Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Game - Heroes Haven

Heroes Haven, Mansfield , Ohio

Event # 80475

Come join us for an event of the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Game. Just bring a Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Character Deck and a great attitude. If you do not have a character deck one can be provided for you. Game time 1:00 - 3:00 and 3:00 - 5:00 If you are just starting and would like to begin your adventure from the beginning a special session (provided enough players) will be held along with the listed scenarios.

Where Heroes Haven
1277 Lexington Avenue
Mansfield , Ohio 44905
Contact John Messenger
Game Master John Messenger

Age rating: Family Friendly. Game complexity: Easy.

This game rocks. So far, we have a small number of about 6 but more will be coming through some strategic networking at Origins this year. We could be up to 12 regular players by the end of summer.

If you are in the greater Mansfield area or surrounding counties you should join us.

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