Giochi Uniti To Launch Pathfinder Arena On Kickstarter November 23 At 10 Am Eastern

The competitive board game will be set in the Pathfinder roleplaying game’s Age of Lost Omens

October 14, 2021 (Italy): Giochi Uniti will launch Pathfinder Arena, a competitive board game set in the Pathfinder roleplaying game’s fantasy fiction Age of Lost Omens setting on Kickstarter on November 23 at 10 AM EST time.

In Pathfinder Arena players take the role of one of the iconic heroes of Pathfinder trapped in a magical Arena. Heroes are forced to compete to select a champion by defeating the Arena’s monsters or unleashing their wrath against opponents. The Arena structure is constantly changed by players rotating and pushing the tiles. Heroes have asymmetric ability and a tailor-made deck to pursue different strategies during the game. Players draft cards to build their deck throughout the game and enhance their characteristics by picking up tokens spread in the Arena.

A young black dragon miniature will be free for day backers of the Kickstarter campaign. Three add-ons have been already revealed (monsters and heroes’ expansion and one dedicated to Age of Ashes) and exclusive Kickstarter stretch goals will be included.

The preview page is already online.

About Giochi Uniti

Giochi Uniti is an Italian board game publisher and distributor since 2006. It is well known at the international level for its long-selling Letters From Whitechapel and Kingsburg. Giochi Uniti creates board games with creativity and passion. Our mission is to gather people around the table to share unique moments and fun. In other words, Gaming is sharing.

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Tommaso Grossi
Communication Manager
Giochi Uniti Srl