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- 3rd level, 20 PB, two traits, automatic bonus to AC and saves (but not to weapons, armor, or skills), standard WBL.
- Guns are allowed and encouraged. Guns are simple weapons that target normal AC, everyone starts with a gun (I would like your characters to use guns, though I'd prefer a switch hitter over a full gunslingers because standstill and full attack for an entire campaign sucks).

- I give a minimum of 4+int skill points per level for all non int full casters.

- The ride skill also works with any type of machine you might encounter (motorcycles, jet packs, etc).

- There are no gods. Divine power is fueled by demigods


Just dotting.

The usual place to chat and rant.



Particularly, I'm looking good weapon/armor enhancements with static price, but that's not a deal breaker.

*Insert random chatting in here*

In the northern part of the world, a small caravan of travelers is crossing a hilly terrain. It is early winter, the sun is low on the horizon and a there is a light and silent snowfall. The final destination of the travelers is many leagues away, but with a steady pace they surely will reach it before the worst of winter is upon them.

From the elevated terrain, they see they see their next stop on their journey. In the valley below, the small town of leafhaven, a typical stopping place for people travelling these roads.

The caravan hurries to reach shelter before sunset, but alas, they are 20 minutes late.

Mom, what are those lights?- say a little boy while pointing a direction with his finger
oh, those should the northern lights - reply his mother.

This exchange of words happens minutes before entering the town, making everyone around, you included, to look at what they boy is pointing out. You see, at a show of reddish lights flashing low on the horizon, just above the tree canopy.

Knowledge nature DC 15:
There is something atypical in this particular aurora boreal, but you can't pinpoint exactly what at the moment.

But there is no time to waste and the travelers soon forgot about the lights and concentrate on their immediate goal of having a roof avobe them and a hot meal at their hands.


You enter town, and find lodging in the smoking pipe inn. Some hours later most people have gone to sleep, but you have stayed a little while around the fire in the communal salon.

Hi everyone The Rift is pathfinder homebrew adventure of my own design for low level characters.

About the adventure

I don't want to give any spoiler of what kind of enemies you are going to encounter nor what are going to be your main goals but basically the adventure is designed for heroic characters and it will take them from level 2 to around level 5.

The Pcs will be passing by a town in the north regions (of an unnamed world) when a sudden and unexpected danger pounce on the region. Pcs not only need to find a way to survive, but also to help as many people as they can and hopefully to find a way to end the threat.

The events can be gory and hopefully shockfull, If I do my job correctly the players will feel the urge to act quickly to save as many lives as they can as the consecuences of failure are dire and inmediate.

As a side note, I don't mind deviating from the standard wealth distribution, so you can find yourselves with less of (much) more wealth (in the form of strong magic items) than usual, all depending on your actions and your degree of success.

About me

- I was a regular poster of these forums but have been away for some time. I would like to return to pbp gaming DMing an small adventure. I've been away from pathfinder for some time and I'm not well versed in the latest development of pathfinder and so the character creation rules might seems restrictive to people accostumed to use all Paizo's books.

- I'm not a native speaker so I tend to have grammatical mistakes and construct sentences in odd ways. This has not been a problem in the past, but it might bother some people.

Character creation

we start at level 2. Standard wealth, 20 point buy, 2 traits, core races only.

-Classes allowed: Core + APG + Magus+ unchained rogue. No summoners.

-Archetypes allowed: You can take any archetype of any book as long as they don't have mechanics that requires
(a) Guns
(b) ACG, occult, unchained and/or newer books.

-Feats: AS with archetypes, you can take any feat as long as the feat doesn't require knowledge of the ACG, occult, etc. With this I mean that the effect of the feat has to be understandable just by reading the feat itself in the pfsrd and it doesn't require checking the aforementioned books.

-Spells: Core + APG + UC +UM.

House rules

Not many fortunately

- We will use block initiative. Pcs that have their initiative order next to each other can act in any order they want. This is to speed up the game.

- Fighters, paladins and clerics have 4+int skills per level.

It was a difficult task, but your small group could infiltrate the ice complex of Jorl the frost Tyrant. The Frost giant is in the middle is about to start a ritual sacrifice to his lord, Kostchtchie the Prince of Wrath.

