Pathfinder Society Comes Home: PFS at Lake Geneva Games

Lake Geneva, WI

Event # 55166

Come join us at Lake Geneva Games for our monthly PFS Game Day in the town where it all began!

The next session at Lake Geneva Games will be on January 17, 2015, running from 12:30 to 5:30 p.m.!

We've scheduled one module and one scenario.

  • Thornkeep lv 1: The Accursed Halls (levels 1-2)
    Buried beneath the castle of Thornkeep lie strange passages and chambers that once belonged to a cruel Azlanti wizard of eons past. Goblins have begun excavating the so-called Accursed Halls in hopes of finding a lost goblin artifact, though their constant battles with the undead that haunt these corridors has left them blind to the dungeon’s other myriad wonders.

  • PFS 6-07: Valley of the Veiled Flame (levels 5-9)
    A Pathfinder team surveying Qadira's Zho Mountains in an attempt to reconcile its twisting valleys with a series of old maps recovered years ago on the Silken Way disappears soon after reporting a strange illusory effect in a mountain pass! Those Pathfinders who investigated the murder on the Silken Caravan — as well as members of the Liberty's Edge and Silver Crusade factions — will be especially interested.

Visit the South Central Wisconsin Game Society here, and sign up to play using their Warhorn page here.

Lake Geneva Games
918 S. Wells St.
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Where Lake Geneva Games (Store)
918 S Wells St
Lake Geneva, WI 53147-2447
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