Cleric of Pharasma


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Good content and challenging combat... A few issues.


I GM'd this with 5 players and generally enjoy it. Good areas to explore and a pretty high difficulty despite the extra player. The included gazetteer gives a lot of great detail on Absolom Station, but the plot never gives a lot of reason to visit any of the locals.

I found the pacing a little weird. The beginning has the players leave their shuttle and immediately go into combat. I personally had the players start in "The Arms" and see a few of the sights/have lunch before combat.

There are a couple RP scenes that take place in Chapter 2 that don't have any reason or stakes to engage in as there are no alternate paths to take. It gives insight to the characters, but is an opportunity wasted.

My last nit pick is that there are no general laws defined for Absolom Station, which is weird since legal matters are at the heart of this adventure. You're just kinda having casual shootouts and looting the dead in a hub city in a modern setting...weird. A paragraph about it would have been enough.

Chapter 3 is a blast. Basically back to back dungeons...SPACE DUNGEONS.