Jorl is about to release his enraged polar bears upon the captives he and his tribe took from an attacked outpost.

A battalion of astengard's was quickly sent to deal with the attackers. The bulk of the troop made a diversion move to dive away the Frost giant tribe from defending their leader, and give you the opportunity to strike directly at Jorl's lair.


So, to test your 10th level prowess, let's start with a fight. The enemies consist of:

- Jorl, cleric 4 frost giant
- Standard Frost Giant
- 5 Polar bear.

The battle ground is a huge ice cave. The terrain is flat, with the exception of the pit where the captives are and where the polar bears are going to be released.

- 10th level
- Same character creation than in Ambervale
- No unchained or occult. Summoner only if you promise to be gentle with the DM sanity.
- Since you have free bonuses to save and AC, the starting wealth is 40k gp.
- I would love to include guns, but Pf rules suck hard in that regard. If you have a 3pp about it and want to use it, we can talk about it.
- I'm inclined for core + aasimar and Tieflin races only.
- Don't make your build around a magic item, I'll be far less stingy with treasure compared to ambervale


The lore of the setting would be

- Astengard is an L isolated small (but high fantasy kingdom) in the remote and frozen south. 35 years ago there was a big war with the invasor from a mechanically advanced construct using empire from the north. Astengard won. The enemy never returned, until now.

- I want a thematic kingdom. Instead of the usal menagerie of races, I'm thinking about Astengard being a kingdom of Human+Aasimar(or an elemental race). I think it would increment the Us Vs Them atmosphere.

- AS you are level 10th, you might someone with socially recognized if you desire. Perhaps with a military job.

- The Gods are long gone, and asmodeus was never a god. Archidevil, Demon lords, and the like are the ones that grant clerical powers. Astengard religion is based around angels and Archons of Mount Celestia.


Of course, Everything can change (except for the no unchained or occult) if you don't like it.

Paizo or otherwise, I'm just looking ready and easy to use stat blocks of different animal companions level by level.

I'm building a character for a first time player. She is a human and Her rolling stats (after the racial bonuses) are : str 14, dex 13, con 13, int 12, wis 11, cha 18.

Normally, I would put that 18 in str and the 14 in cha, but She want to focus on cha and the paladin magical abilities.

The group consist on a dwarf invulnerable rager, an archer ranger and a melee focused druidess and her tiger companion. They are not much optimized, just capable. AS you can see there is no pressure for her to optimize her to be a beast in damage dealing since the role is well covered.

So, what to do?

Playing Icewind dale (a 2e based game) I pay attention to the difference in cost for items with the same enchantment. So a +3 leather armor cost lower than a +3 studded leather armor.

It always bugged me that in 3.x there are choices that are always taken above the others, for example the breastplate reigning over all the other medium armors.

What if, for example, the chainmail can be enchanted with a 5% or 10% lower cost?. Would that improve variety or would make the chainmail the "you are doing it wrong if you don't take it" option?

So WWIII happened somewhere around 1960 and 1980. The details of the war are lost to common people (for some reason).

Half of the world population died. The US got annihilated. The radioactive wind poisoned a lot of mexico sending it to a medieval age. In most of the world, people died due to more mundane causes like getting shot, stabbed, bombed or starved and surely some diseases (perhaps biological weapons?). The nuclear bombing concentrated in the US, Russia and China, though these last two are not nuclear wastes (mostly).

In any case, the rest of the world is not Fallout (well, a chunk of russia actually is).

We are in is january of 2000, Most nuclear arsenals are gone for good and the world is being rebuilded. You can give input on the details of the current state of the place you want to start.

London will be retro-noir-punk. With a lot of poverty, corruption and crime. In ireland the new IRA is using terrorist attacks to fight for independence. Unless Cube have something to say against it.

StormD, you can tell me how do you want germany to be. They could be full of neonazis (though that would be quite cliche), or if you want to be an echologist, we could say that currently the german nation is a huge predator of natural resources so you have an antagonist from the beginning. Or you can let the details of the country to me.

Let the world rebuilding begin.

