Play On Con 2019

Alabama 4-H Hotel and Conference Center, Columbiana, AL

Event # 2694234

Play On Con (POC) is a family-friendly four day fantasy and science fiction fandom convention held each year in Birmingham, Alabama--the Magic City!

We focus on four main areas for our attendees:

Programming: Interactive and energetic events that welcome new fans as well as old.
Gaming: The best board, rpg, live action, video, and card gaming available.
Parties: Nightly (and daily!) hospitality events thrown by award-winning party hosts.
Community: Active personal involvement with related fandom events throughout the year.

Where Alabama 4-H Hotel and Conference Center
892 4 H Road
Columbiana, AL 35051
Contact Mike Seales


#3-04: The Kortos Envoy (RPG)
#10-09: The Rasping Rebirth (RPG)

morning, afternoon, evening

#4–08: The Cultist's Kiss (RPG)
#4–20: Words of the Ancients (RPG)
#5–07: Port Godless (RPG)
#10-22—Passing the Torch, Part 1: Who Wears the Mask (RPG)

morning, afternoon, evening

#5–18: The Stranger Within (RPG)
#5–23: Cairn of Shadows (RPG)
#10-23—Passing the Torch, Part 2: Who Speaks for the Ten (RPG)


#5–99: The Paths We Choose (RPG)
This event is being hosted at a convention or other venue which requires a fee to get in.

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