River Rose Lodge Season 4 (January-March)

Spellbreaker Games, Jackson, MO

Event # 2710756

Greetings and well met from the River Rose Lodge!

Established in 2008, the River Rose Lodge is the home for Organized Play events in the Southeast Missouri region.

Twice a month, the River Rose Lodge hosts Pathfinder Society Organized Play at Spellbreaker Games in Jackson, MO. The first event, Pathfinder Premieres is usually features the latest scenario releases for the month. The second game day is usually held two weeks after the first. One table features Pathfinder scenarios from earlier seasons, while another will host Starfinder Organized Play.

Our events at Spellbreaker Games will feature only one slot on the these Saturdays, with multiple tables ranging through all the tiers. Games begin at noon and run until 5 p.m.

Our scheduling can be found on Warhorn at the following link:


Where Spellbreaker Games
532 W Main St
Jackson, MO 63755-1741
Contact Michael VonHasseln
Game Master Michael VonHasseln

Age rating: Family Friendly. Game complexity: Easy. Experience required: None.

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