RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32 Finalists Revealed

Largest Open-Call Tabletop Roleplaying Design Contest in History Closes Round One with over Half a Million Votes Cast by Paizo Community

Paizo Publishing, LLC, publisher of Pathfinder, the leading tabletop fantasy roleplaying game, announces today the Top 32 finalists from RPG Superstar, the company’s annual contest to find the newest talent in game design.

Half a million votes were cast by the Paizo community for the wondrous item designs submitted in Round One, enabling judges Wolfgang Baur, Clark Peterson and Sean K Reynolds to identify the 32 finalists. They are, in alphabetical order along with their wondrous item submission:

Adam Blanchard
Goblet of the Elements

Charlie Bell
Spell-Winding Timepiece

Chris Shaeffer
Cloudwrangler's Gloves

Christopher Dudley
Icon of Aspects

Clay Blankenship
Cobra-Hood Cloak

George Cunningham
Skipping Stone

Guy Russell
Rat-tread Boots

Isaac White
Ethersnare Dust

James Conder
Map of Refuge

Jobe Bittman
Quiver of Spiderkind

Jon Haire
Swarm Slurper

Joseph Kellogg
Shattered Mirror of the Insect Queen

Joshua Kitchens
Hell-shod Boots

Kalervo Oikarinen
Gloves of the Frugal Healer

Landon Cole
Ghost Ship Binnacle

Mark Nordheim
Wintertide Candle

Matt Blackie
Gorum's Stompers

Matthew Duval
Seer's Soap

Maurice de Mare
Sash of the Salty Seas

Michael Eshleman
Walking Stick of Concealed Thaumaturgy

Michael Pruess
Tree Frog's Gloves

Mike Kimmel
Gloves of Flame Command

Nicholas Herold
Gorget of Living Whispers

Nickolas Floyd
Thorn Creeper Sandals

Pedro Coelho
Reins of Unstoppable Stride

Rorik Moore-Jansen
Trick Shot Glove

Sam Harris
Witchwood Comb

Scott Fernandez
Verdant Crown of Oak and Iron

Shawn Kowalke
Whispering Gloves

Steven Helt
Quicksand Cloak

Zachary Hensley
Spectral Lampblack

Ziv Wities
Many-Layered Veil

“RPG Superstar is the only gaming contest of its kind – the opportunity to get industry professionals to scrutinize your work and give you the opportunity to join Paizo’s stable of talented freelance writers,” says judge and Paizo game developer Sean K. Reynolds. “This year we have a great mix of new faces and competitors from previous years, and the incredible voter turnout in Round 1 means the gaming community has been involved from the very start of the competition. Congratulations to this year’s Top 32, and good luck in the contest’s next challenge!”

2013’s alternates are Giorgios Abate, Jeff Lee, Damien McGurrell, and Garrick Williams. The Top 32 will now be required to design a concept for a class archetype to the specifications of the RPG Superstar judges and submit that concept by 2pm Pacific time on Friday, January 25. These Round Two submissions will be revealed to the general public on Tuesday, January 29 and the public will then get to discuss the entries and vote for their favorite. Voting ends on February 4 and the Top 16 by votes will move on to Round Three.

The ultimate winner of RPG Superstar, to be announced April 2, 2013, will write an adventure for Paizo’s Pathfinder Module line to be published in early 2014. Complete rules are available at paizo.com/rpgsuperstar.

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