When building a spellcaster I first think in his role in the party: DEbuffer, Support, blaster, etc. So i found that that thinking always lead me to be pigeonholed to a reduced set of spell which have proved to work great time after time. The thing is that those spells doesn't have much in common (like haste and black tentacles) they just happens to be really good. And it's becoming somewhat boring

So, perhaps I should change the focus, first choose a theme (not a role) and then build around it.

So, what's the best way to build sorcerer/wizards, Magi, oracle/cleric/Warpriest that is a true specialist (in the sense that most of his powers follow the chosen theme) in

- Fire, water (cold), earth or air magic (probably the easier)
- Negative energy
- Holy magic (not just divine spells, but stuffs like holy smite)
- Illusions
- Darkness/shadows
- Time

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I wonder if Illusion spells would even work taking into account the FAQ on spellcraft and manifestations.

"Bob the Arcane tricksters is successfully stealthing and wants to cast a silent minor image to distract some guards, but Bob start shining like a christmas tree and the guards charge him next turn"

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Because they seems quite imaginative about d&d, or because they seems to be great roleplayers, or just because they post funny stuff.

I'm pretty sure I'm leaving out plenty of names, specially the ones that have not posted in a while, but this is my list (I'm obviously not counting the ones I already played with)

- Mikaze: It has to be a joyful event.
- Dungeonmastercarl
- Kobold cleaver
- Umbral reaver
- Triomegazero: I admit that my interest is mostly to see if he brings a mask to the table and say half the things as himself and half the other as TOZ.
- Ravingdork
- Hypermissingo
- wraithstrike
- Endzeitgeist: it has to be like playtesting all PF adventures.


Every year, at the start of the spring season, dozens upon dozens of men and woman of fortune travel to small city in the borders of civilization.

The city of New Aldwall have renown among bounty hunters, mercenaries, ex-soldiers and all those kind of people that earn a living by what is usually called "adventuring".

You, and many other picturesque adventurers that came recently to the city are reunited in open space, waiting for the city officers to do a census. Every person that wants to participate of the bounties offered by the city have first to register his name, gender and race.

The city guards are around watching everyone. Their leader is a towering man of around 7 foot height. The man move around warning group of adventurers to behave themselves.

Whoever that cause any form of problem will be kicked out of the city...And all their possessions will be confiscated.

@ Devon

While waiting, You see a small and animated goblin carrying pamphlets that gives to everyone. He approach you and give one to you.

Don't forget to visit The riverside inn, the best inn in the town for adventurers. The cleanest beds, the tastiest food and the stronger beer!

The pamphlet tells how to find the inn and promote the owner, called Miss Liro, as the best place as the best source of information and advices for rookie adventurers in the city.

@ Kitska

While waiting, you see a young man trying to talk to other people, specially the ones that are already forming groups. Nobody pays attention to him. He approaches you

Ah, Uhm, hi there! you seems like a solitary type, No I mean, you seems to be single, no gods, what I mean is that you seems to not be part of adventuring group. I'm Glen, expert Magician and I'll be glad to accept you in the team I'm forming!

@ Gareth

It's your turn to register. You are in front of a middle age lady, who seems to be very bored with her job.

Name, Race and level of expertise?


I'm looking for 3 to five people that want to give a try to a homebrew system that allows class customization via a point buy.

Here it is.

As an example of the characters that can be done with the system, I'm currently playing a Rogue with bombs and bardic knowledge while a fellow teammate is playing a light armored cleric with bardic performance.

The campaign will be sandbox-like in nature. Mainly it will be based around small missions or task that leads to short adventures. Each time I will give a list of the available missions and the players will choose the one they like the more. Optionally, the characters can decide to investigate things or areas on their own.

I plan to give good use to random encounters and random treasure generators. Fair and CR Balanced encounters are not guaranteed. I will not follow WBL, the characters could be under or above it depending on their actions and their successfulness.

the setting:

The vale is geographic anomaly where, in a relative small space, coexist several ecosystems and climates: different kind of Forest, tundras, marshes, jungles and even a small desert.

The vale is mostly uncivilized and still wild, having only two "major" settlements in it.

New Aldwall

For decades a nearby kingdom tried to tame all the vale, but all efforts proved unsuccessful. The kingdom then decides to entrench a city and just claim the area around it. The city is famous as a place where adventurers can earn money. The adventuring jobs abound as the city constantly offers new bounties.


