Gamer Loot

gamer loot, Indianapolis, IN

Event # 650112

Gamer Loot in the Washington Square Mall. We are beginning to play here on a Biweekly basis, for Pathfinder and Starfinder Society.

Please sign up on the Central Indy warhorn site, here -->

As the ninth and tenth season of Pathfinder wind up to the exciting debut of the new Pathfinder 2nd edition, we want to play some of our favorites while mixing in the new. Starfinder will continue to offer the scenarios in order, continuing from 1-12.

Please join us!!

Where gamer loot
10202 E Washington St Ste 422
Indianapolis, IN 46229-2629
Contact Hillis A Mallory III


#10-06: Treason's Chains (RPG)
#10-06: Treason's Chains (PFC)

Experience required: None.

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