Eau Claire Pathfinder Society Game Day

Clairemont Comics, Eau Claire, WI

Event # 2690709

During previous game day, we began the Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path with Craig Whitney as GM. Our second table is currently playing the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path with Ian Holzman as GM.

If you plan on attending, please reply to the event on Facebook so we know if you plan on coming. We typically run two tables for those who are playing Adventure Paths. We frequently have seats available if you would like to join us at either table.

If you are interested in playing other Pathfinder or Starfinder Society events, please let Mark know in advance so he may try to accommodate your request. We have GMs that are willing to run, but most of them currently play in the Adventure Path campaigns, so we would have to make special arrangements in advance for one of them to run something else.

The first session starts Saturday, December 8th from 10am to 3pm. We typically break for food around 3pm to 4pm, then start a second session from 4pm to 9pm. The store closes at 10pm, so we plan for being done before then.

We are always looking for new players and Game Masters. If you are interested in joining, please either ask for character creation rules in advance of the next session, or you may simply play a pre-generated NPC for the session.

You may also just stop by the store during our sessions to ask questions, watch our tables run, or just sit down with us to play for a short while to get a feel for the system.

The Adventure Paths are being run in PFS campaign-mode rules, not the regular Pathfinder Society rules. The GMs will let players know which rules are allowed and which are not. Character creation and planning between group members will be done on a private Facebook group. Please let us know if you would like an invitation to that group. Our public group on Facebook is "Chippewa Valley Game Society"

Where Clairemont Comics
2215 Fairfax St
Eau Claire, WI 54701-4553
Contact Mark Mastej

Age rating: Family Friendly. Game complexity: Easy. Experience required: None.

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