Tuskkep is a (almost)Civilized goblin city and it's allied with Aldawll. This alliance is the only thing that prevents the two cities to fall pray of dangers of the vale.

The clans

By far the most common race of humanoids in the Vale are goblins. They are divided in marsh goblins (yellow skin), forest goblins (green skin), Jungle goblins (gray skin) and the most dangerous ones, and luckily the ones that live farther from Aldwall, the tundra goblin of the north mountains (blue skin).

Character creation (the math):

-3rd level character
-20 Point buy for ability scores
-Core races + goblins are allowed without restriction. Other races could be fine as long as you don't start asking for too much options from obscure splatbooks.
-Standard WBl for level 3, but no customized items, plus the following items are banned: ring of def, amulet of nat armor, stat booster and cloak of protection. Instead we will use the following progression

All characters receive the following benefits at levels 2, 6, 10, 14 and 18.
- A +1 Resistance bonus to all saving throws .
- A +1 Deflection bonus to AC and CMD.

All characters receive the following benefits at levels 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20
- +2 to an ability score, +1 to other 2 ability scores.
- +1 Enhancement bonus to Natural Armor

Character creation (the fluff):

I'm not particularly interested in your character background. Of course that I will not punish you for having a detailed background, but I'm more interested in who is your character at the present.

What I'm most interested to read is a description of the character personality, goals, motivations and the physical description. A couple of mannerism would be cool too.

Do note that the campaign is based around adventures that want to go adventuring, it is advisable that your character are happy with that idea.

recommendations about the class creation:

You can try a crazy combination of class features if you want, that's part of the fun. But with so many options in PF it can lead to decision paralysis. I recommend A recommend to build around standard class and then change some things a little bit. Like a fighter with weapon bond instead of weapon training.

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I want to check if there is enough people interested in trying a class building system where you can choose your class features. uqVA/edit

Character would start at level 3 and the idea is to have a campaign constructed around small adventures of the players choice. Basically the character would live in a small city in the border of civilization, and the city constantly recruit adventurers for different jobs, like killing a band of ogres, scorting a caravan, exploring some ruins, and stuff like that. I also don't plan to follow WBL and use plenty of random encounter tables plus random treasure generator.

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Pretty much as the tittle say.

I'm interested in GMing a couple of scenarios by playing PbP here in the forum. So, where to start?

The northern wall of Bard’s Gate looks out over a vast river valley disappearing into purple hills in the hazy distance. The mighty gates fixed in that wall rarely open anymore. On the few occasions when the north gates do open to allow entrance to the occasional merchant caravan or especially daring traveler, they reveal a wide road, paved with great stone fl ags forming a smooth and level traveling surface striking due north for the hills. However, closer inspection reveals the signs of a lack of maintenance, and after a few miles the road deteriorates into little more than a wide dirt track, overgrown with weeds and with only the occasional stone paver visible in the hard soil. It obviously sees little travel and even less care. Few stand atop Bard’s Gate’s north wall and gaze out upon that hazy vista or care to think about what lies beyond those distant highlands. Fewer still are brave or foolish enough to make the journey in that direction. Bard’s Gate relies on its commerce from other roads in other directions and pays no mind to the north, for to the north, beyond the village of Taverlan and the distant purple hills and across many leagues, lies the reminder of one of the most tragic moments in the history of the civilized kingdoms. To those who even care to remember, the north gate leads only to bad memories or mournful legend. To the rest it leads to where only madmen would dare to go—the ruined city of Tsar and the great Desolation that surrounds it.


The cases when a nerfbat turns a "omgwtf crazy" ability into a "lol this sucks" ability are, for obvious reasons, more notorious and more commented in the forum.

But there have to be cases when the devs just found the perfect middle ground and turn a problematic ability into a balanced, fun and perfectly usable one.

I don't remember anyone at the moment they have to exist, Let list them.

The last thread like this was closed so lets focus on the positive.

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Basically as the title says. Lately i'm more interested in DM stuff than in player options (like classes or magic items)

By DM stuffs I'm talking about things like wilderness dressing by raging swan (I´m in love with Raging swan products and I plan to (eventually) buy all their compilatory books) or the excellent 101 Hazards and Disasters by rite publishing and I would like to know more products like those. I could also be interested in campaign settings books (if they are not too expensive, like the midgard books unfortunately are) and short adventures.

