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FireclawDrake wrote:

Speaking of would you guys just kiss already?!

I realize I'm a little behind the curve but DAMN Yuri on Ice!!! was great.

With those two wouldn't it be Yaoi on Ice?

Midori Tsuyomi wrote:
Agarthian Storyteller wrote:
The fellow student let out a yelp and fell back, dropping the bow as they scrambled to get away from the 'attacking' feline.

Midori grinned inwardly for just a moment before realizing that her plan had been to land on him to help jump at her next target, Dacamara-senpai.

Acrobatics: 1d20+13
Bluff: 1d20+9

Midori lands expertly, clearly only aided by her feline body, and immediately coils into a spring and launches herself at Dacamara-senpai. However, lost in her haste, the bluff of her pounce is not very convincing as the claws are not bared as they were before, and her feline face is not contorted into a snarl. It almost looks adorable.

A few others nearby laugh at the retreating archer, but Anthony seems suspiciously absent of the group. On the other hand, this[/i[ is[i] a forest after all, and he grew up in one....

Midori Tsuyomi wrote:
Agarthian Storyteller wrote:

An arrow strikes the tree near her and an opponent in the distance curses loudly. Time was running out and they weren't doing so well.

Midori ciughed again as chalk blew past her sensitive face. She neede some way to press her advantages... not just to dodge but to stop them from shooting at her team...

Aha! She couldn't attack the other team but she could make them think she would. There would only be so many chances before the opposing team figured out her bluff though. It was risky and exactly the sort of thing that could get her killed if this wasn't a game. Hopefully the worst that would happen here is a bruise.

Midori ran to the nearby tree and bared her claws, using them to dig into the bark and scamper up into the branches. She took a moment or two to find an ideal target before leaping out at them with a hiss and claws on display.

[i]The fellow student let out a yelp and fell back, dropping the bow as they scrambled to get away from the 'attacking' feline.

Midori Tsuyomi wrote:
Anthony Dacamara wrote:

Up in one of the free-training gym areas Anthony was playing a very... interesting game of tag. One team, polymorphed into animals with various numbers on them, darted around the playing field while the other team chased after them and fired at them with arrows. Luckily for the animal team the arrows were tipped by large cloth spheres filled with colored chalk dust so there could be no mistaking if an arrow hit or not.

I won't say way, but there's a cookie up for grabs with this post.

Unsure how she got roped into this game, the furry form of a cat-like Midori darted across the gym, dodging arrows left and right. She caught a whiff of chalk as an arrow burst right in front of her, and she sneezed, skidding to a stop to glance around at the opposing team and get her bearings. These chalk arrows stung but hurt much less than a training session at home.

An arrow strikes the tree near her and an opponent in the distance curses loudly. Time was running out and they weren't doing so well.

That's a weird typo I made. Two. Ugh. That's whay I get for posting half awake.

"When you rarely every do so as far as I was concerned, little brother."

Alrighty then. *cracks neck/knuckles* Straight into the deep end.
Are you sure?
Yes. Why wouldn't I be?
Well, that metaphor implies you can swim decently...
Why are you looking at me li-
*shoves self into swimming pool*

So that's before the teleport then. Easy fix.

Belyu had, more or less, graduated and moved to the elementary school to help teach the kids there how to read musical notes and learn simple instruments. It was.. nice. The children especially enjoyed 'follow the butterfly' when learning a new song.

Lim-Môr Azair'vialys wrote:
As nice as that would be for him, he'd kinda stop being interesting after that.

But what happens when they aren't balancing eachother, hmm? What dangers might they become until they get combined again? What if they don't want to?

See the first episode of Jackie Chan Adventures that features the Tiger Talisman, though the one with Springheel Jack is also a decent example.

Option Four, Sorry for Reading Spoilers:
Have him walk through what looks like empty air but was actually a large, enchanted prism. When he gets through it he's been separated into his different personalities.

"Or, conveniently, they don't." -Patron Of Convenience

Don't you get so meta you start breaking walls down now. :p

Ok, admittedly I didn't read the nearly 1.5k worth of gameplay posts. Does anyone have a synopsis for me?

Or explode stuff.


There's a joke... must refrain from saying it...

The girl is indeed still stuck in that weird plane of existence.

