the DC increases to 4.
At 10th level, the conjurer's summoned creatures gain an additional +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution. At 20th level, these bonuses increase to +4. These bonuses stack with those granted by the Augmented Summoning feat.
A conjurer using this variant does not gain bonus feats for advancing as a wizard.


Every wizard who calls himself a specialist takes pride in wielding his preferred form of magic. Those who are exceptionally pure of purpose take this specialization to an entirely new level, disdaining breadth of skill in favor of even greater focus.
Class: Wizard.
Level: 1st.
Special Requirement: You must be a specialist wizard. Replaces: You lose one spell slot from each level of wizard
spells you can cast. If you later gain the ability to cast higher- level wizard spells, you lose one spell slot from each new level of spells you can cast.
You must also choose another prohibited school of magic, which can't be divination.
Benefit: You can prepare two additional spells of your spe- cialty school per spell level each day. These extra spells are in addition to those normally granted to a specialist wizard.
This benefit doesn't apply to spells gained from classes other than wizard.


1st level: Arcane mastery: You are quick and certain in your efforts to defeat the arcane defenses and spells of others.
Benefit: You can take 10 on caster level checks (as if the caster level check was a skill check). You can use this feat even while under stress.
Human: Improved Initiative: +4 Initiative
Enhanced Summoning: Augmented Summoning: +4 Str & Con


2+4 int+1 human x4= 28 ranks at 1st level
Concentration 3= 1 Rank +2 Con
Decipher Script 5=1 Rank+4 Int
K-Arcana 8= 4 Ranks +4 Int
K-Dungeoneering 8= 4 Ranks +4 Int
K-History 5= 1 Rank +4 Int
K-Local 5= 1 Rank +4 Int
K-Nature 8= 4 Ranks +4 Int
K-Religion 8= 4 Ranks +4 Int
K-Planes 8= 4 Ranks +4 Int
Spellcraft 8= 4 Ranks +4 Int

Spells Per Day:

0 Level 3+1 Conjuration/Day
(C)Acid Splash: Range Touch 1d3 25ft+5/2 levels

- Detect Magic:
-Read Magic:

- Disrupt Undead: Range Touch. 1d6. SR yes. 25 ft+5/2 levels

1 Level 1+3 Conjuration/Day
(C) Summon Monster 1
(C)Mage Armor: 1 Hour/level +4 AC
(C)Grease: Area: DC10 Balance to move half speed. Fail by 5 or more and falls. Item: Reflex save or drops item. +10 to Escape Artist
-Enlarge Person

Spells Known:

0 Level - All

1 Level - 7 (3 +4 Int)
Mage Armor
Obscuring Mist
Summon Monster I

Enlarge Person
Feather Fall


19 Gold

Backpack 2 GP
Bedroll 1SP
Hooded Lantern 7 GP
Oil 1 Pint 1 SP
Belt Pouch 1 GP
Flint & Steel 1 GP
Spell Component Pouch 5 GP
Wizard’s Spell Book 15 GP
Pony 30 GP
Saddle 10 GP
Saddlebags 4 GP
Sunrod x3 6 GP
Alchemist’s Fire 20 GP (Range touch attack. 10 ft range. 1d6 w/1 point to all creatures within 5 ft. On the 2nd round target takes an additional 1d6
Tanglefoot Bag
Potion of Cure Light Wounds.

Thug’s Loot:

2 javelins, rapier, 2 javelins, backpack, masterwork dagger, rapier, 2 javelins, backpack,
masterwork dagger, hand crossbow, 3 needle bolts (poisoned), 3 doses of chokevine milk poison (Injury DC 13, Initial damage 1d3 Str, Secondary damage 1d3 Str, 100 gp each), masterwork studded leather armor, backpack,
large sack (50 sp).

Alurad: Potion of cure light wounds, tanglefoot bag

I also believe that the: Potion of Darkvision, and Masterworked Rapier have been claimed.