PS: It is important that the can be purchased in rpg now or the like

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1) Mentioning a succubus in every grapple thread.

I see a little box next to the names of the campaign I'm playing, it displays a chat when clicked, but the other people that play wit me can't see it.

The last build thread is filled with dozens of ready to use PCs made by fellow forum members.

To balance the universe, I will start to post monster with class levels. Everyone can post their own monster of course.
The rules are simple,
1- Use the monster advancement rules and compare your monster against the numbers of the monster creation guidelines ( bonus point if you can reach your CR numbers without using the big 4 items).

2- Give some general guidelines as to how to use the monster, his tactics and general behavior.

I'll start with a couple of ogres

=====CR 7======

The Lungcrusher brothers (Ogre Martial Artists 4):

CE Large humanoid (giant)
Init 0; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +11
AC 20, touch 8, flat-footed 18 (+2 wis, 0 Dex, +1 armor, +5 natural, +1 dodge, -1 size)
hp 76 (8d8+40)
Fort +12, Ref +5, Will +7;
Speed 40 ft.
Melee MW large Longspear +14/+9 (2d6+10), or Unarmed strike +13/+8 (2d6+7), Or flurry of blows +12/+12/+7 (2d6+7)
Ranged javelin +4 (1d8+7)
Space 10 ft.Reach 10 ft.
Str 25, Dex 10, Con 18, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 6;
Base Atk 6; CMB 14; CMD 27
Feats Ability focus (stunning fist), Toughness, Stunning fist (DC 17), Unarmed strike, Combat reflexes, Deflect arrows, Lunge, Dodge.
Skills Climb +9, Perception +11, Stealth +6, Survival +8, Intimidate +4
Languages Giant
Gear Bracer of armor +1, potions of cure light wound x4, Elixir of hiding x2, elixir of fire breath


Kog and Tbok
Ogre Martial Artist 4

CE Large humanoid (giant)
Init 0; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +11
AC 19, touch 8, flat-footed 18 (+1 armor, +2 wis, 0 Dex, +5 natural, -1 size)
hp 76 (8d8+40)
Fort +12, Ref +5, Will +7;
Speed 40 ft.
Melee Unarmed strike +13/+8 (2d6+7), Or flurry of blows +12/+12/+7 (2d6+7)
Ranged javelin +4 (1d8+7)
Space 10 ft.Reach 10 ft.
Str 25, Dex 10, Con 18, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 6;
Base Atk 6; CMB +14 (+19 grapple); CMD 27 (31 grapple)
Feats Toughness, Stunning fist (DC 15), Unarmed strike, Improved grapple, greater grapple, Ogre crush, Vestigial head x2.
Skills Climb +9, Perception +11, Stealth +6, Survival +8, Intimidate +4
Languages Giant
Gear Bracer of armor +1, potions of cure light wound x4, Elixir of hiding x2, quickrunner shirt.

The lungcrusher brothers prefer to stalk their prey in the night. They tag team to capture their victims alive , only killing if their preys proves to be too strong. They do that in order to torture them for as long as posible.

While the big number of possibilities the book's "not-that-detailed setting" style is much appreciated, an adventure would save time for those DMs that have not the time to make all the choices.

Fighters didn't get a direct revamp in PFU, the idea was that with a revision of skills and feat the fighter will get improved indirectly. So, for the ones that have the book the question is what is the status of fighters after the PFU?

Because I need to flesh out a settlement populated with goblins that try to emulate humans but without losing their goblin "culture" and I need some weird/cool ideas.

1. A rat farm, because they like ratburgers.


Turbulent waters and forbidding, trackless forests separate the Lonely Coast from the gaudy lights of civilisation. Pirates and slavers ply the storm‐tossed waters while goblins and other foul things creep through the gloom of the Tangled Wood that chokes the forgotten holds and sacred places of the Old People.
Deep within the forest, a narrow, rock‐choked defile piled deep with shadow cuts through a nameless range of rugged, tree
shrouded hills birthing dark, fearsome legends of terrifying monsters and glittering, doom‐laden treasures. 

