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Welcome to our Warhorn page ^^

This page was set-up to allow players and GMs from the Netherlands and Germany to play together online, but of course everyone is welcome.

All our games are run in English, so please prepare yourselves accordingly and be aware that your GM might not be familiar with a translated version of the rules.


The various platforms will have each game under a GM and game, for example the location might be “Roll20.net SH - SFS”, just click on the location for details.


The following Venture Officers are available for contact, if you have any questions, requests or want to offer something. These VOs are listed by country since they might be able to answer in the local language:


James Hargrave - Venture Agent - Sfs.va.nederland@gmail.com


Sebastian Hirsch - Venture Captain - PFSAschaffenburg@gmx.net

When you are signing up to this Warhorn, please make sure that your organized play number is listed as part of your Warhorn profile, as this is often essential for reporting purposes. Since it is our only means of contact, and GMs usually have to contact players with additional information, please make sure that the email linked to your Warhorn account is actively read.

Once you have signed up for a session, please respond to any GM messages in a timely manner, and make sure that you are ready when your game starts, this includes shopping, finding a token for your character (please send to your GM beforehand) and ideally setting up your macros (if you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact your GM beforehand).

We sometimes add sessions with “to be determined” or “interest check”, to see what we should offer, if you want to sign up as player and be considered for what we can offer, please keep your tracker updated. You can find the tracker (that also works for Starfinder) here: https://www.pfstracker.net .

We are just starting out, but hope to provide all of you with the chance to play and offer many great scenarios for both Pathfinder and Starfinder going forward!


Sebastian Hirsch & James Hargrave

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Contact Sebastian Hirsch & James Hargrave

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