Choosing your faction is as important as choosing your character's class or race‚ it defines your character in the campaign, and ties her to the destiny of one particular cause. Before you choose your character's faction, consider each carefully and pick the faction that best matches the character you are trying to create. Some classes may be harder to play in some factions than others.

Below are brief descriptions for each of the factions of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild. By visiting each of their pages you will find information about the history of the faction, their goals, a description of the faction leader, and more.

Choose your faction carefully—you'll frequently be risking your life for it!

Faction Journal Cards

Contribute to your faction's cause! These new Faction Journal Cards provide more information for your Pathfinder Society character to advance your faction's goals.

Dark Archive

Maintain order in the Vaults beneath the Grand Lodge of Absalom. Seek out other dangerous relics, and retrieve them for proper storage and research in the Dark Archive. Study and understand hazardous phenomena, and harness these occurrences' power for the faction's benefit. Build alliances with like-minded organizations

The Exchange

Although it is small compared to many other trade outfits in the Inner Sea region, the faction aims to build an extensive trade network that allow it to deliver nearly any good to any location—for a price. Undermine or acquire rival monopolies while allying with powerful producers, merchants, and contacts to further grow the business.

Grand Lodge

Members of this faction are the most dedicated members of the Pathfinder Society, embodying the key tenets of the organization above all else. Focused on exploring ruins as well as securing artifacts from those who don't appreciate them, these Pathfinders have an insatiable sense of curiosity. Grand Lodge Pathfinders make excellent teammates for larger expeditions, and have filled the tomes of the Pathfinder Chronicles since the earliest volumes. They often take inspiration from the exploits of the early Pathfinder Durvin Gest, aspiring to become as famous as that legendary adventurer.

Liberty's Edge

Liberty's Edge faction members seek to spark revolution in decadent old empires and to civilize and educate the ignorant peoples of lost and unknown lands. They press for the abolition of slavery and the punishment of those who perpetrate it. They bring the torch of freedom to the world's darkest places and banish mysticism, diabolism, and fear. A member of this faction often performs acts of sabotage and diplomacy while carrying out her duties and should be willing to bend the rules of tyrannical law in order to plant the seed of liberty, even when doing so requires employing questionable techniques.

Scarab Sages

Seek and preserve the wonders of old civilizations such as ancient Osirion—especially the sage jewels that contain that desert kingdom's precious secrets. Cultivate excellence in the faction, its allies, and the enlightened, as it is from these ranks that new sages will arise.

Silver Crusade

Led by the retired Pathfinder Ollysta Zadrian, paladin of Sarenrae, this faction seeks to be more than just adventurers doing the bidding of the Decemvirate and the venture-captains. While other factions, such as The Exchange, may use the Society for personal gain, the Silver Crusade attempts to transform the Society into an organization that aids the weak, destroys evil, and makes the world a better place.

Sovereign Court

Unite the nobility of the Inner Sea to serve as the powers behind their respective thrones and direct the nations toward prosperity, peace, and perhaps the creation of a new empire spanning Avistan and beyond. Avoid advertising the existence of the faction except to likely recruits, for many nations would see this organization as a threat.