A grey and cold Dawn greets you today. You are in the the small village of swallowfeld, the closest settlement to your ultimate destination, the priory of Cimer.

Few people go there, especially this time of year. But you all have heard about other travellers that want to go there too, and travelling alone is never a wise choice in a mostly untamed land like the Lonely coast.

So here you are, five people gathered by chance around a fire in the living hall of a small inn.

Hi. You can post here. I will do the campaign thread tomorrow.

In the frozen depths of winter, murderous winds mercilessly batter the crum bling Priory of Cymer. Within, trapped by their duty and the
heaped snowdrifts that render travel near impossible, the few remaining fai thful huddle together and tend the sacred places of their
forbears. With the weather worsening, nerves fray and tempers snap as the w ind howls its mournful dirge for the forgotten dead of a
fallen time. But the worst is yet to come. The ancient walls of the priory hides a murderous grudge that only blood can expunge, and as the storm reaches its savage height, terrible revenge is wrought amid the frigi d halls and faded glories of a bygone age


I'm planning to run retribution, a short adventure by Raging swan press. Retribution is a traditionally gothic (as in the "Castle of Ontranto" "Name of the Rose"-style) mystery where the Pcs discover themselves in the middle of some unsettling and ultimately dangerous events.

I'm looking for 4 players. Party composition and party balance is of no importance, you are not required to fill any role and the class you choose will have no impact in the recruitment. However, the adventure seem to have some difficult fights alongside heavy roleplaying, so whatever your class be sure to be able to participate in both (in some form of another)

Most of the adventure is sandbox in nature. Its feature some heavy roleplaying alongside some difficult and perhaps deadly battles. The full adventure is placed in a mini-setting designed by raging swan.

The Lonely Coast:
Turbulent waters and forbidding, trackless forests separate the
Lonely Coast from the gaudy lights of civilisation. Pirates and
slavers ply the storm‐tossed waters while goblins and other foul
things creep through the gloom of the Tangled Wood that chokes the forgotten holds and sacred places of the Old People.
Deep within the forest, a narrow, rock‐choked defile piled deep
with shadow cuts through a nameless range of rugged, tree‐
shrouded hills birthing dark, fearsome legends of terrifying
monsters and glittering, doom‐laden treasures. 

The adventure also feature a new god whose church will play a key role

LG god of Law, Order, Justice and the Sun
Epithets: The Justicar, the Shining Light, the Noble One
Symbol: The rising sun
Domains: Good, Law, Protection, Sun
Favoured Weapon: Longsword
Raiment: Voluminous, white cowled habits. Unless expecting
battle, clerics do not wear armour.
Teachings: The strong must protect the weak, for this is the
natural order. Those with great abilities or aptitudes must use
their gifts for the betterment of their fellows. The faithful must
be ever vigilant for evil’s rise, but must show mercy in dealing
with its tools.
Holy Texts: Darlen’s teachings are set down in the Scripture
of Law – a vast tome containing teaching, stories and lessons by
some of his prominent early followers. Divine Order and On
Darkness’ Rise are important early commentaries penned by
legendary high priests.

Character creation

In retributions your character will be traveling along a tree-fringed track on the way to the priory of Cymer, a holy site dedicated to Darlen. Your character will need a reason to go there, you can use the ones below or make one of your own.

Possible Hooks:

You could use the following to explain why your character is interested in visiting the priory Cymer. Different Pcs can have different reasons.

1. Injured: One (or more) of the PCs could be infected with a disease (or perhaps a virulent poison courses through their veins). Lacking the resources to deal with the problem themselves, they travel to the priory to seek aid.

2. Pilgrim: One of the PC is a devout follower of Darlen. He has come to the priory either to pray before the high altar or to gain Ruan’s spiritual guidance on some important matter. Because fell things sometimes creep out of the deep woods to prey on travellers, the rest of the PCs have accompanied their friend.

3. PC Specific Hooks: One or more of the PCs could have been
hired to perform a specific task at Cymer. 
- A clever thief (page 60) has recently stolen a set of earrings from Tryfena a local merchant of Swallowfeld
(for which she has offered a 100 gp reward). 
- Tahllian Liaiamne  is looking for his son a half‐elven warrior called
Malvenos. Tahllian is offering a reward of 100 gp if the PCs find him.
- The elder priest of the prior taught a PC’s parent long ago. The parent has despatched the PC with a gift for the aged curate.

