Athens After Noon

Online ( @ 12:00–12:00 am)

Event # 2700313

Beginning Sunday, May 3, and returning biweekly – Athens After Noon – one Pathfinder Society Second Edition Scenario every other Sunday starting at 1pm.

Games will be run using Roll20’s Virtual Table Top and Discord for voice channel – we’ll have Iconic Pregens available in Roll20 character sheets.

What you need: Headset/Microphone, Roll20 user account for VTT, Discord user account for audio chat.

How it’s going to work:
1. Sign up by replying on to the thread for the game you want to play.
2. I will reply to you the night before the game via PM/email with a Roll20 Game Link and an Invitation link to the gapfs Discord channel, if you’re not already subscribed. This extra time is for those who wish to enter/import characters of their own.
3. Be ready to meet up on the appointed Sunday at 1:00pm – for some fun!

Where No location selected.
Contact Tiffany Henneberger


#1-14: Lions of Katapesh


Starfinder Society Scenario #2-13: Storm of the End Times

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