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Received an e-mail, got $10 worth of credit, and free shipping for the char add on pack next month.

I'm satisfied with the resolution.

Flat the Impaler wrote:

I realize it's hard to judge the tone of internet posts, but looking back at Duncan's recent posts, it's hard for me to read them with anything other than some degree of rudeness and/or incivility.

Yes, it's a bad situation. Yes, we're frustrated. But bad attitude doesn't help. Ever.

People were asking politely and weren't getting answers; eventually that "bad attitude" was going to leak through. And unfortunately sometimes "bad attitude" can get those answers faster.

Anyway if I were Paizo, I'd give an extra enticement to those people whose orders were affected. Either, giving people a sample of the sleeves or maybe the promo Raznak playmat (barring supply limits).

Due to the character addon decks being available at gencon, it just gives the appareance that Paizo doesn't value their subscriber customers as much. By taking a loss on this, it might assuage some lingering negativity.