Ye Gamer's Guild

Ye Gamer's Guild, Greenwood, IN

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Ye Gamer's Guild

A Game store located at 2801 Fairview Pl Suite i, Greenwood, IN 46142, Just South of Indianapolis that offers the sale of Board Games - Role Playing Games - Card Games - and Accessories.
Mission Statement: To bring together gamers of all skill levels to play various games together in hopes of increasing creativity, team work, and positive socialization.

Pathfinder and Starfinder games will be run weekly at the store, $5.00 table fee per player. (One can by product or snacks instead of paying the fee)

GM's run games for free, get free drinks, and get a 20 percent discount on Pathfinder product.

We will run PF2, PF1 and Starfinder from week to week, alternating between PF games and Starfinder every other week.

Where Ye Gamer's Guild
2801 Fairview Pl Ste I
Greenwood, IN 46142-1339
Contact Hillis A Mallory III


Starfinder Society Scenario #1-32: Acts of Association


#7–01: Between the Lines (RPG)
#7–01: Between the Lines (PFC)

Age rating: Family Friendly. Game complexity: Easy. Experience required: None.

This event is being hosted at a convention or other venue which requires a fee to get in.

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