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Wonderful rate of additions!


Moving from 1e to 2e, one concern is always a drastic drop in content but Paizo has worked to tackle that concern tirelessly.

The new classes are quite different than their predecessors but still hold onto that class fantasy quite well. They may be the biggest draw but somewhere else truly shined, in my opinion.

Versatile Heritages are an absolute blast to use and incorporate into play. There was always the blurb in 1e where you could have Planetouched Non-Humans but this takes it to 11! The variety it has added by being compatible with all races and having mechanical effects is wonderful, and allows for easy expansion in the future! It makes me have countless character ideas and gives me no worry about being unique.

Looking forward to every book. I still play 1e as it is the first system I dove completely into (started with 3.5) and probably always will but 2e is a pure upgrade in my eyes.

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Jumps Right In


This book wastes not time getting to the armory of new choices.

Basics: This is not a fluff book. Page after page of new weapons and equipment. Also has some equipment for casters at the end as well.

Mechanics: A plethora of new weapons and equipment should prove useful for everyone in some aspect. Alchemical Power Components add a new layer to casting by adding effects while also having a useful item in hand.

Theme: It is an armory but a specific theme is absent. However there is enough variety to find themes within the book. Specifically the Syringe Spear is one I am fond of for an alchemist.

Execution: It forgoes fluff to dive straight into the item descriptions and stat blocks. For this type of book it works.

Summary: A supplement of items and interactions. A simple yet useful addition to a collection.

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A Name That Speaks For Itself


This book is about Orcs from cover to cover and that is a good thing!

Basics: This book covers history, culture, locations, subraces, and combat options.

Mechanics: Many options are viable and it also includes one of the most popular Sorcerer bloodlines out.

Theme: What can I say other than it nails the Orc theme!

Execution: The format is easy to follow as it introduces you to Orcs before explaining the various aspects then gives you the mechanical choices.

Summary: This book simply delivers on the premise. A must have for most Orc or Half-Orc characters. Also if you want to flesh out Orcs in your campaign.

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Interesting Read with Un-interesting Options


Basics: This book is all about the aspects of melee combat and on that premise it delivers.

Mechanics: There are some fantastic options mixed in with a lot of poor options that will not fare well. Feats are important choices and most of these feel like they are better suited for an NPC.

Theme: This is where it shines giving you ways to bring melee combat alive if you don't mind toning down the power level or taking niche options. The new weapons inside are my favorite part especially the Orc Skull Ram.

Execution: It was unbalanced but shined in some examples with weapons and combat styles.

Summary: If you know there is content in this book you want your character to use pick it up. Choices can be sub-optimal or niche so diving in to explore may result in a less than stellar experience with this thematic piece.

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Starspawn was a thrilling ride.


This was the first Pathfinder Tale I had the pleasure of reading and it was very enjoyable.

-The action portions are paced well and really pull you into the action.
-The main characters were likeable and were developed well. Had flaws, etc.

-The secondary characters are not fleshed out enough. Forgettable at times.
-Pacing between big plot points can start to lag.

The good parts were great and the bad parts were forgotten once you get back into the action. Jendara are her crew were a diverse lot that made me interested in their fates and the previous book in their story. The story pulls you in and the stakes are high as they deal with a threat to all of Golarian.