Open PFS at Page-3's Game Zone

Page 3's Game Zone, Pikeville, Ky

Event # 153378

Join other tabletop role-playing gamers in the area for an exciting delve in Paizo's Pathfinder Role-Playing Game! Pathfinder Society Organized Play is a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign that puts YOU in the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society, a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers dedicated to discovering and chronicling the greatest mysteries and wonders of an ancient world beset by magic and evil.

This event is free and open to new players! Pathfinder Society Organized Play will be observed. You aren't required to bring anything with you, but these materials are encouraged:

  • 7-die set of dice
  • pencil/pen
  • paper
  • Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook

Pre-generated characters available or bring your own.

Play begins at 1:00 p.m. EST every other Saturday. If you would like help with creating a new character, please arrive early.

Where Page 3's Game Zone
Game Room
540 North Mayo Trail
Pikeville, Ky 41501
Contact Jefferson Jay Thacker
(606) 205-4400

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