Starting level: 1
Starting wealth: Average by class
Ability generation: 20 point buy
Alignment restrictions: Character as expected to try to help others, therefeor Evil characters are not appropriated for this campaign and will not be allowed.
Traits: 2 Traits
Races: Core
Classes: No gunslinger, No summoner, No ACG.
Rules/books Disallowed: Everything with technology, guns and the ACG. Everything else is allowed in principle (but I could have problems with specific options that are broken, too strong or just plain silly like sacred geometry)
Minor houserule: Sorcerers, Fighters, clerics and paladins get 4 skill points per level.

If you are interested, please create a character alias and include your character information in a stat block like this one. Also, include the following standard information in your profile:

1) Appearance
2) Personality and motivations
3) Background (optional)

The background is optional because I'm more interested in who your character is now and not in his past, so it is up to you.

What I want from the players

I would like you to be active and not just to hang along with the others waiting for me to present you the next encounter. An important part of the adventure is sanboxy in nature, the character will have the opportunity to choose where they want investigate, and if you choose to do nothing and ignore everything then the campaign will not be fun. I also would like you to (in character) interact a lot with your fellows Pcs.

I recommend you to read the following guides (if not for this one, they will help you for whatever other pbp campaign you are interested in) rld

A words on social Skills

I don't rely that much in the social skills to handle the social interaction. I will not say you have badwrongfun if you prefer the contrary approach, but if you are accustomed to solve social encounters just by rolling dices then this is probably a campaign you will not enjoy.

I'm trying to buy some pdfs with a credit card and it say the type of payment is not valid. I try using other person card and was able to do the purchase. My bank say everything is in order with my card, what could be the problem?

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We have combat, magic, NPcs and monster of the Inner sea, and soon we will have Races and monster codex of the inner sea. I wonder If there is hope to have someday those kind of book but for the Dragon Empires. How many people would want that?

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I recently read the Monster codex and I was shocked by how cool the book is. New monster, new feats, incredibly art and overall good to OK builds. I find myself liking this book much more than the NPC one and I would like to talk about some things about those books.

a) Letting aside the new mechanics and focusing only on the builds/examples, what would you consider is the more useful book? , I would say is the monster codex since we are (I assume) more familiar with the rules to create Pcs/Npcs than with the rules of adding levels to the monsters, so a monster codex book would save more time.

b) I find several for the builds in the NPC codex questionable at best. Like the CR 16 arbalester whose only trick is to shoot a crossbow for +27 (3d10+19 17-20/x2). Now, the monster codex also have weak builds, like the CR 15 Troll monarch with a pitiful low +6 to will, but I feel the NPC book suffer more from this. Enemies are supposed to be defeated by the PCs, but a lot of NPCs seems to be there for an easy loot (CR 15 mage slayer rogue seriously?).

c) Unfortunately, both books are filled with belt of str +x, headband of cha +y, cloak of resistance +z. It is incredibly repetitive and boring, but I understand the authors of the books, at some point the system just require them.

But in this case, I think the monster codex have the advantage. Make a gearless Troll slayer 5 vs a gearless human slayer 10 and the troll have the advantage.

"A monster with class levels always possesses treasure equal to an NPC of a level equal to the monster's final CR (as calculated in Step 3, below). To determine the value of this gear, use the value listed for a heroic NPC of that level, as listed in Table NPC Gear. Once a total GP value is determined, follow the rules for outfitting an NPC as outlined in that section. Gear should help a monster with class levels remain challenging and retain statistics close to those presented on Table: Monster Statistics by CR."

What if the monster have no extra wealth, what would be the guideline for the CR?

Is there a way to become them master of other people's golems (Specially if the original master is now dead)?

As the tittle say.

I would like that some of the aliases that I have created over time to not appear as an option in the "post as" list.

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I've been very lucky with the Mikazemas in the past, due to the generosity of fellow forum members I own some high quality products like Cerulean seas campaign setting, Varisia birthplace of legend and Obsidian Apocalypse among others.

So, to restore the balance I will give one of the following to the first three people that ask for them, (the catch if that is someone else have already asked for one of them the next person have to choose from the remaining.)

