Pathfinder Society of Augusta, GA (Wednesdays)

Cardboard Castle Games, Evans, GA

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Welcome to the Pathfinder Society!

The goal of the society is for new and veteran Pathfinders to cooperate in the field to investigate strange occurrances, catalog valuable artifacts, and act as peacekeepers and lore masters to the people of the Inner Sea and beyond! Wednesday nights at the Augusta Lodge will be sending agents out all around Golarion to Explore, Report, and Cooperate!

Playing Pathfinder Second Edition from Paizo (

Come join us from 6 PM to 10 PM on Wednesdays at Cardboard Castle for some adventure!

We are always looking to meet new people, and would love to have a larger rotation of Game Masters. If you are interested, please contact Kaeden and let him know you'd be willing to GM. If you just want to come and play, that's fine too!

PLEASE NOTE There is a $5 charge per player that goes to the venue that has been gracious enough to host us. Please be a good guest, try to keep your table and your area clean, and feel free to buy snacks and merch from the venue. It makes them like us more, so we can keep coming back! Also, you can receive in-game boons for your table by making purchases! Yeah, really! Ask your GM about it!

We will be starting with two (2) tables to gauge interest, but will expand if we need to. No more traveling to Athens or Columbia for some good Pathfinder games!

- 5 PM to 6 PM - Character Creation and Gathering
- 6 PM to 10 PM - Society Adventures

Cardboard Castle Games
672 Mullins Colony Dr
Evans, GA 30809

Where Cardboard Castle Games
672 Mullins Colony Dr
Evans, GA 30809-0579
Contact Kaeden Reese

Age rating: 13+. Game complexity: Easy. Experience required: Novice.

This event is being hosted at a convention or other venue which requires a fee to get in.

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