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Your eyes open, and you are no longer in the Asylum. You are now outside under a blood red sky, standing in the narrow space between to buildings that both seem to lean toward each other high overhead. Others are with you, but time does not permit introductions

All around is a wall of sickly yellow fog, tumbling through the alley’s canyon of crumbling, gray brick walls like some jaundiced flash flood. Ahead, the unfamiliar alley splits, curving to the left and right. Behind, from the silent swell of mist, emanates the sound of footsteps—slow, but somehow keeping pace with the careening, hungry wave. As one, you all turn and run, sprinting as fast as you can away from the mist and whatever dwells inside. As you run, the first wispy tendrils of yellow mist begin appearing beside you.

The alley walls sag, battered brick slumping over the path, nearly blotting out the bruised twilight sky. Again the grimy cobblestone path splits. This time one route curves uphill, while the other recklessly descends. Behind, the yellow fog and the relentless sound of pursuit grow closer. Choosing the higher ground, the four of you press onward, struggling against your screaming muscles. But still the mist gets closer, rolling along the broken cobblestones.

The wall of mist parts, now mere steps behind. A mask of gray rags emerges, strips of something fleshier than fabric worming and constricting across a body that’s almost humanlike — but too lean, and far too flexible. Gauzy gray ribbons reach out like tendrils, each grasping for less doubtful flesh to claim.

Despite your best efforts, the tendrils lash about and grab each of you. More and more appear from the mist, stretching your bodies out with arms and legs held wide apart. The emotionless mask of gray rags watches impassively as the tendrils holding you begin constricting and pulling - literally tearing you apart.

As the pain begins to become unbearable, pops and cracks echo along the alleyway as bones and joints are destroyed. Muffled screams echo along the cracked brick, broken only by the sound of grossnwet slurping from somewhere nearby.

Somewhere, from beyond the mist, a single voice calls out, "Wake up! Wake up, damn you!"

With that, the pain instantly vanishes, and you open your eyes again. Groggy and unsteady, you glance around - this time, you find yourself in the familiar surroundings of the asylum. Or to be more precise, inside a cell, inside the asylum. There are four people here, all of whom you recognize from the dream you just shared. But despite how friendly and familiar these strangers appear to be, you don't have any idea who they are.

Beyond the wall of bars, you see a man lying on a table with heavy rope bound across his arms and legs. "Thank the Gods you're awake, please, you have to help me - the doctor has gone mad!"

Fresh wounds cover his body, and his bloody mouth is missing more than a few teeth.

You also see another figure, extremely thin and a
blood-smeared doctor’s coat, circling the table at a casual pace. The figure stops, leans over to examine one of the man's wounds, then continues to walk around.

The figure stops beside a wide table and lifts something off of it. To your surprise, it appears to be a piece of broken glass. With a swift motion, the doctor brings the glass down across the man's chest, eliciting a tortured wail.

The man screams and looks at you, "Please, I can't take much more!"

With an oddly gentle gesture, the doctor puts his finger to his lips, "Shhh." he says very quietly.

Perception DC 15:
You see a keyring hanging off the doctor's belt

The four of you are inside a locked cell, with iron bars preventing escape. Let me know how to proceed.

Anybody who rolls a Perception skill check and makes DC 15 can open the spoiler.

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Starting the OOC thread for the Strange Aeons adventure path.

I'll have character generation rules up tonight.

If you haven't already downloaded the Player's Guide, you can find it here (it's free).

First post opening the new Gameplay thread

Hello all, we have recently lost a couple of players due to RL commitments, so our group is looking for 2 or 3 additional characters to continue Trial of the Beast, the 2nd part in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. We currently have a fighter/paladin, wizard, and ranger/rogue, and they are about 1/3 of the way through the adventure. Preference will be given to characters who fill class roles we don't currently have.

Here are the character creation details:
20 point buy
Core, APG, UC, UM, ARG (no custom races)
Two standard traits + one campaign trait (total of 3)
6,000 gp in wealth/equipment, no single item worth more than 3,000 gp
Characters should start at 5th level

Please include a short paragraph about your character's background and history. Taking the AP setting and themes into account is a definite plus (gothic horror, classic monsters, Cthulhu mythos, etc).

A character alias is not required for submission.

Let me know if there are any questions, I will check this thread at least once a day and respond as needed. Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, August 18th at 6pm EST.