1) Psychological Combat
2) Encounter Pages III
3) Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Ruins

And the the first ten people that post can participate in the raffle for one of the following

1) Ultimate composition.
2) Ultimate Ethermagic
3) Retribution—Collector's Edition

I also would like that the happy winner compromise to write a review about their product.

Disclaimer : Between you choosing a product and me buying it it may pass some weeks, or not, not sure at the moment.

1) 101 ways to hook up with Desna.
2) 101 reasons why pathfinders are not just some random murderhobos.
3) 101 imaginative ways to nerf monks.
4) 101 ways to break up with a Calistrean high priestess.
5) 101 ways to make Iomedae blush.
6) 101 tricks for paladins to ignore the ambiguous morality of his party.
7) 101 new bad rogue talents.
8) 101 conspiracy theories of golarion.
9) 101 exotic food of golarion.
10) 101 possible explanations to why TOZ always know when someone mention him in the forum.
11) 101 ways to end Cosmos's reign of terror.
12) 101 advice to properly grapple a succubus.
13) 101 ways to bribe your DM.
14) 101 calistrian temple events.
15) 101 ways to encourage Mikaze to carry out this promise.

Mikaze wrote:
That does it, I'm taking on a self-imposed challenge to write a female monk vs. succubus fight scene tonight while staying on the high ground and have the succubus entirely in character and make it classy.

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For random stuff that you have favorite in the past for making you smile, laugh or you just agree with.

TOZ wrote:
Sarrah wrote:
I built a L11 rogue not too long ago that could do 300+ DPR.
Words are wind.

Lincon hills on stuff we see everyday on the forum:
Lincoln Hills wrote:

We all know 'em. Here, I'll lead off with a few - but please, try to keep them good-natured. Plenty of other threads where the claws come out.

1. "Your argument has convinced me. I see now that the position I took during my first post was in error. Although I am of course reluctant to seem weak by allowing your argument to change my opinions, your superior grasp of the rules - to say nothing of your courtesy and your masterful skill at debate - have swayed me. Thank you for helping me understand!"

2. "Since all situations regarding paladins require a fairly complete knowledge of your GM, your group, the in-game situation and even how late in the session the incident occurred, it would be presumptuous of me to apply general truisms to your particular situation."

4. "I'm worried that my anti-paladin has done too many lawful and good things. Please analyze the following situation..."

5. "Is it morally wrong to loot the dead? Because we're now sixth level, and I can't help noticing that I'm still using my starting gear."

MIkaze giving an example I agree with:
Mikaze wrote:

NPC: Why should I help you, when your very presence has brought us only pain and loss? Tomorrow I bury my only children, slain because of this curse your greed has unleashed upon our village. All after we welcomed you among us. Tell me, why should I offer you anything more than prayers for your own deaths?

Alexandros Satorum wrote:
I use diplomacy on him.
GM and other players: >:(

Thornborn with a nice poem:
Thornborn wrote:

When one grapples succubi, go right for the pin

No, do not linger in the clinch, it's not a fight you'll win
Don't kiss the supple demoness, as from you your strength drains
And grinning, she will sup her fill, and discard what remains

So, when you grapple succubi, try coming from behind
And, quickly, now, control the head, of beauty most unkind
And keep those luscious lips well clear, of all your flesh, my son
They're simply just too perilous, for all they seem like fun

"Rogues are uniquely good at UMD because everyone else is so good at having actual class features that they don't even need to bother putting ranks in UMD" - an actual argument people are making in Rogues' favor

Doobledug - The ukraine thingy:
'You just don't in the 21st Century behave in 19th Century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext,' Mr Kerry told the CBS program Face the Nation."

[Laughs until he passes out]

What would be (if it exist) the closest thing to the highlanders?

you are bored of seeing superstition/beast totem over and over?

Several rage powers seems so lackluster like Spirit totem or hurling. Others that seems interesting have superstitous as prerequisite or can not be taken in the levels I would play the barbarian (4 to 8). The ones that give natural attacks seems strong enough, but does not really go witht he fluff of the PC.

The only one I'm finding interesting is lesser celestial totem, but I Hve no idea If tehre will be a healer int he party

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