Gnome's Year of the Open Road: #1-07

Gnome Games Green Bay East, Gnome Games, Green Bay, WI

Event # 2697649

2pm-6pm, $10 fee for event. First time players play free!

Flooded King's Court is designed for 1st- 4th level characters & 4 hours of play within the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign for Pathfinder Second Edition!

From a ruined theater in the run-down Puddles district of Absalom, a goblin hero and self-styled king rules over the nearby goblins. Shifting foundations beneath the playhouse have revealed ruins from Absalom's early history, and the goblin king has put out a call for explorers to search the area and clear out its dangers. The Pathfinder Society has answered the call. They aren't the only group that is interested, however, and they must prove themselves to earn the right to enter these lost chambers.

Written by Brian Duckwitz.

This adventure is tagged as important to Vigilant Seal characters.

Where Gnome Games Green Bay East
Gnome Games
1683 E Mason St
Green Bay, WI 54302-2735
Contact Pat Fuge
Game Master Michael Brost


PFS(2ed) #1-07: Flooded King's Court


PFS(2ed) #1-07: Flooded King's Court

Age rating: Family Friendly. Game complexity: Normal. Experience required: None.

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