Opening the Gameplay thread!

Opening the Discussion thread.

Initial interest check and discussion: 7/10 - 7/14
Character Submissions: 7/15 - 7/19

Greetings, thanks for visiting this thread!

With the upcoming release of The Worldwound Incursion (TWI), I wanted to gauge interest in running a PbP version of the Adventure Path on the Paizo forums; however, I am considering some additions/changes to the base campaign that might make this more or less enticing for some players. I am therefore presenting the ideas for feedback before accepting character submissions.

Idea #1: I would start the campaign by running a short intro/prelude adventure similar in length to a typical PFS adventure. Players would create and run a parent, older sibling, guardian, or other "role model" of their main character. These role model characters would be created at a higher level (8th-10th?) and play through an adventure that ties into the beginning of TWI.

Part of the reason I'm considering this idea is to get the group playing together as soon as possible without waiting for the release of TWI. This would also allow me to add another layer of story/motivation/intrigue for the main characters.

Idea #2: The campaign would take place in the Arcanis setting. We would use Pathfinder rules, with only minor tweaks as needed. Psionics are an important part of the setting, so they would also be included (rules TBD). I am leaning toward starting the campaign in 1024 IC, the current year as presented in the Codex Arcanis (so prior to Living Arcanis and the current Chronicles campaign).

The Codex Arcanis, which is a great primer on the setting, is available as a free pdf download from the publisher.

Why do I want to run this campaign in Arcanis? Well, I really like Arcanis and I've been wanting to run something in the setting for a long time. I'm already using the default locations in all of the other PbP games I'm running, so I want to try something different. Additionally, there is a region very similar to the Worldwound already in the setting, so making the campaign fit into the world is relatively easy.


So those are the two ideas I'm thinking about for the campaign. Feedback, approval, discouragement, etc are all welcome. Again, nothing is final, I'm genuinely interested in hearing different opinions. Feel free to ask for more information and/or clarification as needed.

In case people are wondering about me as a DM, I run several other PbP games through this alias, so please feel free to look at those campaigns to get an idea of my style, abilities, posting frequency, etc. Questions here or via PM are always welcome.

I'll give people through the weekend (07/14) to comment before making final decisions and posting guidelines for character submissions on 7/15.

Thanks for your interest.

Hello all,
Returned home from vacation, and will be updating threads today. I have also deactivated the old campaign thread.

Is everyone good with the gp they have to spend in the marketplaces? ]

Also, if you haven't already updated your character to fourth level, please do so. It's not urgent, just a reminder.

Opening the thread

After the month has passed, you all bid Kendra a safe journey as she boards Adivion's carriage for Caliphas. Adivion stayed in Ravengo for a few days after you met him, and he proved to be an extremely learned individual. He left for his home a week ago to prepare for Kendra's arrival. Before leaving, he reminded you to call upon him if you were ever in the capital, as well as to keep him apprised of anything else you may discover about the Way's activities.

The large carriage rolls away to the south and you glance around Ravengro one last time. Perhaps the serenity of the scene before you will last on your journey to Lepidstadt.

Unfortunately, it's even worse than you can imagine. The weather is terrible, the bugs are bad, and the other travelers are all suspicious and paranoid of everyone they meet. Wisely, you decide to avoid the city of Tamrivena, though it costs you a few days. The city renown for its paranoia is protected by roving cavalry patrols who insist all travelers remain at least three miles away unless they have documented business in their city. All in all, it seems to be a place better left behind.

After two miserable weeks on the road, the spires of Lepidstadt come into view. You all know that most of the taller buildings are part of the University, but Lysa remembers hearing that the tallest spire is part of the Cathedral of Pharasma, known locally as Gravecharge. It is one of the largest churches in Ustalav, and is famous for the pristine white marble used in its construction.

As you get closer, you can see the increased traffic on the Lesser Moutray River to the east as the barges and ships pull into and out of the Lepidstadt docks. To the north, about twenty large rocks stand upright in a huge circle - the famed Spiral Cromlech, a set of standing stones reported to be over a thousand years old.

The road you are on heads north then turns to enter the city from the west, passing close by the Spiral Cromlech. You can enter the city through this gate, or continue on the road and enter through the gate on the north side of the city. The west gate is closer to the University (and likely Dr. Crowl), while the northern gate is closer to Judge Daramid's house.

Which gate would you like to use?

