Sci-Fi City

Cincinnati, Ohio

Event # 74379

Twice-monthly games of Pathfinder (using Pathfinder Society Organized play & scenarios) at Sci-Fi City in Northgate Mall.

Games occur on 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 12pm-4pm for Pathfinder and 4:30pm-8:30pm for Starfinder. New players welcome, pre-gens available for use in both systems.

This game store is located inside a mall. The best area to park is the parking garage close to the Springdale Rd. side of the mall/near Macy's, on the first floor. Sci-Fi City is close to the mall entrance near Macy's, make sure to use the mall entrance.

E-mail Heather for more information!

You can find information about what scenarios we will be running, and a place to sign up for games here (sign-ups help us determine if there will be enough players!), just click the link and then the "Event Schedule" link in the bottom-left menu area:

This event runs with the Retail Support Program; players have a 10% chance to win boons at each session. We utilize the Retail Incentive Program as well.

Where 9527 colerain ave
Cincinnati, Ohio
Contact Heather Vigil
Game Master Varies; Heather, Ivis, Katherine, Aaron, Brent, Clyde

afternoon, evening

#38: No Plunder, No Pay (RPG)
Starfinder Society Scenario #2-06: The Stumbling Society, Part 1: Sangoro's Lament

Age rating: Family Friendly. Game complexity: Easy. Experience required: None.

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