Tor Books to Publish Pathfinder Novels Based on Paizo's Hit Tabletop Gaming Line

First Tor Pathfinder Tales novel, Lord of Runes, by Dave Gross, releases June 16, 2015

Tor Books, a leading global publisher of science fiction and fantasy, announced today that it will publish Pathfinder Tales, a series of novels based on Paizo Inc.'s best-selling Pathfinder tabletop adventure games. The first Tor Pathfinder Tales book, Lord of Runes, by Dave Gross, releases June 16th, 2015, with additional releases to follow bi-monthly.

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game has topped RPG sales charts for several years running, and since its launch in 2008 Pathfinder has grown to become one of the most important and best-loved tabletop RPGs in the world. In 2013, Paizo released the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to widespread acclaim among gamers. The Pathfinder world of Golarion features brave adventurers fighting to survive in a sword-and-sorcery world beset by magic and evil. Pathfinder has been translated into five languages, and has inspired computer games, comic books, audio dramas, gaming figurines and toys.

The Pathfinder Tales novel line, previously published by Paizo itself, launched in 2010 with Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross, and has included more than 20 exciting fantasy novels by Tim Pratt, Michael A. Stackpole, Ed Greenwood, James L. Sutter, Howard Andrew Jones, Liane Merciel, and others.

The move to Tor Books brings with it a shift to a larger trade paperback format, and also brings Pathfinder Tales to a broad eBook distribution for the first time since the line's launch 5 years ago. Editorial direction of Pathfinder Tales remains in the hands of Paizo Managing Editor James L. Sutter.

"In less than a decade Paizo has built Pathfinder into the world's bestselling and fastest growing role playing game," says Tor Publisher Tom Doherty. "We are delighted to be working with these creative people in the development of a great line of fantasy novels. This line will explore and illuminate that world. It will add an RPG dimension to Tor as it entertains and hopefully expands the audience in both game and book."

"Pathfinder Tales brings the Pathfinder world to thrilling life, but we've always striven to make our novels more than simple media tie-ins," says Paizo Publisher Erik Mona. "Tor Books is the best partner to deliver our fiction to a wider audience of fantasy readers, and we look forward to working with them to chart a new and exciting future for the line, with bigger books, more electronic formats, and wider distribution throughout the world."

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