Opening the thread for the next adventure!

Opening Discussion Thread

Opening the thread

This is the Kingmaker AP - Into the Stolen Lands! Gameplay thread. Please see the Campaign Info tab for information, details, and links relevant to this camapign.


Our game begins as Bridgette, Bydar, and Raxus are escorting a group of former bandits back to Oleg's Trading Post. They are accompanied by Happs, one-time bandit, now hired guide. After a long day of travel, they decide to camp for the night on the plains just north of the forest.

As evening falls, the group stops for the night, eating a quick meal then setting in to get some rest. An hour into Raxus' watch, he notices a pair of bright yellow eyes staring at him from a dark shadow beside a large oak tree.

A large beast steps into the moonlight and Raxus recognizes the wolf-like creature encountered a few days before. It stares at the half-ogre, bows its head slightly, and addresses Raxus in a low growl, "Honored Pack Leader, when last we spoke, I told you that men had killed one of my pack."

It points at the bandits with its muzzle, "Those two, the one with light fur, and the one with no fur, they are the killers. They acted for pleasure, not need. They did not take the meat. They did not take the fur. Their offense can only be settled with their blood. I claim their lives in payment for my slain mate. Give them to me, and leave in peace."

Raxus notices at least four other pairs of yellow eyes just outside the light of the fire.

Bridgette & Bydar:
You rouse yourself from sleep as the soft noise of a conversation wakes you. The intelligent wolf creature you met days ago stands near the edge of the firelight, speaking with Raxus. Several other pairs of eyes watch the camp from just beyond the light of the fire.


The wolf creature has indicated two of the bandits currently held by the group.

It does not appear that Happs or any of the bandits were awakened by the conversation.

Please let me know how you want to proceed.

GM Screen:
1d20 ⇒ 13
1d20 ⇒ 4

Opening the Discussion thread.

I have decided to take over an active Kingmaker AP game that has three current characters. They are only a few encounters into the game, and now is a natural time to introduce some additional people. As such, I am looking for at least two, probably three, more characters. Current needs are arcane and skills, so preference will be given to classes supporting those roles. That said, a great concept and brilliant background will trump everything when I select characters.

Recruitment will be open through Friday, Oct 26th at 5pm EST. Characters will be selected no later than Saturday, Oct 27th at 5pm EST.

Character Creation
Ability Scores: 20 point buy
Races: all core races, aasimar, tiefling (including ARG options)*
Classes: all except gunslinger (no guns, so no musketeer, etc)
Feats and Traits: 2 traits, 1 must be campaign; no grit/gun feats**
Alignment: No evil
Level: start at 1st level
Starting gold: average by class

*I am willing to consider other races, but they must have an excellent background.
**The Kingmaker trait Noble Born – Surtova is not available.

General Campaign Information
Players should be able to post once a day during the week. Weekend posting is encouraged, but not strictly enforced.

I use Google Drive for pictures, maps, and other shared resources. Based on what I've seen in Kingmaker PbP games, I expect this campaign to have a significant number of additional documents, so another site may also be used (i.e. Obsidian Portal).

Your character should:
1) make sense for the setting and for the campaign
2) play well with others (IC and OOC)
3) have a well-written background, including a brief history and personality strengths/ flaws. Managing to include a couple of plot hooks are a plus!

Posting history in other games is also something I may look through; prior activity may be a small factor in selection - it will not be the determining factor for anybody.

I look forward to reading everyone's submissions. Feel free to ask questions as needed and I'll respond asap.

Character Information
Our group is looking for two additional characters to continue The Haunting of Harrowstone. We currently have an Alchemist, Inquisitor, Ranger, and Wizard. Given that mix, we would really like to find one character who can fill the "fighter" role, and another character able help with divine magic and/or healing when needed. Here are the character creation details:

  • 20 point buy
  • Core, APG, UC, UM, ARG (no custom races)
  • Two standard traits + one campaign trait (total of 3)
  • Max starting gold
  • Characters start at 2nd level

Submissions should also include a short background touching on their encounter(s) with Professor Lorrimor. Four to five sentences is plenty for now, but more is perfectly acceptable.

General Adventure Path Information
For those who don't know, this is a gothic horror campaign that features the heroes fighting against supernatural and undead enemies. Ghosts, lycanthropes, vampires, etc - they're all here, and the setting reflects that reality. Some character concepts, such as necromancers, are not appropriate for this AP.

