Sovereign Court

Nobility united for a common cause.

Many nations trace their roots to the fearless actions of a hero who carved a country out of the wilderness or led the secession from a dying empire. The founding rulers are often just and wise, but inevitably less competent heirs take the reins and drive the state toward decadence, sloth, and weakness. To the Sovereign Court faction, the concept behind an elite class of visionary leaders is sound yet plagued by the oafs and gluttons who slouch upon many of the Inner Sea's thrones. Fortunately, these rulers' shortsightedness makes it possible to steer national policy through their advisors and other trusted officials. Through diplomacy, intrigue, deception, and the occasional act of sabotage, the Sovereign Court aims to unite Golarion's nobles to steer national policy—and one day forge a new, glorious empire.

Faction Leader

Lady Gloriana Morilla

Lady Gloriana Morilla, a full-figured, splendidly dressed Taldan woman of Absalom's most influential Taldan house, took control of her nation's ongoing efforts to control the City at the Center of the World. After Baron Jacquo Dalsine's flagging leadership lost Taldor more influence than it gained, Lady Morilla toiled for years to enact her daring plans to restore Taldor's prestige. Each time, her efforts drew the ridicule and derision of her peers in Taldor, and the same fops then squabbled over who would steal the credit when she actually succeeded. Thoroughly disillusioned with the political landscape of Taldor, if not its founding ideals, Lady Morilla has quietly formed her own faction, retained her best agents, and begun an ambitious campaign to find like-minded, noble activists.

The Sovereign Court Pathfinder

Pathfinders in service to the Sovereign Court often have ties to nobility, aspire to earn a title, or simply share the modus operandi of using courtly intrigue to their own advantage. Many of Lady Morilla's Taldan agents continue to work with her, either out of loyalty or in the belief that the Sovereign Court's success would be healthier for Taldor than continued inaction. Others have joined her because they see the faction's ultimate goals as altruistic and benevolent despite the occasional need to lie, cheat, and steal to realize this goal. As a result, although most Sovereign Court faction PCs are neutral-aligned, a healthy portion are good-aligned.

Aiding Your Cause

Until its membership hits critical mass, the primary goal of the Sovereign Court is recruitment. Although attracting like-minded nobles is its highest priority, the faction benefits from enlisting capable diplomats, spies, and enforcers to reach all corners of the Inner Sea region. Most monarchs would view the Sovereign Court as a rival if not a criminal operation, so it is important that agents avoid publicizing the faction's existence and goals except when dealing with potential recruits.