I don't see what you did there. XD

Kryzbyn wrote:
I heard he had a thing for dragons...
Headmaster Ryo wrote:
I feel only Doc Zeppler could be better. Sadly, having once considered hiring him for a different teaching position, I received an 'anonymous' letter that, in lovely and elegant Draconic, advised against it(advised being a way to put it nicely).

Monkeygod wrote:
I don't think Ace would like him. Seemed to never really take anything too serious.

And now I know how Anthony is going to turn out.

Alton Keme de Eil, Champion of Knowledge
Patron Name Unknown
Gray Aura

Matthias, Gwenne, and Tal, Collective Champion of Dreams
Closed Eyes
Patron Name: Almos or Almos the Dreamt One
Shifting Aura of Blue-White, Red-Orange, and Silver


I (probably) didn't have anything to do with these spiders.

Monkeygod wrote:
Zomg! Avalon has a Snake Room?! How freakin cool is that?!

It's pretty much where Ormarr teaches. ^^

1) Yes.
2) If you aren't suitable as a champion anymore(like being dead) then you aren't a champion and the Patron can pick a new one.
3)Do you have an army?

Grim Jr. wrote:
Keme Tokala wrote:
Krays wrote:
the scythe didn't even come out...
Dude, we get it already...you're creepy AF! ;P
I don't get it, what's wrong?

Link to similar reaction.

Dude, just Champion Teleport in if you wanna risk the wrath.

It's funny. The school is supposed to be this safe, well protected place, but it's not! I love it.

Doc Zeppler should give lessons!
Disclaimer: Flirtatious advances may not work on wyrm class gem dragons.

I'm out an interaction too, but it was only hinted at so its not too big a deal. Still... It sucks it came to this.

He can hand sign. Mostly.

In unrelated news, if anyone can find decent d20 rules for Zoids, let me know.

lynora wrote:
♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:
Oh so she does time stuff like Flash and Quick Silver where she's just moving faster than everything else?
Yes, exactly. I'm just trying to work out how to do that in game. :)



I maaaaay have figured this out already.

That's right. Saving this idea for later then.

What's Ephebe doing right now?

Wonderful idea just popped into my head. Man, time stuff if kinda fun ^^

Are you guys in the cafeteria?

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And then Aschen with the Percolation bloodline started showing up...

Andromeda Sunwake wrote:

"I'm not Ephebe. She's talking to Dad right now. I'm Andromeda. It's kind of a long story. Which you don't care about right now. I'm guessing you're a family friend?"


In their room, whether they share it or not, Andromeda and Ephebe will find a package for each of them. Both have a note on them.

"Welcome home, sis. -T&K."

Upon being open, both girls will find a doll, simple in nature save for the purple eyes. For a moment they become small amethyst dragons, cut from the gemstone of the same kind, and then back again.

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And thus the Eldrazi came to Agartha...

"What a strange, strange conversation to be watching." Anwar murmurs before deciding it might be best to step out for a bit. He couldn't help here anyway. Not in a manner anyone would like. Besides, there was something that intrigued him nearby...

Anwar follows simply to have something to do until he figures out a plan. He hadn't really expected to be brought forward in time.

"Try not to mourn him too much. He really didn't like people worrying over him when he'd get hurt."

Advice from the kobold that technically did/didn't carry on a semi-polygamous relationship with the same woman... Just saying.

"Second time I meet any Champion I died, so it's really surprising. I suppose I'll just have to get used to it." Something bothered him though. Why were so many here? What Patron plan was going on...?

"I'm not sure if they will, but I can try to at least help. I've been out of the loop for several thousand years, after all."

Anwar nods as phantasmal scales appear overlaid on his body, titled heavily to one side. As he hugs Lysander the scales slowly even out. As soon as they are even Lysander's body just.. vanishes, leaving only his spirit kept in place by Krays.

"I'll see you soon, big brother..." The Champion of Balance says before he sends the spirit back to the time it belonged.

"Thank you, Champion Krays. It was easier without having to pull him from an afterlife just to put him back in one."

"You're Death's latest champion, yes?" Anwar asks, looking Krays over. "I'll remove the curse on my brother and you can use your power over death to hold him here briefly before I send him back."

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