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exoicho123 wrote:

This is the most nonsensical thing to care about

how does it change the way you play in any single factor now that the term in the book is ancestry?

just call it a race when you talk to your group. Who cares?


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If we are talking about precision, wouldn't Species then be the superior choice? Ancestry makes sense when you look at what you came from, half orc, half elf, aasimar, tiefling- they are all human or human based, for example. Orc would be a separate species entirely, cross-compatible though the two are.

I'll admit, I am new to Pathfinder, so the different species are unknown to me.

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This is bait. But I am taking it anyway.

I'm not all that bothered by it, honestly. If anything, I think it should be species, with ancestry being regulated to subtypes. That's just my opinion though.

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Honestly, I'm seeing a lot of extreme views from both sides.

Some are saying you should hard-line stop at offense and shut all of it down immediately, while others are swinging the other way.

Shouldn't you slow down and discuss it with the player(s) in question? I mean, if neither are going to move and said player is going to be disruptive, or the GM is gonna be bullheaded and ignore the player(s) then a change in table is in order.