I generally prefer a faster game, so players should be able to post at least once per day. The players currently in the game are consistently posting that often, so new characters will be held to the same standard.

Other Information
Submissions will remain open until midnight EST Wednesday, September 26. Final selection will occur by 6pm EST Thursday, September 27.

Feel free to ask if there are any other questions.

Opening the Gameplay thread

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Opening the Gameplay thread.

Opening the thread.

Opening the thread.

I've determined I have time to run a second group of Carrion Crown, so I'm posting this Recruitment thread to determine if there is enough interest.

  • 20 point buy
  • Core, APG, UC, UM, ARG (no custom races)
  • Two standard traits + one campaign trait (total of 3)
  • Max starting gold

Submissions should include a stat block and character history/background. Expanding on the campaign trait in the background is encouraged - the character's relationship to Professor Lorrimor is a key aspect of this AP. Creating an alias is not necessary at this point, though one will be required if selected for the game.

For those who don't know, this is a gothic horror campaign that features the heroes fighting against supernatural and undead enemies. Ghosts, lycanthropes, vampires, etc - they're all here, and the setting reflects that reality. Some character concepts, such as necromancers, are not appropriate for this AP.

I generally prefer a faster game, so players should be able to post at least once per day. Everyone is busy these days, and I'm no different, so I don't expect any novels, just enough to stay engaged and a part of the story.

Finally, I will be making a few changes to the story based on actual play reports I've read, as well as suggestions from the Paizo boards, but players will get 95% of the original AP.

I'll leave this open until midnight EST next Thursday, July 12. Final selection will occur by 6pm Friday, July 13.

Feel free to ask if there are any other questions.

Storms filled the sky on the day the letter arrived...

Dear Friend,
It is with great sorrow I write to you this day. Your friend, my father, Petros Lorrimor has died. Father spoke of you often and had hoped to see you again before the end. I am saddened that he did not get that chance.

As part of father’s final wishes, I am sending you this request. Father has asked for you to travel to Ravengro and participate in his funeral and sit in on the reading of his last will and testament. If you would consider it, we would be honored to have you act as one of father’s pallbearers. Please call upon me at my home when you arrive.

I wish you safe travel to Ravengro and look forward to your arrival.

Kendra Lorrimor

Professor Lorrimor, the man who meant so much to you, suddenly taken away. Packing your belongings, you immediately began the journey to the town of Ravengro in western Ustalav.

After facing constant rains and unseasonably cool weather on the roads, you finally arrive. You barely notice your surroundings as you quickly making your way to the Lorrimor manor. The door opens before you have a chance to knock, a young woman greets you by name and introduces herself as the Professor’s daughter, Kendra. She leads you into a large foyer where several other people wait in solemn silence.

”Thank you all for coming. My father instructed me to contact you in the event of his passing. Although I do not know any of you, I know of his great respect for each of you. “

She pauses and clasps her hands together tightly in her lap. ”Your pardon, this has been a stressful time.”

Kendra takes a deep breath and continues, ”Your arrival is well-timed, as father’s funeral is scheduled for this evening. The custom in Ravengro is to bury our loved ones in caskets, placing them into the care of Pharasma's faithful. I will need help moving the casket from the church to the Restlands, the blessed burial area where we lay our… deceased” She says the last word with a small crack in her voice.

”As I asked in my letter, would any of you be willing to help bear my father to his place of final rest?”

Kendra seems very upset at the moment, and respectfully asks that you hold questions until after the funeral. She is willing to reveal two items: 1) her father apparently suffered a fatal accident near the ruined Harrowstone prison - he was found fifteen days ago by the Sheriff's men during a routine patrol in the area, and 2) her father's will is to be read immediately after the funeral, and all the characters are asked to attend.

Sense Motive DC 15:
Kendra is very upset right now, and is only just keeping her composure while she speaks with the group. Her grief is sincere, despite the length of time between her father’s passing and the funeral.

Initial post to open discussion in the new Online Carrion Crown campaign.

Here are the character generation rules/restrictions:

  • 20 point buy
  • Races in the Carrion Crown Player's Guide (7 core + changeling, dhampir, orc)
  • Classes from Core, APG, UM
  • Two standard traits + one campaign trait (total of 3)
  • Max starting gold

Following posts will include house rules, posting preferences, and my general schedule for updating the thread.