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Full Name

Agazi Faustino


| HP: 12/38 | AC: 20 (11 Tch, 19 Fl) | BAB: 3, CMB: +6, CMD: 17 | F: +6, R: +5, W: +7 | Init: +7 | Perc: 12, SM: 12


| Speed 20ft | Bane 5/5 | Spells: 1st: 3/5 2nd: 2/3 | Active conditions: None. | flight 4/5


Male LN Ifrit (Agazi) Inquisitor (Witchknight) 5






Lawful Neutral


The Cauldron Lady




Common, Ifrit, Geni



Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 14
Charisma 14

About Agazi Faustino


Melee: +1 gandasa +7 (2d4+4)

fire resist: 10


Spells Known
detect magic
detect poison
create water

litany of weakness
divine favor
disguise self
Ill Omen

blistering invective
perceive cues
Locate Object

Feats, Talents, and Traits:

1st: Soulless Gaze (+2 to intimidate, intimidates stack. Shaken->Frightened->Panicked)
3rd: Enforcer (intimidate on hit for number of rounds equal to dmg)
5th: Fiendskin (10 fire resist)

Unnatural presence - Use intimidate on animals and vermin.
Dominator - +2 to intimidate when demoralizing.

alt racial traits:
efreeti magic: enlarge person on self 1/day
wildfire heart: +4 to init
fire in the blood: fast heal 2/rnd, 5/day when exposed to fire

flight (feather fall, levitate 1/day, fly 5 min/day)


Intimidate 5 (ranks) + 2 (cha) + 3 (CS) + 2(stern gaze) + 2(trait) +2(feat)
Perception 5 (ranks) + 2 (wis) + 3 (CS) + 2 (alertness)
Sense Motive 5 (ranks) + 2 (wis) + 3 (CS) + 2 (alertness)
Stealth 5 (ranks) + 1 (dex) + 3 (CS)
Survival 5 (ranks) + 2 (wis) + 3 (CS)

Appraise 5 (ranks) -1 (int)


+1 Gandasa
+1 Chainmail
+1 Cloak of resistance
Heavy Steel shield


+2 to reflex saves
grants alertness (+2 per, sm)

HP: 19
To hit: +5 Dmg: 1d3-4
Saves: F: 4 R: 4 W: 5

Perception: +9
Knowledge religion: +4


Agazi Faustino is the son of merchants. He was raised very religiously, and was proudly sent into service at the temple at the earliest opportunity. He was eager and zealous, which made him extremely moldable and corruptable by the bad seeds within the church.

Being fully convinced of the Temple's holiness, he was very effective at convincing others to fall in line. Furthermore, he sees it as his responsibility to bring to heel those who would disregard the teachings and edicts of Volcano as interpreted by the senior inquisitors.

Now, he stands on the precipice. Should he fight for the old ways or embrace a kinder gentler temple?

10-minute Background (incomplete):

Step 1: Background and Concept elements (at least 5) (history, description, personality)
-Agazi is large and broad shouldered, and his skin and eyes become more vibrant the more agitated he becomes. Great for intimidating, not so great for being subtle.
-He was born to well-to-do merchants, an ifrit father and a sylph mother, native to Hearth, but frequently on trips back and forth from Light. While they were on their journies, he spent much of his time in Temple provided childcare (read as religious indoctrination).
-He was hand-picked for grooming and recruitment by the Inquisitors.
-First, he asks nicely. Second, he shouts and abuses. Third, he pulls out a rather large knife. He isn't interested in negotiating, he's interested in others submitting to his authority.
-He generally keeps his familiar, Rupert the weasel, hidden on his person.

Step 2: Goals (one character, one player)
Player: I would like to see Agazi learn to be a civilized elen, even though that means abandoning his deeply held beliefs andtried-and-true methods.
Character: Agazi wants a peaceful Hearth through enforced submission to the authority of the Temple. It will take him time to adjust to and recognize the recent change in authority.

Step 3: Secrets (one known, one unknown)
-Agazi knows of the secret vault where the inquisitors keep their dossiers and blackmail material on relevant figures within Hearth.
-Agazi does not know that he's been manipulated, used, and corrupted by the Temple. He honestly believes the inquisitors are selfless and have the best intrests of Hearth as the root of all their machinations.

Step 4: People (at least two allies/friends and one adversary)
-Ariel Higgins: She is a sylph servant within the temple who fed Agazi rumors and gossip from the bottom of the temple. Over time, they grew to love each other, but do so in secret, lest it put her in danger to be used as leverage against him. As part of this cover, he pretends to be wildly racist toward sylphs.

-Morti Elehedi: A smith within the temple, who appreciated the challenge of making Agazi's blade particularly intimidating.

-Tuponi Ghirazidi: Head of the merchant's guild, he tries to minimize the impact and influence Agazi can assert. With the temple backing him, there wasn't much he could do, but now...
Step 5: Three Memories, Mannerisms, or Quirks
-Occasionally he blacks out, and his usual red eyes turn milky white. He speaks in High Ifrit, though he has no recollection of what is said.
-He proudly remembers the first time he convinced a merchant to donate his hard-earned coin to the temple's coffers. Nothing makes him feel more righteous than watching others be forced to obey.
-The Lady regularly requires sacrifice from him in the form of blood for Rupert.


1) Yes to becoming exhausted if they were already fatigued. The "status", whether fatigue (plus nothing) = fatigue; or fatigue (plus fatigue) = exhaustion; goes away after 1 round, so you would go back to (nothing) or (fatigue) after that 1 round.

2) Assuming ghost touch is a +1 enhancement, what if there was the added ability:

"This weapon can function for the Enforcer feat and other similar fear attacks, even when using lethal damage"

3) Scenario 1: blistering invective makes a group of people shaken. next round, you could intimidate an individual to make them frightened.