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Great Story-- Not as hard as people make it out.


I know people are complaining about the fights on this module, but even with most of the party using pregens, there were more than enough tools to overcome. It was a nifty little scenario and I enjoyed running it.

I had 2 seasoned PFS'ers but mostly newbs at my table and they didn't have any problem. In fact, the fight was pretty epic.

The dominate person should not be a problem and is easily countered, especially if a cleric brings Pro Evil to the table.

Everyone had a wonderful time, and I was happy to run. Honestly, I think PFS mods should be more difficult, and this held the line darn well.

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3 PC's Dead in the First Book... but WORTH IT!


This has to be my favorite adventure path so far, out of "curse of the crimson throne" "council of thieves" "Second Darkness" and "Serpents Skull" and this one.

The NPC's are flavorful without being in-your-face, the story is rich, and the murder mystery in the second book had everyone scared to their toes!

In the first book, we had three PC's killed. A fighter who missed his swim check at the canyon, a bard was killed by raging summons from the little flying cleric demon, and a paladin killed by a bound demon. It sagged on morale, but we got though it and the history is WORTH every hour of playing.