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Well, Scarab was a lot of fun, but the week leading up I was so busy clearing my schedule and prepping, I earned a cold which made the weekend a rough one. It was good to play side by side Lodge members, instead of across the table from one another, and some great sessions were had.

I ran into a lot of weird rules issues, some of which I learned something on, but several of which I verified my interpretation was correct and PC's were dying or almost dying as a result of the misinterpretation... That's frustrating.

We should try to compile a wiki that details known errata and adjudications on tough questions. I know there are official FAQ's but I think the lodge could stand to put something together for ease of use.

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Or you could stop being pessimistic about what the book is "completely missing" and instead enjoy that it does have hundreds of finished stat blocks for various character concepts of each class.

Sean activates Flame Shield. A perfect defense against trolls.

(See what I did there?). ^_^

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